Startup Essential Education held by expert speakers from in and outside of school

‘Startup Essential Education’ was held at Startup Institute in Business School Main Hall for move-in and graduate businesses of Iljin Center for Startup Incubation from February 11th (Mon) through 12th (Tue). 10 lecturers including professor Hicheon Kim took charge, and 20 students participated in this event.

Professor Hicheon Kim started the lecture by explaining the vision of Startup Institute. He said, “I hope that by preparing for your startup at the Korea University Startup Institute, it allows to bring ‘Reputation’ among the venture business community” and added “The professors, classmates, seniors and juniors that you meet here will become a good network in the future”. 

Professor Jungbin Moon took on the next order and gave a lecture about what a successful business model and its social values are. Professor Shijin Yoo lectured on the importance of market insight and marketing overall, while professor Daeil Nam talked about the startup business model. Professor Myungchul Shin spoke about startup investment attraction strategies. 

Education regarding practical affairs were conducted on the first day afternoon and in the morning of second day. The lecturers were: △이은종 lawyer(Startup Legal Support Committee) △강혜정 tax accountant(Barun Tax Accounting) △손보인 lawyer(Startup Legal Support Committee) △신은혜 Team Leader(SK Happiness Foundation) △김성현 (Representative of Skin School). Lectures regarding practical affairs of judicial affairs, accounting · tax, patent, press public relations, digital marketing etc. were delivered.

‘Startup Essential Education’ is held once per semester for move-in businesses of Iljin Center for Startup Incubation. This program was launched to deliver basic and essential knowledge for startup entrepreneurs. The Startup Essential Education provides lectures of various theories and practical affairs by experts from in and outside of school.