LG-POSCO Building

  • LG-POSCO경영관
    LG POSCO경영관

    단일대학 최첨단 최대규모 시설

    LG-POSCO경영관은 최첨단 강의설비, 말굽형 강의실, 마이크 없이 수업이 가능한 시설(집음장치), 수업내용을 HTML방식으로 전송가능한 전자칠판 및 진동스크린, 강의중 노트북을 활용할 수 있도록 테이블마다 초고속 유/무선 LAN설치가 갖추어진 미래지향적 통합적 Pro-Digital 시설로 구비되었다.

LG-POSCO Building was opened in 2005 to commemorate the centenary of Korea University’s founding, with the vision of becoming the best business school in Asia based on RDBR, research, business-academia cooperation, and international exchanges. Through the implementation of T.I.G.E.R.S. (Technical Leadership, Industry Leadership, Entrepreneur Leadership, Research Leadership, and Service Leadership), the Hall aims to become a future-oriented venue and open a business education area satisfying the three elements of Pro-digital, Flexibility and Landmark, where future 21st century leaders can mature.

To this end, KUBS has benchmarked the educational environments of world-leading universities to create the best business school building in Asia, with optimal acoustics, ergonomic lighting, high-speed wired and wireless internet, and cutting-edge instruction facilities. A six-story building completed in October 2003, its total floor size stands at 14,121 m2. The Hall features lecture rooms and various facilities, including state-of-the-art lecture rooms, Lee Myung-bak Lounge, Supex Hall, faculty offices and Sudang Digital Library.
LG-POSCO Building Floor Guides
Level 1 Lecture Room / Seminar Room
Level 2 Lecture Room / Lee Myung Park Lounge / Seminar Room
Level 3 Lobby / MS, Ph.D Office / Professor's Office / Seminar Room / Sudang Digital Library
Level 4 Lecture Room / MS, Ph.D Office / Park Hyun Joo Lounge / Professor's Office / Professor Meeting Room / Seminar Room / SUPEX HALL
Level 5 EXECUTIVE LOUNGE / Lecture Room / MS, Ph.D Office / Professor's Office / Seminar Room
Level 6 Ahn Young Il Hall / Cuckoo Seminar Room / Professor's Office