This is an announcement for 2019 Fall Semester “Business English” Course - Classes, Lecture Note and Classroom

1. Course Period: March 18, 2019 (Mon) ~ June 13, 2019 (Thu) 

 Opening date
- Mon/Wed Class: March 18, 2019 (Mon)
- Tue/Thu Class: March 19, 2019 (Tue)

 Class will be cancelled during the mid-term period

2. Classes: Please refer to the attached class information * The number of “Business English2, Mon/Wed 12:00~12:50” Classes changed from 2 to 3

3. Lecture Note (Updated)
Please purchase the lecture note from the ‘Copy room’ located in Main Library building (1F)

4. Notes
1) Students who do not achieve a satisfactory outcome (F grade) will be required to pay a 100,000 KRW penalty at the end of the semester. The payment of the penalty is required for the award of the final mark. i.e., the award of final grades is pending until the penalty payment has confirmed, even if the student has completed the course components.

  - Make a (online) payment to Hana Bank, 391-904544-21137
  - Amount: 100,000 KRW
* Indicate your name upon payment. Contact the Department Office after completing the payment

2) Due to the short class hour (50mins), late attendance may disturb the class environment. Please refer to the below attendance regulation before attending the class. (This is a request from KU Foreign Language Center)
- More than 4 absence: F Grade will be given
- More than 3 late attendances (over 5mins): Graded as 1 absence
- Late attendance (over 15mins): Graded as 1 absence