[Exchange Program] Guidelines and Selection Schedule for Spring 2019 Outbound Student Exchange Program
Jun 05, 2018
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Guidelines and Selection Schedule for Fall 2018 Outbound Student Exchange Program

Information Session
Date: June 8 (Fri); 15:30 – 16:30
Venue: Hyundai Motor Hall Room # B 308
* General information on KUBS Outbound Student Exchange Program
* Introduction to new exchange partner schools
* Information on the number of exchange spaces available for each school
* Schedule and qualifications
* Information on Statement of Purpose, Resume (English), and other supporting documents
※ Students are encouraged to visit each school's website that they are interested to obtain information.
※ biz.korea.ac.kr > Program > International Programs > Student Exchange > Outbound (from KUBS) > Experience Report 
Online Application
Date: July 11 (Wed); 10:00 AM – July 17 (Tue); 11:50 AM
* Apply online by clicking the “교환학생 지원하기” on the KUBS website (only available on the Korean website)" 
Document Submission
 Date: July 11 (Wed); 10:00 AM - July 17 (Tue); 16:00 PM
 Date: August 2 (Thurs) - August 3 (Fri)
Orientation Session for Preliminary Successful Applicants
Date: August 30 (Thurs); afternoon (TBD)

1. Eligibility: KUBS students (dual degree and undeclared majors included; double major/minor are NOT eligible to apply)
    * KUBS students who are interested in KUBS Outbound Student Exchange Program

    ** Students who wish to study abroad in Spring 2019
2. Qualifications
A. Student whose cumulative GPA is 3.0 or above for the two recent semesters (summer/winter semester, leave of absence excluded)
(However, student in the dual degree program must complete 12 credit hours of Business Administration courses, and a cumulative GPA in those courses must be 3.0 or above -- eligible to apply with one semester)
B. Graduate student (MBA students included) whose cumulative GPA is 3.0 or above. (S)he cannot study abroad in their last semester
C. KUBS transfer student who has completed two or more semesters at KU.
(Students from different campus must complete two semesters at KU Anam Campus)
D. Student who meet the qualifications above are eligible to apply (student on leave of absence or in dual degree program included); double majors and minors are NOT eligible to apply
(Except for dual degrees and undeclared majors, students whose student number is 20XX120XXX can apply)
※ TOFEL score is required only if a host university requests for it (host universities that request a TOFEL score will be indicated on the List of Host Universities, which will be uploaded later). Basic points will be given to applicants who do not need to submit a TOFEL score.
[Documents to Submit]
1. "교환학생 온라인 지원서" (print your completed online application) – online application is only available on the Korean website (2 copies)
2. Copy of your passport (Your English name on passport, certificate of enrollment, and transcript must be the same) (1 copy)
** Expiration date of your passport must be after December 2019! (Must valid for at least 6 months after your exchange program ends)
(Please extend or renew your passport if the expiration date of your passport does not satisfy the period above. You may submit the receipt for your passport renewal. However, the final copy of your passport must be submitted by the day of the interview)
3. Certificate of Enrollment in English (onlyofficial certificate issued by One-stop Service Center can be accepted) (1 copy)
4. Transcript in English (only official transcript issued by One-stop Service Center can be accepted) (2 copies)
5. Official score report for TOFEL iBT/IELFTS (corresponding students only) (1 copy)
(If an official score report is unavailable, screenshot your score on the website and submit it; however, you must submit your official score report by the day of the interview. The score should valid for at least April 2019. Please note that some universities request your score to be valid until the first day of the exchange program (e.g. U.S.A.)
6. Statement of Purpose in English (two pages max on an A4 sheet; form will be provided later)
(4 copies)
    A. Statement of Purpose
    B. Study Plan & Future Plans
    C. Leadership & Social Skills

7. English Resume (one page max on an A4 sheet; form will be provided later) (4 copies)
8. Certificate for each on/off campus activity (You may submit official copy or bring it to the office for approval) (1 copy each)
8. Personal Information Consent Form (1 copy)


[Selection Criteria]
1. Application (40%)
    1) Cumulative GPA of two most recent semesters (summer/winter semester excluded) (25%)
    2) English Proficiency Test Score (TOEFL/IELTS) (15%)
2. Interview (60%): Statement of Purpose and Resume will be reflected during the interview

    1) Interview in Korean (30%)
Interview in English (30%)


[Maximum Number of Host Universities Available for Application]
1. Students may apply for a maximum of 5 host universities
2. Students may apply for a maximum of 3 English-speaking host universities
3. Students who have previously studied abroad in an English-speaking country as an exchange student CANNOT apply for the other English-speaking countries
    (English-speaking countries: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and United Kingdom)
4. Students who have previously studied abroad in a non-English-speaking country as an exchange student CANNOT apply for the same country.

 [Exchange Period] 
1. One semester
2. Students studying abroad in a non-English-speaking country CAN extend their exchange program
    (Students must submit a letter of recommendation or approval from the host university; may extend their stay up to one year)
3. Students in an English-speaking country, such as U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England, can study abroad for one semester

[Selection Criteria for Former Exchange Student]
1. Students who have previously studies abroad will be nominated after 1st and 2nd rounds
2. Students who have cancelled their exchange program after the nomination confirmation will not be selected
    ※ If one has a reasonable excuse, (s)he will be placed as a last candidate of the exchange program

 [Additional Notes] 
1. Student who have been suspended, reprimanded, or on academic probation last semester will be penalized
2. An automatic drop-out will occur if students provide wrong information, counterfeit certificates, or reject to submit documents
3. Students cannot apply for the exchange program at Korea University’s Office of International Affairs and KUBS at the same time
    (You must withdraw the KU exchange program in order to apply for the KUBS exchange program)

4. For the recipients of KUBS Freshmen Special Scholarship, scholarship will be granted based on their GPA for the recent semester
 ex) first semester at KU, second semester at host university; scholarship for the third semester will be given based on one’s first semester at KU

[Announcement of Successful Applicants] 
• August 7 (Tue); 11:00 AM: Announcement of Successful Applicants (expected; date and time may change)
• August 7 (Tue); 11:00 AM –
August 8 (Wed); 11:00 AM: Online nomination confirmation (an automatic drop-out will occur if students do not confirm)
August 8 (Wed); 3:30 PM: Notice of 2nd Round
August 8 (Wed): 3:30 PM – August 9 (Thurs): ; 2:00 PM: Application for 2nd Round (please note that you cannot cancel your exchange program if you are applying for the 2nd Round. Thus, if there is no host university you wish to study, please do not apply)
August 9 (Thurs): 4:00 PM: Announcement of Successful Applicants for 2nd Round
 **** Information regarding the 3rd Round will be announced individually.
August 30 (Thurs): Orientation for Preliminary Successful Applicants (further details will be uploaded later)
     * An automatic drop-out will occur if students do not attend the orientation