• Advanced Management Program
    Advanced Management Program
    Advanced Management Program

    In an effort to raise versatile leaders to shepherd and pave a constructive path for the Korean economy in this globalized era, the program intends to produce a superior pool of executive managers by training a select group of competent workers from all levels of the management as well as middle level managers in a more in-depth study of business administration.

About 50 students (Twice a year, Spring/Fall semester)
2015 Spring Semester : ~2015.02.13

AMP Manager: Choi, Sun Mi

Rm 202, KUBS Main Hall

Tel 02-3290-1695

Fax 02-3290-1624

NEW Professional Golfer Kyung-Ju Choi Delivers Special Lecture in AMP
Professional Golfer Kyung-Ju Choi Delivers Special Lecture in AMP   On October 24 at 8:15 PM, PGA professional golfer Kyung-Ju Choi, who is Chief Director of KJ Choi Foundation, delivered a special lecture in room 301 of Hyundai Motor Hall. The lecture was organized by Woo Sung Karm (82nd Batch of AMP) and lasted an hour. Choi gave a speech about his life under the theme of “Golf and Business.” He also introduced his foundation and volunteer activities.     Kyung-Ju Choi, Korea’s first winner of the PGA Tour, started playing golf at the age of 17, following a suggestion from his PE teacher. “I could not have made it this far without those who spotted my talent and dream. I established a foundation to support children in hardships but filled with hopes and dreams,” Choi said, explaining his reasons for volunteering. As of now, KJ Choi Foundation supports approximately 100 children. The foundation not only supports future golf players but also offers tuition by selecting its Hope Scholarship recipients.   In addition, Choi helps children by running various projects such as Dream Library, which is built inside a child care, and Charity Golf Competition. “Just as a mother bird wholeheartedly incubates its eggs in a safe nest, teens also need love and care by others in order to realize their dreams,” he said. “The world will become a better place to live when these kids grow up and share hopes to the world.”   “I was truly intrigued by Choi’s candid story,” Student President Byung Taek Shim (82nd Batch of AMP) said. “I was also inspired by his foundation activities to nurture promising golf players.”
Nov 23, 2016
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NEW The 79th AMP Admissions for New Entrants (2015 Spring Semester)
1. Application       A. Application Schedule:   - Application Period: by Feb 13 (Friday)   - Interview Schedule: to be notified individually   B. How to apply After paying for the application fee, documents must be submitted.  -  Online Application:  -  Application by email: After downloading the application form below and completing,                                         please send an email to  -  Application by visiting/mail    Address : 서울특별시 성북구 안암동 고려대학교 경영본관 2층 202호    Office Hours : open weekdays from 10:00a.m. - 4:30p.m. (Lunch : 12:00 noon - 1:00p.m.)        C. Application Fee: \70,000           Hana Bank 391-910013-14604 Depositor: 고려대학교 경영대학 전형료 An applicant must deposit the application fee in his/her name.   2. Required Documents to be submitted (Applicants are supposed to fill out the application form and self-introduction when doing online application.) A. Two photos (One must be attached on the application form.) B. One copy of an application form (in a prescribed form of KUBS) C. One copy of self-introduction (in a prescribed form of KUBS) D. One copy of certificate of employment E. One copy of certified copy of the register of the company (or Certificate of business registration) F. Company's financial statements (1st half of the year)   3. Lecture Schedule   A. Lecture: Every Monday 7:00p.m.~9:45p.m., 13 weeks(3/9~6/22)(Dinner will be offered before class.)   B. Breakfast Seminar   C. Couple Seminar (Twice) scheduled   D. Overseas Study Session: mid-April scheduled   E. Graduation Ceremony: mid-August scheduled   4. Tuition   Tuition Fee: \5,000,000 (The development fund, expenses for overseas study session and alumni association fee should be separately paid.)   5. Contact Sun Mi Choi AMP Tel. 02-3290-1695  
Feb 04, 2015
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