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  • Ph.D. (12/1991) Indiana University – Bloomington, Bloomington, Indiana, USA
    • Major: Operations Management
    • Dissertation: Integrative Cycle Scheduling Approach to Discrete Capacitated
    • Lot Sizing and Sequencing Problem
Academic Experience
  • Korea University (KU) Business School, Seoul, Korea
    • Professor, Logistics, Service & Operations Management (9/2008-present)
    • Executive Director, Institute for Business Research & Education (9/2007-8/2009)
    • Director, Center for Business Case Studies (9/2007-11/2010)
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  1. Jeong, E.B, Lee,D.H., & Kim.D.S. "The Relationship between Environmental Hostility, Absorptive Capacity, and Manufacturing Flexibility" Journal of Korean Production and Operations Management Society (한국생산관리학회지), 28.3, 273~291, (08/2017)
  2. Pyun.J.B., Kim.D.S., & Park.M.S. "An Integrated New Product Development Model with an Overlapping Sales Period for Existing and New Products" Journal of Korean Production and Operations Management Society  (한국생산관리학회지),  27.4, 469~491, (11/2016)
  3. M.Hemmert, Kim.D.S., Kim.J.S.
Book Publications & Translations
  1. Kim, D., Kim, S., Min, D.K., & Sohn, B., 공급사슬관리: 비전에서 실행까지. 시그마프레스 (Sigma Press), 2/2009. (번역서) Book Translation: Fawcett, S.E., Ellram, L.M., & Ogden, J.A.,Supply Chain Management: From Vision to Implementation, Pearson International Edition, 2007
Other Publications
  1. 김대수(Kim, D.), “월마트의 벤치마킹, 그리고 파격,” 펼치기
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