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 Internatinal Journals
  • “The Impact of Functional Outsourcing on Korean Manufacturing Firms’ Performance (기업기능별 아웃소싱과 기업성과와의 관계: 한국 제조기업을 중심으로),” Sangjoon Lee, Yoonsuk Lee, Namkyung Lee, Hojung Shin (2018), Journal of the Korean Production and Operations Management Society 29(2), 141-168.
  • “Does Effective Inventory Management Improve Profitability?: Empirical Evidence from U.S. Manufacturing Industries,” Hojung Shin, Charles C. Wood, and Minjoon Jun (2016), International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management 9(3), 26-45.
  • “A Classification of Literature on the Planning of Substitutable Products,” Hojung Shin, Soohoon Park, Euncheol Lee, and W. C. Benton (2015), European Journal of Operational Research 246(3), 686-699.
  • “Strategic Agility, Operational Responsiveness and Firm Performance: An Empirical Investigation of Korean SMEs,” Hojung Shin, Jaenam Lee, Daesoo Kim, and Hosun Rhim (2015), International Journal of Production Economics (168), 181-196.
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