1.  <Freshman Seminar I> is a mandatory general education course; all freshman students should complete.
 2.  Course Information
A. For 2019 Freshman and students who entered in 2018
Course No. Course Name Credit (hours) Semester Opened Note
GEKS005 Freshman Seminar I 1(1) Spring Semester - Online joint lecture & divided classes by academic advisor
- I and II does not have to be taken in sequence. (example: students who entered in 2018 Fall semester can take Freshman Seminar II first)
GEKS006 Freshman Seminar II 1(1) Fall Semester

  B. Students who did not take this course or retakers among those who entered prior to 2017.
Prior to 2016 From 2017
Course Name Course No. Course Name Course No.
Freshman Seminar I GEKS001 (College of Education:GEKS000) Freshman Seminar I GEKS001
Freshman Seminar II GEKS002 (College of Education: GEKS004) Computational Thinking GECT001 (students who entered in 2017 must take Computational Thinking instead of Freshman Seminar II)
Courses available from 2018 Spring Semester
Course Name Course No. Semester Opened Note
Freshman Seminar I GEKS005 Spring Semester Similar course with GEKS001, GEKS000
Computational Thinking GECT001 Fall Semester Similar course with GEKS002, GEKS004

  ** GEKS006 cannot be admitted as General Education course for students who entered prior to 2017.
3. Online Joint Lecture
  A. Period : April 1 (Monday), 2019 ~ June 21 (Friday), 2019
  B. Online joint lecture consists of video lectures and quiz uploaded on Blackboard.
4. Grading: Basic requirements for <Freshman Seminar> is met when you complete the online joint lecture and academic advisor divided course.
              Final grading is made by the academic advisor professor. 

5. For further information: Korea University Institute of General Education 02-3290-1596