Among the Entering Class of 2019, new students who are in financial difficulty and need a scholarship can apply for the KUBS Scholarship. Please submit the documents below.

1. Application Period: April 1, 2019 (Mon) - April 15, 2017 (Mon); 17:30

2. Eligibility

  Among the Entering Class of 2019, new KUBS students experiencing financial difficulty in paying tuition fees

3. Scholarship Amounts

100%, 50%, and 35% of tuition or other fees (within the range of tuition including the amount of National Scholarship)

4. How to Apply
Complete the application below and submit it to the Department Office of Business Administration
5. Document Submission
Be sure to check the type of document, name, and issue date when preparing the documents below. Submit all documents to the Department Office of Business Administration

International Students:
- Application form
- Personal Statement for KUBS Scholarship
- Proof of Family Relations (e.g. Birth Certificate)
- Proof of Parental Income
- Proof of Current Bank Balance
- Proof of Family’s Financial State (optional)

Domestic Students:
가. 장학금 신청서 및 사유서 각 1부(첨부양식)
나. 부 또는 모 명의의 가족관계증명서 1부
►정부24(에서 발급가능
다. 2017년도 원천징수영수증 또는 소득금액증명원 부, 모 각 1부
►정부24(에서 발급가능
►소득이 없는 경우 홈택스에서 사실증명(신고사실없음) 발급 후 제출
라. 2018년도 지방세세목별과세증명서 부, 모 각 1부
►정부24(에서 발급가능
►과세내역이 없는 경우 '과세사실없음'으로 발급 후 제출
마. 최근 3개월분의 건강보험료 납부확인서 부, 모 각 1부
►국민건강보험공단(에서 발급가능
►부모중 한분만 납부하거나 기타 가족이 본인 포함 부모의 건강보험료를 납부하는 경우, 발행일자 3개월 이내의 건강보험증 사본  또는 건강보험자격확인서 제출
바. 개인정보제공동의서 1부(첨부양식)
사. 기타선택서류(수급자증명서, 한부모가족증명서, 병원비내역서, 진단서, 부채증명원 등)

6. Submission Location
#103 in KUBS Main Building

7. Announcement of Final Results
- During May 2019 (via text message)

8. Scholarship will be deposited to the registered bank account in KU portal.

9.Additional Information (For domestic students only)
▶ Undergraduates wishing to receive all internal scholarships in Spring 2019 must apply for the National Scholarship first.
▶ Prior to applying for the KUBS New Student Scholarship, students must apply for the KU Need-base Scholarship (via KUPID; by April 30)
10. Contact Us: Department Office of Business Administration; Sunyoung Park (02-3290-1301/