Application for Program-based Scholarship (Entrepreneurship Academy)
2019-Spring Semester

1. Introducing Program-based Scholarship
  • The Program-based Scholarship helps KU students become a talented individual with the university’s unique competitiveness. The scholarship aims to enhance academic and research performance, develop self-development and self-planning skills, and nurture intelligent talents. Among those, KUBS has organized “Entrepreneurship Academy Program”, which focuses on nurturing challenge-driven leaders. This program is selected for one of the KU Program-based scholarship in 2019.

2. Purpose and Goals of Entrepreneurship Academy
  • The purpose of the Entrepreneurship Academy is to develop an innovative educational infrastructure where “challenge-driven entrepreneurs" will be raised. To achieve this, the Entrepreneurship Academy will (i) nurture leaders with entrepreneurial spirit through education on success cases of venture business, and (ii) provide creative/integrated education consists of various studies, such as technology, society, and culture.

3. Entrepreneurship Academy 
  • The Entrepreneurship Academy allows students to obtain information on their fields of interests (e.g. investment, establishment of company, tax accounting, etc.) through the special lectures. They can also cultivate creativity and openness by participating in open seminars and building a network with start-up mentors.

There will be a total of two activities, and participants will be divided into two groups. 
  • The first group will participate in Activity (1).
  • The second group will participate in Activities (1)-(2).
(1) Lecture Series
  • Senior and junior mentors in related fields of start-up and entrepreneurial innovation will be invited to the Lecture Series every once or twice a month. Students will have an opportunity to receive advice on current trends and startup strategy as well as building a network which is important for their startup business. Also, prospective entrepreneurs can find solutions to their concerns. 
  • The schedule is as follows. Notice will be announced if any changes are made. 
Session Date Speaker
1 2019.04.30(Tue) 18:30 – 20:30 Sung Jun Kim, CEO of Lendit
2 2019.05.07(Tue) 18:30 – 20:30 Phil Yoon, CEO of Big Basin Capital
3 2019.05.10(Fri) 15:00 – 18:00 Representatives of Iljin Center for Startup Incubation
4 2019.06.11(Tue) 18:30 – 20:30 Jae Hyun Kim, CEO of Crevisse Ventures
(2) Startup Express (Startup Competition)
  • KUBS Startup Institute will hold the 2019 Startup Express: Summer Season (expected to be held in May 31st (Fri), 2019). The corresponding students are required to submit their application for the Startup Express. The winning teams have an opportunity to move into the Iljin Center and receive the budget for operating expenses. 

4. Scholarship Recipient /Amount
  • Recipient: KU students enrolled in Spring 2019 Semester (any field of study)
    - However, foreigners, students on leave of absence, and B.B.A. candidates are not eligible to apply
  • Nominee:
    Entrepreneurship Academy Activity (1): 00 people (Two-digits)
    - Entrepreneurship Academy Activities (1)-(2): 00 people (Two-digits)
  • Amount:
    - Entrepreneurship Academy Activity (1): 200,000 Won
    - Entrepreneurship Academy Activity (1)-(2): 250,000 Won
5. Results and Evaluations
  • Selected students must write and submit a self-report after attending every session.
  • Scholarship will be awarded to those who have participated in all activities from April to June 2019 and have submitted documents above. 
6. Deadline and Document Submission
  • Application DeadlineBy 5:00pm of April 17, 2019 (Wed), fill-in the attached Entrepreneurship Academy Application Form and send the soft-copy to
    For the E-mail letter, write the subject line as follows: “Entrepreneurship Academy Application_Student Number_Name"
  • Document Submission: Entrepreneurship Academic Application Form (see provided form below) 
  • Announcement of Application Screening Results: April 19, 2019 (Fri); 5:00 PM
7. Notes
• The first activity will be held on April 30 (Tue), so please apply only if you are able to attend the first activity.
• Please note that most activities will be held on Tuesday afternoon. A letter of confirmation will not be issued.

• If you miss two or more lectures out of 4 Lecture Series/Lecture on Demand, you will be no longer eligible for scholarship.
• Once you apply for Entrepreneurship Academy (1)-(2) track, it is not permitted to switch to Entrepreneurship Academy (1) track. However, vice versa is available. 

8. For further inquiries, please contact KUBS Startup Institute (02-3290-1699, 5360)