KU has provided “Human Rights and Gender Equality Education”(hereinafter “Education”) to all members of KU since Spring 2017 with the objective of enhancing human rights sensitivity and the perception towards gender equality.

The Education has been provided as an offline course in 2017, and has been provided as online course via Blackboard ( The 2019 Education is available from March 28th. The schedule and relevant information is as follows, and this content is also available in KUPID (
  1. Available Period: 2019-03-28 to 2020-02-23
  2. Those Open to the Education: Undergraduates/Graduate School Students/School of Law Students who were admitted from 2017, Full-time/Non Full-Time Faculty, Part-time Instructors, etc.
  3. How to Take the Course:
Log-in to Blackboard( – Click on ‘Courses’ – Click on the bottom right ‘[Student]’ or [Faculty] Register for the 2019 Mandatory/Recommended Courses: Class OO’ – ‘My Courses’ – ‘Courses where I am a Student’ – ‘[Student]’ or [Faculty] 2019 Mandatory/Recommended Courses’ – Click on ‘2019 Human Rights & Gender Education’ among the main courses on the left
  1. How to Confirm Completion of the Education:
(Students) KUPID – Course – Class Activity
(Faculty) KUPID – HR/Salary – KU Online Education Acticity
  1. For Questions: KU Human Rights Center 02-3290-2843