• Global Business Leadership
    Global Business Leadership
    Global Business Leadership

    The Goal of the GMBA Program is to produce future business leaders who will command the global business community to the next level with dynamic leadership, critical vision, systematic desicion making, deep sense of social responsibility

    Mission: Educating future CEOs in global markets

    Target: Established and experienced business professionals

Prestigious Learning Experience
Students can learn not only from lectures but also from global diversity in class. The GMBA class is comprised of students from all parts of the world and a wide range of business and cultural backgrounds.
Best of Both Worlds
The GMBA is a combination of the KUBS MBA plus Global Experiences. All students, Koreans and non-Koreans alike, have access to high-quality business education, unique cultural experiences, and a chance to gain international perspectives.
Dual Degree
Qualified candidates will be granted a “dual degree” consisting of KUBS Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree plus one of the following degrees: CEMS Master’s in International Management (ranked 4th worldwide in the 2015 Financial Times Master in Management rankings,), Master in Management at ESCP Europe (ranked 7th worldwide in the 2015 Financial Times Master in Management rankings), or Master of Science in Management at EBS Business School (ranked 11th worldwide in the 2015 Financial Times Master in Management rankings).  

Exchange Program
Students wishing to further their global educational experience can take advantage of one of KUBS partner schools upon completion of a 12-month program at Korea University.
KUBS develops and invests in cutting-edge education and research facilities. These one-of-a-kind facilities are a comfort zone designed for in-depth learning, mutual communication, and social networking.

Autumn Semester 2017

 - First Round : 2016, Nov.~Dec. Online application
 - Second Round : 2017, March Online application
 - Third Round : 2016, April Online application

Q & A

GMBA Office

#307, Business Main Hall, Korea University

Tel 02-3290-1366

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