Academic Advisor is assigned for the 2019-1 school year.
Eligibility: freshmen in the 2019-1 school year; transferred students; students from School of Interdisciplinary Studies; students who are doing dual degrees, former students of Professor Anat Hovav Zeelim (resigned).

How to check your academic advisor: Portal > Registration & Graduation > University Registration > University Registration Inquiries > Advisor

If you have attended the orientation session in February and filled out your preferred area of study, your preference is most likely matched.
For freshmen taking the ‘Freshman Seminar,’ please refer to the change in your academic advisor class by the end of March. 

A mentoring day/luncheon with your academic advisor will be held in the second week of April. As soon as the schedule for each academic advisor is confirmed by next week, we will give out the invitation and ask for your reply (a notice about the ‘Freshman Seminar’ will also be given later, both through our KUBS website and a text message).

You can change your academic advisor only once during your enrollment at KUBS. The request is only available for juniors/seniors who have both completed 68 credits and are enrolled for more than four semesters).

For more information, please contact the Department Office of Business Administration (02-3290-2703 /