ATTN Guidelines of Main Points for Dissertation Examination
Guidelines of Main Points for Dissertation Examination  (2019, 1st Semester)   1. [Library Website]Up-Load the Dissertation : 6. 24(Mon.) ~ 7. 5(Fri) a. Up-Load the Dissertation(original version) in '[User Service]-[Submit Thesis]' section at Library Website b. After receiving an e-mail from the person in charge of library dissertation, students should print out 'the Proof of submitting Dissertation' and 'the Warrant of using Works'. c. A Reference : Tel. 02)3290-2782, e-mail : ※ Students can only 'log-in' during the period above. Therefore students must meet the deadline.   2. [At Designated Library] Submit Complete Binding Dissertation : 7. 4(Thu) ~ 5(Fri) a. Students should hand in 'Complete Binding Dissertation' and 'the Warrant of using Works' to designated library during that period(two days) then get a signature at 'the Proof of submitting Dissertation'. b. Designated Library for submitting Complete Binding Dissertation 1) Social and Human Science : Central Library(new building) Room 203, 2nd floor (Tel. 02-3290-1472) 2) Natural Science / Health Science : Science Library Room 406, 4th floor (Tel. 02-3290-4222) 3) Medicine : Medical Hall 1 Room 3501, 3rd floor (Tel. 02-2286-1268) 4) Sejong Campus : Sejong Acquisitions & Technical Processing, 2rd floor(201) (Tel. 044-860-1805) c. The number of submitting copies : Master and Ph. D - 5 copies of Hard Cover - 7 copies of Hard Cover for Law, 3 copies of Hard Cover for Medicine   3. [At the Department Office] Submit a copy of inner page of Complete Binding Dissertation : 7. 4(Thu) ~ 5(Fri) a. Submit a copy of inner page(the Inner page + the signature page of completion for dissertation examination), the Proof of submitting Dissertation and Confirmation of Thesis Plagiarism Check. ※ A copy of inner page of Complete Binding Dissertation - Inner page : The page which included the name of tutor professor, the subject of dissertation and the date that students submitted the dissertation. - the Signature page of completion for dissertation examination : The page which included the signatures of the chief of committee and committee members.   'Students keep the Complete Binding of Dissertation(Original Version)'   b. Certificates and Complete Binding of Dissertation which are submitted after the deadline cannot be admitted. If the students don't hand in dissertations during the period, Graduate school will handle this as a fail of dissertation examination of this semester. Therefore it's very important to meet the deadline.   2019. 6.   The Dean of Graduate School  
Jun 14, 2019
MS/PhD Academic
# 4987
Course evaluation for the spring semester of 2019 will be conducted as follows. Undergraduate students are kindly requested to fill in the questionnaire with sincerity.     1. The course evaluation system will be available from 10:00 June 4 (Tue), 2019 to 17:00      July 7 (Mon), 2019.      (Course evaluation will be shortly closed on July 1st 10:00 - 17:00 to improve the quality)     2. Course evaluation:       Students can access their course evaluations in the KUPID ( >          [Registration&Graduation] -> [Grade Inquiries] -> [Course Evaluation]     3. The questionnaire consists of multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions.       Answers and  responses from students are dealt with in strict confidentiality and anonymity.     4. Professors will be allowed to review the evaluation results and answers as early as from July 16,       2019. Students participated in the evaluation are assured that students' sincere answers and       responses will be restrictedly used as raw data for academic improvements to the courses offered.     5. Domestic exchange students are kindly requested to create a Single ID at http://portal. to       access the course evaluation and/or grade review menu.     6. Students are required to read the following notice before filling out the questionnaire.      “ Notice: Course evaluations are used to improve the quality of teaching and learning at Korea      University. We strongly encourage you to actively participate and to provide constructive feedback       in  a respectful way. Your opinion matters “   7. Students must complete the course evaluation on PC since KUPID is not mobile compatible.   8. Students must contact Office of Information Technology and Service(tel : 02-3290-4200/ for the following matters :     - Unable to save the due to the popup blocker in Internet Explorer     - Unable to see or view all 6 answer options of each question    2019.  5.   Administrative Director Academic Administration Division
Jun 07, 2019
# 4976
[Undergraduate] Spring 2019 Semester Result Release Dates
1. Grade Input and Revision 구 분 일 정 Due Dates for Grade 2019. 6. 17(Mon) 09 : 00 ~ 7. 1(Mon) 08 : 30 Grade Open to Students and Revision 2019. 7. 1(Mon) 10 : 00 ~ 7. 8(Mon) 17 : 00 Grade Confirmation 2019. 7. 9(Tue) 11 : 00 Repeated Course Selective Deletion 2019. 7. 11(Thu) 11 : 00   2. Notice Students who complete online course evaluation for all courses in which they enrolled for the semester have access to their preliminary grades. (Course evaluation will be shortly closed on Jul 1 10:00-17:00 to improve the quality)   Grade Review URL :   Log into Grade Review System ※ KU students - ID : Student Number, Password : KUPID password ※ Domestic exchange student - ID : Temporary KU student number - Password : 7 final digits of your Resident Registration Number    Grade "I" will be switched to "F" the day after Grade Confirmation. If you have inquiries regarding your grade(s), you should contact a professor or instructor during the ‘Grade Revision Period’.   If you repeated a course, please check the course again on the Course registration menu at [KUPID>Go to Class>]. If you find any mistakes in the course registration, you are kindly asked to report it to your affiliated college/school by Jun 14.   If you repeated a course, the former grade will be erased through a screening procedure after the Grade Confirmation. You can check your new grade for this session after Jul 11 12:00.     2019. 5.   Academic Administration Division
Jun 07, 2019
# 4975
* [Undergraduate] Notice for Submission and Correction of English Name for Prospective Graduates of August 2019
[Undergraduate] Notice for Submission and Correction of English Name for Prospective Graduates of August 2019 -  student who expected to graduate in August, 2019, should submit his/her name in English for Graduation Certificate will be issued in English together with in Korean one.  - Notice -   ※ The expected graduates whose name in English is not found on their university records, will be issued the graduation certificate in Korean only. ※ Graduation Certificate is issued once and only on Graduation day.   1. Applicants: Students who expected to graduate in August, 2019   2. New Submission and Corrections: Submit the document(Request form for modification of personal details) via email(   (1) Passport Holder Name must be spelled the same as indicated in your passport.   (2) No passport 1) Last name in Capital letters, First Names in order 2) First letter of first names should be written in capital letter   Ex) HONG, Gildong / HONG, GIL DONG / HONG, GILDONG 등.   3. Consider carefully how your name should be written in English. For example, Suck (석) and Bum (범) have negative connotations in English whereas Beom and Seok do not. Also consider that certain spelling may have gender connotation, e.g., Sue(수) is a female name in English whereas Soo is not an English name (and thus no problem). Likewise, 주 should be rendered as Joo but not Jew.   4. Submission Period : Submission should be made by no later than July 31, 2019     ♣ Please update your address, phone number, e-mail address etc. of your personal information in the portal for amicable communication after your graduation     2019. 6.   Education Team, Academic Administration Division
Jun 04, 2019
# 4969
ATTN [Undergraduate] “Business English” Course Registration for Summer Session (By June 13)
[Undergraduate] “Business English” Course Registration for Summer Session (By June 13) Course Registration 1. Eligibility: Entering Class of 2008 to 2019 students who have NOT taken Business English I and II  ※ Students who commenced their degree from 2008 are required to take Business English to meet the graduation requirements.  ※ NOT applicable to: transferred students, students from School of Interdisciplinary Studies, students with a dual degree. ※ Check your eligibility for the course: visit KUPID → Registration & Graduation → Graduation Requirements Status ※ The level of Business English will be determined based on the results of ‘English Level Examination for Commencing Students’.    - Beginning Level/Students who have not taken the exam: Must take both Business English I and II, consecutively    - Intermediate Level: Exemption for Business English I, must take Business English II    - Advanced Level: Exemption for both Business English I and II 2. Deadline for Course Registration: June 3 (Mon) 09:00 – June 13 (Thu) 17:00 ※ Any cancellation must be made via email by June 17 (Mon), 15:00 3. Course Period: June 24 (Mon) – July 18, 2019 (Thu) / 8 lectures in total 4. Course Timetable: students may select one of the following options    1) Mon and Wed Morning: 09:00 - 11:45    2) Mon and Wed Afternoon: 13:00 – 15:45     3) Tue and Thu Morning: 09:00 – 11:45    4) Tue and Thu Afternoon: 13:00 – 15:45  ※ Classes may be canceled depending on the number of applicants or the arrangement of the venue. In which case the Office will contact you – if we do not hear from you, you will not be able to choose your time slot. ※ Lecture venue and teaching staff for each class will be announced once the arrangement of classes has been completed (June 19, 2019 (Wed) (tentative)) 5. How to Register for Course: Follow the link below, fill out required details and click <submit> 6. Inquiries: Sun Young Park, Department Office of Business Administration / 02-3290-1301 /   Notes 1. Please note that depending on the availability of professor and classroom, or the number of applicants, students may not be assigned to their most preferred time slot. 2. Once the semester commences, students are not allowed to withdraw from their course unless they demonstrate reasonable grounds. Course withdrawal will be accepted by June 17 (Mon); 15:00 via email at [ ]. [Student No./Name/Course Title/Time Slot/Reason for Withdrawal] must be specified on email. A letter of confirmation will be sent out once the withdrawal application has been approved - Please contact the Department Office if you do not receive the letter of confirmation. 3. Students who do not achieve a satisfactory outcome (F grade) will be required to pay a 100,000 KRW penalty at the end of the semester. The payment of the penalty is required for the award of the final mark. i.e., the award of final grades is pending until the penalty payment has confirmed, even if the student has completed the course components. If student has received an F in the course, the course has to be re-taken.   - Make a (online) payment to Hana Bank, 391-904544-21137   - Amount: 100,000 KRW * Indicate your name upon payment. Contact the Department Office after completing the payment 4. Students who miss more than 1 lecture will receive a Fail grade. (applicable for Summer/Winter sessions)
Jun 03, 2019
# 4963
ATTN 2019 Spring Semester Graduate School Notices on Examination of Degree Dissertations
2019 Spring Semester Graduate School Notices on Examination of Degree Dissertations     A. Important Dates and Related Notices    - Apply for examination of degree dissertations online and submit the required documents to the         administration office of the corresponding department within the document submission period - Degree candidates must apply online to receive notifications regarding degree dissertation tuition and examination fees   1) Eligibility Requirements to Submit Dissertation for Examination Classification Master’s Doctoral Integrated Master’s-Doctoral Requirement for Completion Major Courses: 24 credits Research Courses: 8 credits Advisor Designated Courses Major Courses: 36 credits Research Courses: 8 credits Advisor Designated Courses Major Courses: 54 credits Research Courses: 16 (12) credits Advisor Designated Courses Those expecting to earn the above are also eligible.( within the current semester) Requirement for Dissertation Submission Fulfillment of the requirements for and passing of the Foreign Language and Comprehensive Examinations Completion of the Human Rights & Gender Equality course (applicable to those who enrolled from the spring 2017 semester onward)   One copy of Certificate of Publication (or acceptance letter) from SCI-level renowned international journals or Korea Citation Index (KCI) Korean journals (KCI candidate journals are accepted for non-science & engineering fields): applicable to those who enrolled from September 2009 onward Satisfaction of department bylaws Deadline for Dissertation Submission Within 6 years from the year of admission Within 10 years from the year of admission Within 12 years from the year of admission   ※ Registration for the Human Rights & Gender Equality course:  Step 1. Proceed through Blackboard > Course Search > Statutory Duty > (Graduate Students)  Course ID > Register Step 2. Take the Human Rights & Gender Equality course Contact: Blackboard System E-learning Support Team 02-3290-1585 should you experience difficulties    2) Online Application Period for Examination of Degree Dissertations :  April 15 (Mon.) ~ April 18 (Thu.) 4:00 PM  3) Application Method: Portal Login > Registration and Graduation > Evaluation for Thesis >   Evaluation of Thesis (Masters and Doctoral) 4) Degree Dissertation Tuition Payment Period: May 1 (Wed.) – May 2 (Thur.) 16:00  1 Pay an additional 7% or 5% (applicable to those who have pre-paid 2%  during the regular registration period) of the tuition fee   2 Only those who have completed the online application for dissertation examination  should pay the degree dissertation completion tuition fee.     3 Additional registration is not necessary for those enrolled in the regular semester  (additional registration is required for those who have completed the program). 5) Examination Fees Period: May 1 (Wed.) – May 2 (Thur.) 16:00   6) Examination Fees 1 After applying, print out your bill and pay the examination fee at KEB Hana Bank         during the payment period. 2 Printing the bill (remember to check the payment account): Proceed through Portal >  School Register/Graduation > Apply for the Dissertation Examination > Print out the examination fee bill If the error message “not valid candidate” appears after clicking Apply for the Degree  Dissertation Examination, close all Internet browsers and re-log in. 3 Departments of the College of Medicine and at Sejong campus must pay through the designated       account instead of the virtual account number, and the name of the depositor should be the name       of the student followed by the last three digits of their student number.  College Bank Account Number College of Medicine KEB Hana Bank 576-910003-93105 Sejong Campus KEB Hana Bank 670-910018-45805 B. Submission Documents    1) Submission Period:  April 15 (Mon.) ~ April 18 (Thu.) 4:00 PM     2) Submission Documents: Submit the dissertation and following documents  to the administration office of the corresponding department .  ①    Recommendation from an examination committee member and    the list of examination committee members must be written by the academic advisor. ②   Confirmation from the person in charge of the dissertation examination request  form must be verified at the administration office of the corresponding department. ③   One copy of the dissertation for examination needs to be delivered directly to the academic advisor.  The remaining copies will be delivered to the committee members   by the administration office of the corresponding department. ④   The request form for dissertation examination printed from the portal and all the attached   documents must be submitted to the administration office of the corresponding department.  ⑤   After receiving the application form and supporting documents from the applicant,   the department administration office delivers the dissertation and screening guideline   to the chair and members of the examination committee.   Category Master’s Program Doctoral Program Notes Dissertation for Examination 1. One copy for academic advisor 2. Two copies for the administration office of the corresponding department 1. One copy for academic advisor 2. Four copies for the administration office of the corresponding department Temporarily-bound dissertation Documents for Examination of Degree Dissertations Request for Dissertation Examination and Approval for Submission of Dissertation Print out after applying online     Request for Dissertation Examination   Print out after applying online   Approval for Submission of Dissertation   1. Recommendation from academic advisor 2. Signature and seal from academic advisor, a professor from the same department, and the head of the department Separate form Recommendation from the Dissertation Examination Committee 1. Recommendation from academic advisor 2. Signature and seal from academic advisor and the head of the department Separate form Point of Contact of the external member of the dissertation examination committee Accurately record the personal information, name of bank (account number), and other pertinent information Related to examination fee payment Examination Results The Chair and members of the Dissertation Examination Committee shall directly enter the result on the Dissertation Examination page. * Refer to the Manual for Entering Dissertation Examination Results for more details. Amended Fall 2018 Supplements   A certificate of publication (a copy) or Acceptance letter of publication from one of the journals listed in the Science Citation Index (SCI) or in publications of the National Research Foundation of Korea as well as expanded publications (excluding science majors) (applicable to students admitted beginning fall semester, 2009)   Confirmation of Compliance with Research Ethics for Degree Dissertation (Prescribed Form) Examination Fee General 150,000 KRW 500,000 KRW Payment through virtual account (with the exceptions of the College of Medicine and Sejong Campus) Academy-Research-Industry 200,000 KRW 600,000 KRW   C. Entering Dissertation Examination Results & Evaluation Summary: by June 14 (Fri.)     After completing the final dissertation evaluation, the chair and members of the Dissertation Examination     Committee enter the result and evaluation summary on the Dissertation Examination page.    * Refer to the Manual for Entering Dissertation Examination Results for more details.   D. (Library Homepage) Online Uploading of the Dissertation: June 24 (Mon.) ~ July 5 (Fri.)         On the library homepage (, go to User Service > Submit Thesis > >User Service > Submit Thesis.    E. Submission of Complete Bound Copies of the Dissertation to the Library and Submission of      a copy of the title and signature pages of the complete bound version of the dissertation and      Confirmation of Thesis Plagiarism Check to the administration office of the corresponding    department: July 4 (Thu.) ~ July 5 (Fri.)   F. Important Notices     1) Writing Guide for the Complete Bound Version of the Dissertation:      Refer to Chapter 4 Section 2, Examination of Degree Dissertations,       in the Constitution of the Graduate School – Detailed Enforcement     Regulations for the Graduate School(Bound dissertations should be 4 x 6).    2) A submitted request form for a dissertation examination and examination fees are not returnable.  3) Change of Dissertation Title ①   The title of finalized dissertations must be identical to the dissertation title listed     on the dissertation examination application form (Title change is not possible after the final screening) ②   Revising dissertation titles: Proceed to Portal > School Register/Graduation >     Dissertation Examination > Apply for the Dissertation Examination > Dissertation Title Change   4) Submission of the Complete Bound Version of the Dissertation:    ① Upload the dissertation on the library homepage (      under User Service > Submit Thesis, print out the confirmation sheet and      get it stamped after submitting the complete bound version of the dissertation to the designated library. ② Submit the confirmation sheet, a copy of the title and signature pages of the complete     bound version of the dissertation and Confirmation of Thesis Plagiarism Check      to the administration office of the corresponding department. 5) Observance of the Submission Dates:     Examination documents and complete bound versions of dissertations submitted      after the submission dates shall not be registered, and such dissertations shall be marked fail     if a dissertation submission confirmation sheet of dissertation submission and     a copy of the title and signature pages of the complete bound version of the dissertation      and Confirmation of Thesis Plagiarism Check have not been submitted by Friday, July 5.                                       Aprill. 19                      Dean of the Graduate School  
Apr 18, 2019
# 4860
[Undergraduate] Notice on the 2019 Human Rights & Gender Equality Education
KU has provided “Human Rights and Gender Equality Education”(hereinafter “Education”) to all members of KU since Spring 2017 with the objective of enhancing human rights sensitivity and the perception towards gender equality. The Education has been provided as an offline course in 2017, and has been provided as online course via Blackboard ( The 2019 Education is available from March 28th. The schedule and relevant information is as follows, and this content is also available in KUPID (   Available Period: 2019-03-28 to 2020-02-23 Those Open to the Education: Undergraduates/Graduate School Students/School of Law Students who were admitted from 2017, Full-time/Non Full-Time Faculty, Part-time Instructors, etc. How to Take the Course: Log-in to Blackboard( – Click on ‘Courses’ – Click on the bottom right ‘[Student]’ or [Faculty] Register for the 2019 Mandatory/Recommended Courses: Class OO’ – ‘My Courses’ – ‘Courses where I am a Student’ – ‘[Student]’ or [Faculty] 2019 Mandatory/Recommended Courses’ – Click on ‘2019 Human Rights & Gender Education’ among the main courses on the left How to Confirm Completion of the Education: (Students) KUPID – Course – Class Activity (Faculty) KUPID – HR/Salary – KU Online Education Acticity   For Questions: KU Human Rights Center 02-3290-2843
Apr 12, 2019
# 4819
Title: [Undergraduate] Announcement on 2019 Spring Semester Freshman Seminar I and Online Joint Lecture.
1.  <Freshman Seminar I> is a mandatory general education course; all freshman students should complete.    2.  Course Information A. For 2019 Freshman and students who entered in 2018 Course No. Course Name Credit (hours) Semester Opened Note GEKS005 Freshman Seminar I 1(1) Spring Semester - Online joint lecture & divided classes by academic advisor - I and II does not have to be taken in sequence. (example: students who entered in 2018 Fall semester can take Freshman Seminar II first) GEKS006 Freshman Seminar II 1(1) Fall Semester   B. Students who did not take this course or retakers among those who entered prior to 2017. Prior to 2016 From 2017 Course Name Course No. Course Name Course No. Freshman Seminar I GEKS001 (College of Education:GEKS000) Freshman Seminar I GEKS001 Freshman Seminar II GEKS002 (College of Education: GEKS004) Computational Thinking GECT001 (students who entered in 2017 must take Computational Thinking instead of Freshman Seminar II) Courses available from 2018 Spring Semester Course Name Course No. Semester Opened Note Freshman Seminar I GEKS005 Spring Semester Similar course with GEKS001, GEKS000 Computational Thinking GECT001 Fall Semester Similar course with GEKS002, GEKS004   ** GEKS006 cannot be admitted as General Education course for students who entered prior to 2017.   3. Online Joint Lecture   A. Period : April 1 (Monday), 2019 ~ June 21 (Friday), 2019   B. Online joint lecture consists of video lectures and quiz uploaded on Blackboard.   4. Grading: Basic requirements for <Freshman Seminar> is met when you complete the online joint lecture and academic advisor divided course.               Final grading is made by the academic advisor professor.  5. For further information: Korea University Institute of General Education 02-3290-1596
Apr 12, 2019
# 4816
ATTN [한국어센터] Notice of Korean Language for Graduate Students, Summer semester 2019
Korean Language Center, IFLS has an announcement of Korean Language Course for Graduate School Students in Summer, 2019. Foreign master's and doctoral degree students of graduate school, please refer to the course information below.   Course Title: Korean Language course for Graduate Students This course is open to foreign master's and doctoral degree students of graduate school Subject: Korean Language (This course will be canceled if there are less than 9 students who are applying for the course.) (*We will contact each student if the course is canceled.) Schedule Application Period 2019/5/21~6/5 by 3PM Send an application at Placement Test 2019/6/11 at 6:20PM~ *Absent during the test, you will not be able to take this course. Writing test+Interview Test results announcement It will be announced on 6/12 by each student’s e-mail. *Students will be assigned to Beginner (1) or (2) according to the result. Tuition and payment Tuition Beginner (1): 470,000 won / Beginner (2): 280,000 won Payment Period 2019/6/12~6/17 Bank Account KEB HANABANK, KODAE BRANCH, 391-810002-65004 / IFLS, KOREA UNIVERSITY *When transferring tuition, please leave an applicant’s name in English. Course Schedule Beginner (1): 2019/6/25~8/12 From Monday to Thursday, 18:20~21:00 / 8 weeks, Period 1 : 18:20~19:35 (75min) Period 2 : 19:45~21:00 (75min) Beginner (2): 2019/6/25~8/20 Tuesdays and Thursdays, 18:20~21:00 / 8 weeks, Period 1 : 18:20~19:35 (75min) Period 2 : 19:45~21:00 (75min) Refund Policy Tuition is refundable only before the first day of class and it is required to complete the refund request form. ※Tuition will be transferred to student's bank account written in the form, around 10 days after submitting the refund request form. Grade Results Each college department office will announce your grade on the grade results following their procedures. ※After completing the course, students will pass it only if they get above B. ※IFLS, Korean Language Center does not announce grades. It may vary with each college department office to announce grade, so please contact college department office about it.   5. Contact: IFLS, Korean Language Center (e-mail / Lee Yoojin : )    
May 28, 2019
MS/PhD Academic
# 4955
* [Undergraduate] Guidelines of Appeal for Reinstatement (Re-Admission), Fall 2019
Guidelines of Appeal for Reinstatement (Re-Admission after academic suspension), Fall 2019 「Korea University Constitution」, Section 15 「Korea University Regulations of the Academic Affairs」, Section 17~20 1. Application Period: June 4 (Tue) 10:00am - June 7 (Fri) 16:00pm (Exclusive of public holidays) (Applicants are required to attend an interview: Contact relevant department or division for a detailed schedule.)   2. Eligibility Candidates who completed at least one semester at the University, prior to the suspension ① Candidates who were on a leave of absence and failed to complete the re-enrolment by the deadline ② Candidates who failed to complete the enrolment during the designated enrolment period ③ Candidates placed under multiple academic probations and yet failed to demonstrate proof of academic progress. ④ Candidates who applied for permanent withdrawal from their degree ※ However, candidates placed under academic disqualification by 「Korea University Constitution」 are not allowed for reinstatement   3. Appeal for reinstatement is not accepted for discontinued major ① Appeal to be reinstated is not accepted at abolished departments. ② If a candidate’s previous major has been discontinued, the candidate may still appeal for reinstatement after the agreement on ‘Declaring a Change of Major’ on the attached reinstatement form.   4. Required Documents ① Appeal for Reinstatement (Re-Admission) (attached) ② Letter of Pledge (attached) ③ Statement of Purpose (attached) ④ A copy of Student Records ⑤ A copy of Academic Transcript ※ Please find attached for ①, ②, ③   5. Document submission: at the relevant department/division office 6. Interview Schedule: June 11st (Tue) - 12nd(Wed)   7. Outcome Announcement: July 19th (Fri) 2019, 14:00pm (tentative)   8. Course Registration for Shortlisted Applicants: 1) Deadline for Preferred Course Registration: August 1st (Thu) 2019 10:00am - July 6th (Tue) 2019 12:00pm 2) Course Registration: July 16th (Fri) 2019 10:00 ~ August 22nd  2019 (Fri) "Depending on each grade schedule" 9. Enrolment Period for Spring 2019: August 23rd (Fri) ~ 30th (Fri) 16:00 [Application NOT accepted beyond the deadline]   10. Notes: ① Reinstatement may be permitted only once; Only when the department/division has vacancies. ② Shortlisted applicants will be required to complete course registration and pay tuition fees by the deadline (including re-admission fee: half of the admission fee for the corresponding year). If the student fails to complete course registration and the fee payment, the appeal for reinstatement will be ceased. ③ Applicants appeal for reinstatement must comply with 「Korea University Constitution」 and sign the pledge for reinstatement. ④ Re-admitted candidates are not allowed to apply for a leave of absence in their first semester of the reinstatement. ⑤ Followed by the abolition of College of Law, appeals for re-admission are not accepted at College of Law (「Regulations of the Academic Affairs followed by the Abolition of College of Law」, Article 1, Article 5). Please refer to School of Law for further decisions.      2019. 05. 13.   Academic Administration Division    
May 17, 2019
# 4924
* [Undergraduate] Preliminary Graduation Qualification Review for Prospective Graduates of August 2019
The Department Office of Business Administration provides the preliminary graduation qualification review and graduation information for the prospective graduates of August 2019 in order to reduce their anxiety for graduation and also to prevent mistakes in advance.   For those who are expected graduate soon, please carefully read the guidelines and attachment below to avoid any disadvantages.   I. Preliminary Graduation Qualification Review 1. Eligibility: Prospective graduates of August 2019 (students whose first major is Business Administration, double majors, and dual degrees included) 1) Due to a high number of visitors, those who have received a text message from KUBS can check their graduation qualification. 2) Pending graduates do not have to visit the office to check their graduation qualification. They can graduate at the end of corresponding semester once the graduation requirements are submitted.   2. Period: May 17, 2019 (Fri)/ May 20-21 2019 (Mon-Tue)) : Double major from other departments, Dual degree, 1st major-double major May 22. 2019 (Wed) - May 24, 2019 (Fri)/ May 27, 2019(Mon) :1st major-intensive major   3. Time: 10:00 – 17:00 (excluding lunch break; 11:50 – 13:00)   4. Venue: The Department Office of Business Administration (Room 103 in KUBS Main Building)   5. Inquiries: The Department Office of Business Administration (Tel: 02-3290-2702)   II. Important Information   1. Contact Information Update 1) Important notices regarding graduation will be announced via phone and e-mail. 2) KUPID > Registration&Graduation > Edit University Registration   2. Confirming and Correcting Korean/English Name for Diploma 1) KUPID > Registration&Graduation > University Registration > University Registration Inquiries 2) If you do not enter your English name, your English diploma will not be issued. 3) Your diploma will be printed with your Korean/English name as it appears on KUPID (double check your English name such as uppercase and lowercase letters, spelling, and space). 4) If any correction is needed, should fill out ‘학적부기재사항정정서 (Request form for modification of personal details)’ to by the end of June (students majoring in Business Administration or dual degree students only; double majoring students must contact the office of their major department). 5) After correction is made, confirm your name on KUPID. 6) Once your diploma is issued, the name cannot be revised.   3. Deadline for Graduation Requirements 1) February Graduation – First Friday of January / August Graduation – First Friday of July 2) Students must submit all documents to the Department Office of Business Administration by visit or mail. ※ Mailing Address: Room 103, Korea University Business School Main Building, 145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul (make sure to indicate your student ID number and contact information). 3) Your submission status will be available on the portal one week after submitting your documents.   4. Second Major/Minor Cancellation 1) KUPID > 학적/졸업 > 학적사항 > 다중전공포기신청 (only available on the Korean portal) 2) Students must cancel the second major (and minor if applicable) by the end of June in order to graduate in Auguet as intensive major.   5. Graduation Album (students whose first major is Business Administration and dual degrees only) 1) For further information, please refer to the notice on the KUBS website or KUPID. 2) Students will receive a bill after photoshoot. 3) Inquiries: Seven Color(세븐칼라) 02) 776-6666   6. Commencement Ceremony 1) Commencement ceremony will be held once a year in February (including August graduates). 2) The students whose major is Business as first major and dual degree are able to participate in the KUBS Commencement Ceremony. Graduation application will be done in February. 3) Notices regarding graduation gown rental will be announced in February.  
May 15, 2019
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ATTN [Graduate School] Guidelines for Entering the 2019-2 The MS/PhD Integrated Program
Guidelines for Entering the 2019-2 The MS/PhD Integrated Program     Ⅰ. General Plan 1. Majors/Departments Applicable   학사관리주관 학 과 학과간 협동과정 법학전문대학원 법   경영대학 경영, 국제경영   문과대학 사회, 심리   생명과학대학 식품자원경제, 환경생태공, 생명공, 생명과, 바이오시스템공   정경대학 정치외교, 경제, 통계   이과대학 수, 물리, 화, 지구환경   공과대학 화공생명공, 건축사회환경공, 건축, 기계공, 신소재공, 전기전자공, 산업경영공 메카트로닉스, 미세소자공학, 마이크로/나노시스템, 도시재생, 바이오마이크로시스템기술 의과대학 의   사범대학 교육   정보통신대학 컴퓨터·전파통신공, 뇌공 영상정보처리 정보대학 컴퓨터   보건과학대학 보건과, 의생명융합과, 바이오의공   과학기술대학 응용물리, 신소재화학, 제어계측공, 환경공, 식품생명공, 생명정보공, 가속기과, 컴퓨터정보, 전자·정보공   약학대학 약   총 14개 대학(원) 42개 학과 6개 협동과정 2. The Maximum number of Selectees     The maximum number of selectees will be determined within the number of vacancies of the 2018 Ph.D candidates due to absent selectees, and those who dropped out. 3. Eligibility A. Those who are to enter the third semester of the Integrated Program should be selected from KU graduate students who have finished (or expected to finish) their second semester (Including semester at transferred school), and earned (or expected to earn) at least 12 credits with a minimum GPA of 3.5 B. Those who are to enter the fourth semester of the Integrated Program should be selected from KU graduate students who have finished (or expected to finish) their third semester (Including semester at transferred school), and earned (or expected to earn) at least 18 credits with a minimum GPA of 3.5    ※ However, graduate students who completed (or are expected to complete) their semesters are ineligible to apply, and for those applying for ‘A’ and ‘B,’ the Department of Sociology, International Relations and Politics, and Education must have a minimum GPA of 4.0,       ’Department of Biotechnology, Life Science, Bio systems & Biotechnology, Integrated Biomedical and Life Science must have a minimum GPA of 3.8 C. Full-Time Graduate School students (Including Academic-Industrial Cooperation) D. Those who were recommended by an academic advisor  E. If those who are expected to enter the Integrated Program of either A or B become ineligible after confirmation of GPA (Completed semesters/credits, GPA), admission is cancelled. ※ Matters to be attended to: ① In the case of ‘Department of Education,’ those who hold a TOEFL score of 81 or higher is eligible to apply, in addition to requirements A~D. ② Only the identical department and major is applicable.   Those who were admitted outside the maximum class size (foreigners, military commission, North Korean defectors) are not eligible to apply.       4. Required Documents A. Form of application B. Undergraduate/Graduate Transcript ※ Department of Economics and Statistics: Only Graduate Transcript is required. C. Research Proposal D. A Letter of Recommendation from Academic Advisor E. Thesis or Research Results F. Copy of transcript of foreign language exam from an authorized agency (*Mandatory to check it against the original when submitting) ※ Matters to be attended to ① Mandatory Documents : ‘A’ ~ ‘D’ In the case of ‘Department of Education’ applicants, TOEFL transcript is an additional mandatory document. ② Documents of choice: ‘E’ and ‘F’          5. Screening Process : Document Screening Process and Oral Test In the case of Department of Sociology, A written test is held instead of an oral test. The Department of Economics, Statistics, and Mathematics hold only a document screening process. 6. Application Process A. Application Date : 2019.  5.  27 (Mon) ~  5. 29 (Wed) 09:00~17:00 B. Where to Apply: KUBS Graduate School Administration Office (KUBS Main Building 304) C. Cost of Application : \80,000 D. Account : KEB Hana Bank 391-910010-71604 Korea University (Example of depositor name : Hong Gil-Dong Business) E. Attach Receipt when submitting application    7. Date of Screening (Different Depending on College and Major) : 2019. 6. 13 (Thu) ~ 6. 14 (Fri)  ※ Notice will be posted online, each departments’ administration office will provide guidelines    8. Announcement of Successful Applicants : 2019. 7. 30 (Tue) <Expected> ※ Will be notified online in each departments’ homepage    9.  Please call the administration office of each department for further details      
May 15, 2019
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[Updated] DB-SNU Start-up Case Competition
KUBS International Office is now receiving the application for the DB-SNU Start-up Case Competition.  Students who are interested in, please submit the application form and proposal (attached) to the below email before the deadline. For further inquiries regarding the competition details, please contact Ms. Michelle Choi in SNU by email (   *Application form and proposal: *Deadline: May 30 (Thu), 2019, 5 PM       Got a winning business idea?! Win $14,000 plus FREE 4 Day Stay in Seoul, Korea  at 2019 DB-SNU Business Case Competition Week August 18 ~ 21, 2019   DB Group and Seoul National University (SNU) have launched their first business case competition and invite you to compete with young aspiring entrepreneurs to win USD14,000 in cash. Aside from the awards, participants will enjoy FREE 4 day stay in the dynamic city of Seoul visiting Korean conglomerates and experiencing vibrant Korean culture. Flight, accommodation, and expenses for visits and activities are all sponsored by DB Group.   Organizers DB Group based in Seoul Korea is one of the largest Korean conglomerates focusing on financial services, with timely expansion to high-tech industry implementing “green technologies”. SNU Business School, as one of the leading business schools globally, has put its most aggressive efforts in cultivating entrepreneurship in the school. Joint efforts of the two institutions has brought about 2019 DB-SNU Business Case Competition with vision to nurture young mind with entrepreneurial spirit.   Competition Theme: Business and Start-up Cases Examples are: Analysis of an Existing Business on Successful Case of Corporate Sustainability         e.g.) Corporate strategy transformation – LEGO (Brick products with digital contents such as movies, mobile games, mobile applications) Successful Start-up Case in Asia         e.g.) New category in hotel chain - OYO in India   Entrepreneurship/new business ideas on Cultivating Social Impact        e.g.) STRAWcture(India) - a DIY eco-friendly, low cost house in a box concept by turning the agri-waste into a potential building material   Developing Sharing Economy        e.g.) Lekotek(international) - a program to lend(share) assistive technology, toys and expertise to disabled children   Any innovative and creative ideas are welcome.            - Target problem, proposed solution and business aspects will be examined during reviewing process   Awards (USD14,000 in total) First Prize: USD5,000 (to 1 team) Second Prize: USD3,000 (to 2 teams) Third Prize: USD1,000 (to 3 teams)   Guidelines The event will be carried out in English. All teams are composed of 3~4 participants and should include at least a business major. Application should be made through a designated office at the university. All the submissions should be made in the template provided.   Timeline Proposal submission by May 31, 2019 Invitation sent to selected teams by June 21, 2019 1st draft submission by July 19, 2019 Individual visa and flight arrangements by July 31, 2019 Final draft submission by August 9, 2019 Competition Week on August 18 ~ 22, 2019  
May 14, 2019
# 4926
ATTN [Graduate School] 2019 Spring Semester General Scholarship Application Notice
Students who wish to receive general scholarship for the 2019 spring semester are requested to apply according to the deadline.                                                    - Below - 1. Eligibility: Students currently enrolled in master’s course, have difficulty in financing, and have excellent academic performance.    (Average GPA of 3.5 or above in previous semester for students currently enrolled, and semester before leave of absence for returning students - average GPA including F credits)     ※ Please note that students who have difficulty in financing are selected first; this is not an academic excellence scholarship. - Students who receive external scholarship which do not allow dual scholarship are not eligible. - Students receiving assistant scholarship are eligible. - Freshman, students enrolled in academic-industry cooperation course, students who have completed the course, and student on a leave of absence are not eligible. 2. Scholarship Amount : 1,250,000KRW (per student) 3. Required Documents (1) General Scholarship Application Form (see attached) (2) Personal Statement for Scholarship (see attached) (3) Taxation Certificate or year 2018 - one for applicant,  each for parents (those married - one for applicant, one for applicant’s husband or wife)     * If there is no taxation fact, it is written as 'No taxation fact' on the Taxation Certificate (4) Proof of Family Relations (5) Original Grade Transcript 4. Application Deadline: By 2019 May 8 (Wed) 17:00 / Room 305, KUBS Main Building     ※ Please note that applications are not accepted after the application period.        ※ We will provide individual guidance by e-mail only to short-listed general scholarship candidates. 5. Note - General scholarship funds are deposited into the personal account number registered in the portal system, so please confirm the account number correctly.    - Certificates of related taxation and tax payment certificates can be issued at the Residents' Center or Internet Civil Affairs 24 ( - If the document is missing, the application will be canceled. Inquiries : KUBS Administration Office (02-3290-1365)
May 02, 2019
# 4884
ATTN [MS/PhD] Completed Research Student Registration
Completed Research Student Registration   1. Completed Research Student A. As of Spring 2015 Semester, following the policy of Completed Research Students (effective as of 2014),  all completed graduate students can maintain the status of being “Completed Research Student” only if they make tuition payments. B. Completed research students are given rights to use research facilities (including libraries) and participate in research activities, and when the registration period ends the registration status of the students will be changed to “Completed Research.” 2. Tuition for Thesis/Dissertation Examination (7% of Tuition Based on Majors) A. The Completed Graduate Students are required to register by paying tuition during their thesis/dissertation examination semesters.  A 7% of the tuition will be printed on the bill only if they apply for the online examination of thesis/dissertation through Portal System. For the case of students who paid a 2% of the tuition in advance, they need to check that the rest,  5% of the tuition, is printed on the bill and pay the rest during the period for examination tutition payment (May 1 ~ May 2). - Application Period : April 15, 2019 (Mon) ~ April 18, 2019 (Thu) 16:00 - How to Apply the Online Examination: Portal System → Registration/Graduation → Evaluation of Thesis (Master & Doctor) - Bill printing period: April 30 (Tue) ~ B. Registration Period: May 1, 2019 (Wed) - May 2, 2019 (Thu) 16:00 3. Prepaid Coursework completed Graduate Students (Before 2014) A. Semester for Thesis/Dissertation Examination - Register for Thesis/Dissertation Online Examination → Tuition: KRW Zero (0) → Visit Hana Bank and register “KRW Zero (0)” B. Regular Semester - 2% of tuition based on majors ※ However, those who did not pass the thess/dissertation examination previously and then went through re-evaluation must pay for their tuition for thesis/disseration again.  ※ The paid tuition is used as a valuable resource for the research support project for the completed research students  (supporting the best paper, supporting the presentation of academic conferences, supporting proofreading for the articles in English, and supporting the publication of the best thesis).  
Apr 30, 2019
MS/PhD Academic
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