[MS/PhD] Guidelines for the Grant of Master Degree for Completed Integrated MS/PhD program
Sep 11, 2018
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Guidelines for the Grant of Master Degree for Completed Integrated MS/PhD program 
1. Outline of the grant of Master degree for students with completed status in the Integrated
MS/PhD program
Classification Content
Program Integrated MS/PhD program
Degree granted Master’s Degree
Certificates Issued Master’s Degree/ Certificate of completion of Integrated MS/PhD program
Remarks It becomes impossible to acquire the applicable PhD degree after the grant of the application
2. Target
: Students among the completed Integrated
MS/PhD students who have also satisfied the requirements
for a Master degree according to the
“Detailed Enforcement Regulations of the Graduate School.

3. Period of Enforcement
1) Period: From fall semester of 2018
2) Period of application: Sep 17, 2018 (Mon) ~ October 12, 2018 (Fri) 
3) Notice of successful applicants: October 23, 2018 (Tue). Individual notice
4. Method of Application
: Fill the
“Petition for grant of Master Degree” (Attached file) and submit it to your affiliated office  [Room 304, Floor 3, KUBS Main Building]
5. Take Notice
1) It is impossible for completed Integrated
MS/PhD students after the grant of the MS degree to graduate from the applicable PhD degree. 
2) Only students who have not exceeded 12 years since the start of the Integrated MS-PhD program can apply. 
3) For completed research students, they can petition for the MS degree after a special admission process.
4) Students should satisfy the internal requirements for the Master's degree in his/her department. 
5) Applicants for the comprehensive exam of 2018 fall semester can also apply. 

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