Features & Benefits

KUBS Finance MBA is centered around the mission to educate and train the next generation of leaders specialized in the field of finance.
KUBS Finance MBA offers exceptional curriculum specialized in finance and related business practices. 

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Finance-Specialized MBA
One of the major characteristics of KUBS Finance MBA is the curriculum specialized in finance. KUBS Finance MBA emphasizes business ethics, theoretical study and practice-oriented competency as the core of business training. Operating on eight intensive and efficient 2-month modules, KUBS Finance MBA follows all the global standards such as that of the Association to Advance Collegiate Business Schools.
Curriculum balanced between theories and practices
KUBS Finance MBA students are educated on a concentration such as Investment Banking, Asset Management, Financial Engineering and Accounting for highly specialized and vigorous coursework along with related generic business study. While the nationally and globally acclaimed KUBS faculty and well known visiting scholars teach general subjects on general business and finance subjects, practice-oriented courses are taught by leading professionals in the fields from around the world. In cooperation with CFA Korea Society, KUBS Finance MBA offers solid education on both theoretical and practical business essential to train global leaders.
Emphasis on business ethics
As the finance industry develops, finance-related information grows more sophisticated. That increases the informational gap between the customers and providers of financial products. Accordingly, the integrity of professionals at financial sectors has become even more important as an essential basis for a stable, prosperous financial industry. Finance MBA upholds business ethics as the center of its curriculum by strongly endorsing the Business Code of Honor, community service and unsupervised tests
Buildup of human networks in financial industry
Strictly selected students from renowned domestic financial institutions, finance related government agencies and finance regulators are studying Finance MBA. Most of them are proved to be qualified and recognized as future leaders in their institutions. Through this program, you can form close networks with other students.

Strengths of Finance MBA

Balance between theory and practice
•The program offers a specialized curriculum applicable to the business field.
•Full-time professors teach basic theory courses. 
•Finance experts with practical experience are actively utilized for practicum and professional courses.

Emphasis on financial ethics
•Business Code of Honor

Overall business administration education as part of the MBA program

Close cooperation with finance-related areas

•Close cooperative relations with fields essential for financial education, including departments of economics, mathematics, and law

English education by level