[MS/PhD] Guidelines for Changes to Spring 2018 Academic Registration Status
Jan 30, 2018
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Guidelines for Changes to Spring 2018 Academic Registration Status

  ※ The followings can be changed online: Leave of Absence, Return to School, Change of Academic Advisor, Withdraw from Integrated MS/PhD Program, Accelerated Study of Integrated MS/PhD Program

*Period: February 1, 2018 (Thu) – February 26, 2017 (Mon); 4:00 p.m.

Leave of Absence and Return to School
First year students CANNOT apply for leave of absence in their first semester (Students are entitled to pregnancy∙maternity leave and military services.)

1. How to Apply: →  Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Application for Leave of Absence/Return (Graduate School)

A. General Provision
  • Up to 2 years for master’s degree students, 3 years for Ph.D (MS/PhD Integrated). Application can be extended every 6 months or every year.
  • In case a student is seeking extension after the duration has expired, re-application is required.
  • Student must return to school on a semester when seeking a request for a thesis examination.
B. Pregnancy Leave of Absence
  • Attach ‘Birth Certificate’ or ‘Medical Certificate’ upon application.
  • Up to 1-year duration applied for a delivery, and student may not request a thesis examination during the period of leave.
C. Maternity Leave of Absence
  • Attach ‘Proof of Family Relations’ or ‘Certificate of Alien Registration’ upon application.
  • Up to 1-year duration applied for a child aged under 8, and student may not request a thesis examination during the period of leave.
2. Required Documents
A. Pregnancy Leave of Absence: ‘Birth Certificate’ or ‘Medical Certificate’
B. Maternity Leave of Absence: ‘Proof of Family Relations’ or ‘Certificate of Alien Registration’

Voluntary Drop-out and Readmission
  • Submit the Drop-out/Readmission Application (online application not accepted)
  • Receive approval (seal) from your academic advisor and the Associate Dean, then submit it to the Department Office of Business Administration.
Change of Academic Advisor for Continuing Students
Advisor Application for Commencing Students    
  • Application Period: March 2 (Fri) - March 9 (Fri)
  • Registration & Graduation  University Registration→ Application for Advisor
 Applications for Integrated MS/PhD Program 
1. Withdrawal from Integrated MS/PhD Program

A. Period: February 1 (Thu) - February 26 (Mon) (same as the change of academic registration period)
B. How to Apply: → Registration & Graduation  University Registration  Application to Withdraw
- Eligibility: Students who wish to withdraw from Integrated MS/PhD Program and transfer to the MS program.

(Note: Student will be transferred to MS degree, however, that does not mean student automatically becomes eligible for degree completion even though he/she has met the degree requirements. MS candidate will undergo a selection process at the end of semester once final results are released.)

(e.g. Students who withdraw from their Integrated MS/PhD Program on February 1, 2018 are not eligible for degree completion on February 24, 2018. Students withdrawing from the program on Spring semester will be entitled to complete the degree on August 25, 2018 if they have met the degree requirements.)

2. Accelerated Study of Integrated MS/PhD Program

 Period: March 5 (Mon) – March 23 (Fri) <you must be a registered for the corresponding semester to apply for accelerated study of your integrated MS/PhD program>
B. How to Apply: → Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Application for Course of Study Acceleration

C. Semester: A range of shortening will be two semesters (one year) or one semester
- Shortening of Two Semesters: Apply during the change of academic registration period in the early 6th semester
- Shortening of One Semester: Apply during the change of academic registration period in the early 7th semester

※ Students may graduate early only if their cumulative GPA is 4.00 or above by their 6th or 7th semester.

Tuition Payment     

1) Regular Payment Period: February 22, 2018 (Thu) 09:00 – February 28, 2018 (Wed); 16:00
[ → Scholarship Application → Register → Print Tuition Payment Stub]
- Print out your bill as above and pay the tuition to the designated bank.

2) Final Payment Period: March 12, 2018 (Mon) 09:00 – March 14 (Wed); 16:00
Course Registration for Prospective Returning Student

1) Period: February 20 (Tue) – February 22 (Thu)
2) How to Apply: log in and then apply
- Prospective returning students of Spring 2018 are eligible to register for courses during the course registration period regardless of their status of academic registration or payment (however, if students fail to complete the returning process by February 26, 2018, their registration details will be automatically deleted).  

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