[MS/PhD] Comprehensive Exam, Fall 2018
Aug 28, 2018
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Graduate School of Business Comprehensive Exam, Fall 2018

1. Types of Exam (Comprehensive Exam Substitute/Exemption has been abolished) 
A. Written Exam
- MS: written exams for a minimum of three major courses
- MS/PhD Integrated Program: written exams for a minimum of four major courses
B. Oral Exam
- Exam content will be determined by the relevant department - major and dissertation will be taken into consideration
 Please see the Academic Regulations by the department or refer to the Area Chair for further inquiries on the oral exam.

2. Eligibility
A. MS: candidates who earned a minimum of 18 credit points with GPA of 3.0 or higher
B. PhD: candidates who earned a minimum of 27 credit points with GPA of 3.0 or higher
C. MS/PhD Integrated Program: candidates who earned a minimum of 45 credit points with GPA of 3.0 or higher
 Applicable for credit points achieved from major courses only. (exclusive of credits earned from research guidance, prerequisite or designated courses by academic advisors) 
 Eligible candidates may take the comprehensive exam regardless of language test result, or enrollment status (candidates who are on a leave of absence can also take the comprehensive exam).
 Note: Depending on the department, candidates who have not completed a designated course by academic advisor or pre-requisite may be restricted to take the exam. Please refer to the relevant department for the designated course/pre-requisite prior to the exam attendance.
3. Application Form Issue and Submission
A. Application Period: September 5 (Wed) - September 7 (Fri)
B. Location: Online application or hard copy submission to the relevant department office [Room 304, Floor 3, KUBS Main Building]
C. How to apply
- Online: KUPID > Registration & Graduation > Application/Verification for Exams > Application for Comprehensive Exam
- By visit: submit a hard copy of ‘Comprehensive Exam Application Form’
C. Students concerned shall fill out the application form for comprehensive exam(written/oral) and submit it. 
Please ensure to double check your application status after the online submission.
Please double check if the exam courses you applied for are correct.
 Application form: Make sure to fill in all the details on the form. Signatures are required from the academic advisor and the Area Chair.

** Students from the Department of Business Administration and the Department of International Business must apply online for the written exam via KUPID.
(Even if the Academic Regulations by the department/major ask you to take an oral exam instead, you must indicate the course you are taking the exam on when applying for the exam via KUPID.)

** Candidates are required to submit an additional ‘Application Form for Comprehensive Exam’, followed by the revised Academic Regulations and the need for further confirmation.
** If you are applying for more than 5 courses, please select 'other items' and indicate the course you are applying for.

4. Exam Information
A. Period: between September 17 (Mon) – September 28 (Fri) 
B. Location: to be informed by the department office.
* Please refer to the department office for an exact schedule of when/where the exam takes place. (The schedule is subject to change by the departments)
** Comprehensive exam for Department of Business Administration, Department of International Business will be held on September 29 (Sat) 09:00~ at Hyundai Motor Hall Room 303 and 209, respectively.
** From Fall 2018, some of the majors will set lunch break. The course timetable will be released as soon as it is scheduled.
5. Examination Outcome
A. October 22 (Mon) 14:00 (tentative)
B. To be released by departments and uploaded on KUPID

              August 2018
Dean of Graduate School of Business