[Undergraduate] Credit Approval for Spring 2019 International Internship Program
Feb 09, 2019
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[Undergraduate] Credit Approval for Spring 2019 Domestic Internship Program

From 2017 Fall semester, up to 12 credits can be approved for international internship during regular semesters. To verify required documents and notice, please register for the KUBS Internationl Internship Community [portal.korea.ac.kr > Community > 2019 KUBS Internationl Internship] . From Fall 2018, students who have NOT specified a specialized major (i.e., double major, undeclared major students) may take up to 6 credit hours of internship practice. We hope many students apply for this program.
I. Eligibility
• 3rd or 4th year students from the Department of Business Administration as of Spring 2019 (including students double majoring in Business Administration, or students from the School of Interdisciplinary Studies who are majoring in Business Administration)
• Students from other faculties are not allowed to apply for the credit approval. (There may be exceptions by the office approval )
Students who have 1 semester left until grauduation are not allowed to apply
• Students who will participate in an internship for a minimum of 4 weeks during Spring 2019
For Internship courses including the International Internship at Korea University, a maximum 12 credits can be approved
  *From Fall 2018, students who have NOT specified a specialized major (i.e., double major, undeclared major students) may only take up to 6 credit hours of internship practice.
II. Course Title and Determination of Credit Approval
• Course Title(Up to 12 credit hours of below courses can be approved depending on the duration of internship
        - BUSS470 International Internship Practice I (3 Credits)
        - BUSS471 International Internship Practice II (3 Credits)
        - BUSS472 International Internship Practice III (6 Credits)
        * From Fall 2018, students who have NOT specified a specialized major (i.e., double major, undeclared major students) may only take up to 6 credit hours of internship practice.
   •Credit approval according to the duration of work period(Approval among the three above courses)
Credit Approval
3 Credits
Min. of 4 weeks – Max. of 8 weeks
Min. of 160 hrs – Max. of 320 hrs
6 Credits
Min. of 8 weeks – Max. of 12 weeks
Min. of 320 hrs – Max. of 480 hrs
9 Credits
Min. of 12 weeks – Max. of 16 weeks
Min. of 480 hrs – Max. of 640 hrs
Min. of 16 weeks – Max. of 20 weeks
Min. of 640 hrs – Max. of 800 hrs
Work period between 2019 March 4 ~ 2019 June 21 is only approved (All documents must be based on this period)
Submission of tuition and assignment is required for credit approval
• Assignment required (Permission from Internationl Office before Internship, Daily business log after Internship, Report etc.)
• Grade will be recorded either in Pass or Fail (P/F). ▶If assignments and tuition are not submitted after the internship, the result will be an “F”.

       - Grade Criteria: Report(around 10 pages) 60%, Evaluation from employer 20%, Business log 20%
Due Date
Important Notice
1. MOU of 3 parties
Before Start of Internship/
Before Document Submission
2. Assignment Submission before Start of Intership
[Please refer to Attached File(1)]
2019.2.26 (Tue) 15:00
3. Approval from Dean
If not approved, credit can not be acknolwedged
4. Course Registration
Faculty in charge will handle (Individual registeration is not required)
5. Submission of Winter/Summer Semester Tuition
Submission by student
6. Prior Education
Further Notice
7. Internship
Between 2019.3.4~2019.6.21
Credit approval for work done other than this period not allowed
8. Assignment Submission after End of Intership
[Please refer to Attached File(2)]
2019.6.28 (Fri) 15:00
‘F’ grade if not submitted within deadline 
9. Grade Release
2019. September
 III. Documents Required
(1) 1st Round of Document Submission (Before Internship) : Until 1019.2.26 (Tue) 15:00
** Student's name and student number must be shown clearly on each file name **
(Ex) KUBS Internship MOU_2016000000_Student Name
• International Internship Permission (Korean or English Version)
• KUBS Internship MOU (Korean/English): CEO and Student signature required
• Approval signed before the internship (현장실습 학점인정 사전승인서)

• Agreement for providing personal information to a 3rd party (Korean/English)
• Declaration of International Internship 
• International Internship Student Guardian Consent Form
• Copy of flight ticket and certificate of insurance for travelers (For Business School major students, application is possible after the beginning of Linkplus business. Please notify the International Office before you buy the flight ticket)
• Document of Internship recruitment confirmation and Business License (Free-Form)
• Corporation and work introduction material, Weekly work schedule (Free-Form)
            - Submission by email (kubs_intern@hotmail.com) and visit to International Office or regular mail submission is required
(2) 2nd Round of Document Submission (After Internship)Until 2019.6.28 (Fri) 15:00
** Student's name and student number must be shown clearly on each file name **
(Ex) Internship Attendance Book_2016000000_Student Name
• Internship personal-experience 1
• Internship Credit Approval Application Form 1
• Daily Business Log 1
: Minimum of 20 days (excluding weekends) for 3 credits needed; after first month, a weekly report may be attached instead of daily report
• Internship Result Report (2 Copies)
: Students who previously participated in this program can have their report verified by the International Office; For 9 or 12credits, an interim report including a detailed description of internship theme within the first 2 months, followed by a final report including feedback is required
• Hand-written 'Thank-you' letter to employer (free-form)
10 photos taken during internship
: Soft Copy, there must be one photo taken with the employer and company logo
        - Grades will be recorded as P/F, detailed information will be provided by further notice
IV. Other Inquiries
• Please make inquiries only after you have read the KUBS Homepage Notice and KUPID Notice.
• KUBS International Office (Ms. Park Jihye)
Office: Business School Main Hall 304, Business School, 145, Anam-Ro, Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul, 02841, Korea
TEL: 02-3290-1364
• Email: kubs_intern@hotmail.com
Kakaotalk 'KUBS International Internship' Open Chat
(Code:5363, Replies are available only from 10:00 am to 16:00 pm on weekdays)