2018 KUBS Full-time MBA Admissions Open
2018 KUBS Full-time MBA Admissions Open     Korea University Business School (Dean=Professor Soo Young Kwon) is now accepting applications for Fall 2018 MBA admissions Admissions open for 3 full-time MBA programs: △Global MBA, △Global MIM and △S3 Asia MBA.     Both Global MBA and Global MIM have three application rounds. The 1st round application has been closed, and 2nd & 3rd round applications due on 5pm, March 29 (Thu) and April 27 (Fri) respectively. Global MBA and Global MIM are programs which equip students to academic and professional skills through a variety of global experiences. If candidates participate in programs at partner schools across the world, they are eligible for the award of degrees from both institutions. 2nd round interview will take place on April 14 (Sat), with its result release on April 24 (Tue). The final round interview will be held on May 19 (Sat) and the result will be released on May 30 (Wed).   Application for the Business School’s S3 Asia MBA will be open until April 27 (Fri) 5pm. S3 Asia MBA is an Asia-specialized MBA program where candidates study at 3 universities in 3 different countries in Asia — Korea University, Fudan University, and National University of Singapore (NUS). Candidates are eligible to graduate with 2 degrees, one from KUBS and the other from either Fudan University or NUS. Once the application closes on April 27 (Fri), the result will be notified on May 11 (Fri). Shortlisted applicants will need to attend an interview on May 19 (Sat), then the final outcome will be released on May 30 (Wed). Applications for the above MBA programs can be made online via (https://bizapply.korea.ac.kr/en/). Please contact the Department Office (02-3290-5365) for further information.   Global MBA / Global MIM S3 Asia MBA  
Apr 27, 2018
‘Special Lecture Series by Global CEO’ – Mr. Dong-Ki Shin, Vice President of ELAND Group
‘Special Lecture Series by Global CEO’ – Mr. Dong-Ki Shin, Vice President of ELAND Group   On March 15, the Business School commenced the Spring 2018 series of ‘Global CEO Special Lectures’, with its first guest Mr. Dong-Ki Shin, Vice President of E-Land Group. A total of 220 business students attended the special lecture held at Supex Hall, LG-POSCO Building. A former president of KUBS KMBA Alumni Association, Mr. Shin worked more than 40 years in the finance industry including Global Investment Bank and Goldman Sachs. He is an expert in the area who sold major business units and reorganized the financial and business structure to prepare for the crisis, when he was a financial control officer at E-Land Group.     The topic of lecture was ‘Changes in Global Finance and Corporations- My 40 years’ Experience at Investment Bank’. Shin started the lecture by citing a poem - ‘there is no point fighting on the tip of a snail’s horn.’, ‘time flies like a flash of flints’ –always be humble. " It has been 5,000 years since the invention of the text, 500 years since the invention of the type, 50 years since the computers. However, the changes we have been through the past 5 years are probably the most remarkable – the smartphones!” said Mr. Shin. He emphasized, “Who knows what we will face in coming 5 years? Technology and innovation will continue to be unstoppable.”   “With regard to the income of Korea, the economic development over the past 50 years made it possible to achieve 300 times higher income, from $ 100 to $ 30,000. We are now one of the world's 10 largest exporting countries, with its grown size of the market from $ 100 million to $ 500 billion.” Vice President Dong-Ki Shin stressed that “it is outstanding that we made such achievement during the world economy’s phase of high growth, however, it is time that we need to think and prepare for the current phase of low growth economy, especially in the era of 4th Industrial Revolution.   Mr. Shin emphasized, “We need to be able to look into the future, and always be prepared.” “If you look back, world economy hit by crisis in every 10 years - △ The 2nd Oil Crisis, 1978, △ Black Monday, 1988, the U.S., △ The Asian Financial Crisis, 1998(97), △ Subprime Mortgage Crisis, 2008. Mr. Shin also pointed out, “if you think about it, most successful startups these days – Uber, Airbnb, Alipay – they would not even be able to start their business if they started in Korea. Because in fact, 57 out of 100 they are illegal here.” “Businesses should be capable of innovation in the new digital era learning from their past success.” Shin also shared his experience as an example of how E-Land Group overcome organizational crisis in the past. In addition, Vice President Dong-Ki Shin moved on to ‘Trumpnomics’. Trumpnomics refers to the United States’ America-First policy being applied to their economic policy. Key examples can be their $1 trillion investment on infrastructure, and revision on their trade relations. Mr. Shin pointed out that “the implementation of Trumpnomics might increase America’s economic growth. On the other hand, its impact on economies in Mexico, Japan, and South Korea can be tough.” “We need to be prepared for economic crisis. If you think about it, Google took over YouTube, and Samsung also prepare to face the crisis; they sold their chemical and security units. Look carefully on what is happening in the economy, and start from what we can do and think how to be prepared.” Mr. Shin advised. Vice President Dong-Ki Shin concluded his special lecture by suggesting a phrase “Control yourself. Otherwise you will be controlled”.     One of the audience, Min-Ji Kim (Business ‘14) said “It was a very inspiring lecture, made me look back on myself. I feel I should keep in mind what he said, looking beyond and staying out of comfort zone.”   The Business School’s Spring 2018 series of ‘Global CEO Special Lectures’ are designed to invite global CEOs to share their thoughts and experiences. Coming up lectures will invite △ Jung-Ho Kim, CEO of Bear Better Company (3/22) △ Seon-Yong Lee, CEO of Bear Tree Park △ Kwang-Chul Choi, Chair of SK Group SUPEX Committee Social Contribution Department (4/5) △ Christopher Wood, CEO of ELCA Korea (4/12) △ Jonggu Choi, Chairman of the Financial Services Commissions (4/19) △ Sang-ho Yoo, President of Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. (4/26) △Ki-seok Park, CEO of SIGONG tech (5/3) △ Younghoon Park, Executive Director of GS SHOP (home shopping) (5/10) △ Young Yul Seo, Chairman of PT.Pratama Abadi Industri (5/17) △ Kyung-Soo Park, CEO of PSK (5/24) △ Young-Sik Kim, President of PwC Korea (5/31).  
Mar 22, 2018
KU Achieved the Highest Pass Rate on the 1st Round CPA Exam 2018
KU Achieved the Highest Pass Rate on the 1st Round CPA Exam 2018   The 1st round result of 2018 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Examination (53rd) has been released on March 16. On this exam (February 11), Korea University has produced a total of 187 successful 1st round CPA candidates. It is the highest pass rate in the country, far outstripping other universities in South Korea.   Among the total of 1,702 successful 1st round CPA candidates, approximately 11% of the candidates turned out to be Korea University students/graduates. It is a huge gap between first and second place, KU produced 54 more candidates than Sungkyunkwan University. Sungkyunkwan University and Yonsei University tied for runner-up with 133 (7.8%), 128 (7.5%) successful candidates respectively. Sogang University (113 successes, 6.6%) came in fourth followed by Kyung Hee University (108 successes, 6.3%). This achievement reaffirms KU’s position as the best institute for nurturing certified public accountants, especially by the support of a CPA prep program called “Jeongjincho (精進礎)".   Meanwhile, a total of 8,778 candidates sit on the 1st round of 53rd CPA Exam with a passing rate of 5.2:1, which was fairly consistent with last year’s passing rate of 5.3:1. The 2nd round exam will take place on June 30 to July 1, and the number of estimated examinees is 2,864 with the estimated passing rate of 3.4:1. The final result will be released on August 31.      
Mar 19, 2018
Beginning of Semester Party for International Students
Beginning of Semester Party for International Students KUBS held a ‘Beginning of Semester Party for International Students’ on March 8 at Ahn Young Il Hall, LG-POSCO Building. Organized by the KUBS International Office, the event was designed to support our overseas students’ life on campus, meeting and networking with students from diverse backgrounds. Dean Soo Young Kwon, Associate Dean Jae-Nam Lee and Associate Professor Tony Garrett attended the event to welcome 150 international students.       Dean Soo Young Kwon said “I hope you would have a chance to visit as many interesting places while your stay in Korea,” and added “I suggest you to be familiar with the regulation of Korea University as well”.   Associate Professor Tony Garrett also welcomed students, shared his story and tips of living in Korea, with words of powerful encouragement to international students. Two continuing students also shared their stories of why they chose to come to South Korea - and Korea University, and what they have learned from their overseas experience.     The participated students then had pizza for dinner, having a chance to chat with other students. Kailyn Akers, one of the students, said “I had such a great time. It was a great event meeting people from so many diverse backgrounds.”     The KUBS International Office offers programs including ‘KUBS Buddy’ and ‘KUBS Global’ to support overseas students’ life in Korea during their study.    
Mar 16, 2018
[Global MBA 2017-2 해외현장세미나] GMBA, 스페인 바르셀로나서 2주간 IRP 진행해
Global MBA 2017-2 해외현장세미나 GMBA, 스페인 바르셀로나서 2주간 IRP 진행해    고려대 경영전문대학원 Global MBA(이하 GMBA)가 2017학년도 2학기 해외현장세미나(International Residence Program, 이하 IRP)를 진행했다. 1월 29일부터 2월 9일까지 2주간 실시된 IRP는 스페인 바르셀로나에 위치한 ESADE Business School에서 진행됐으며, 유용근 주임교수를 비롯해 GMBA 원우 33명이 참여했다. 이번 IRP에서는 △Politics of EU Institutions △Identifying Business Opportunities △Creating Growth Ventures △Financing Growth Ventures △Design Thinking △Marketing Innovation △Leading Change Simulation 등 국제 비즈니스 감각을 기를 수 있는 다채로운 수업이 진행됐다. 특히 8일 진행된 Leading Change Simulation 시간에는 실제 회사의 문제점을 파악하고 해결방안을 도출해봄으로써 참여한 원우들의 많은 호응을 얻었다.      직접 기업을 방문해 보는 시간도 원우들의 인기를 끌었다. 1일에는 Kantox&Social Point를 방문하여 특유의 개방적이고 자유로운 업무 분위기를 엿보는 등 생생한 현장 체험의 기회를 가졌다. 이에 더해 2주 동안 지속적으로 진행된 워크숍 세션에서는 마지막 날 원우들의 발표와 피드백 시간을 통해 참석자들의 주도적인 참여를 유도했다. 경영전문대학원 MBA 과정은 글로벌 경영인으로서 국제적 감각을 기를 수 있도록 전 과정에서 전폭적인 국제 현장 체험의 기회를 마련하고 있다. 특히 GMBA는 해외 명문 대학에서 직접 수업을 듣고 현지 글로벌 기업을 견학하는 IRP를 정규 교과과정에 편성하고 있다.      
Mar 15, 2018
Web Drama by Startup Institute Business ‘Studio LinK’ Marked 80 Million YouTube Views
Web Drama by Startup Institute Business ‘Studio LinK’ Marked 80 Million YouTube Views   One of KUBS Startup Institute businesses, Studio Link’s web drama 「Shall We LinK?」 marked 80 million views on YouTube within the first 3 weeks of its premiere in Vietnam. 「Shall We LinK?」 is targeted on teenagers and young adults, and premiered on January 27 via Facebook and YouTube.   「Shall We LinK?」  (picture by Studio LinK)   This 25 minutes’ length of 6 episodes web drama depict romantic relationships between ‘Tanha’, an exchange student from Vietnam, and male protagonists. On February 21, after the release of 6th episode, it marked 81 million view online. The series have been praised for its story that any young adults can relate to.   Studio LinK Staffs (picture by Studio LinK)     Kyung Ho Park, CEO of Studio LinK stated that “It was great that we were able to meet and interview Vietnamese living in Korea so that the series reflect reality, even from the point of local audience’s view. We also paid attention on contents produced by Korean media that were popular in Vietnam. The deep analysis told us what we need to take account of when we were writing the storyline.”   Studio LinK is sponsored by KUBS Iljin Center for Startup Incubation for technical and financial supports. It is a student startup business in mobile media, specialized on South East Asian market including Vietnam. Studio LinK continues their success to a broader audience in South East Asia.   [You can check out the web drama via buttons below] Facebook  Korean subtitled version   
Mar 09, 2018
KU Tops among Korean Private Universities in QS World University Rankings by Subject
KU Tops among Korean Private Universities in QS World University Rankings by Subject   Of 301 universities, Korea University is ranked 47th for the subject of Business & Management in the QS World University Rankings released on February 28, resulting in the best performance among the private universities in Korea.   The overall score of Korea University (KU) for the subject of Business & Management is 79.2, ranking second in Korean universities after Seoul National University (80.5 points). Hanyang University, KAIST, Sungkyunkwan University and Yonsei University are ranked in the top 51-100th. Harvard University has been ranked as the top university in the world followed by INSEAD, London Business School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and University of Pennsylvania.   In addition, KU is ranked 46th worldwide in the subject of Accounting & Finance with the overall score of 76.2, which is an improved rank compared to last year’s result. Among universities in South Korea, KU came in second after Seoul National University (77.9 points). KAIST, Sungkyunkwan University and Yonsei University placed on the 51-100th rank. The top place went to Harvard University, followed by MIT, Stanford University, Oxford University and London Business School.     Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), an organization evaluating global universities, has been annually releasing “The World University Rankings” since 2011. For the evaluation purpose, they combine 48 disciplines and rank the performance based on four indicators including △Researcher Questionnaire Survey (50%), △Employers Questionnaire Survey (30%) △Frequency of papers being cited (10%), and △H-index citations per paper (10%), where ‘H-index’ is an weighted score on the number of published papers per researcher and frequency of papers being cited. QS publishes the detailed score and ranking for the top 50 institutions only.  
Mar 05, 2018
Orientation for Spring 2017 Foreign Exchange Students
'A Wide Variety of Experience at KUBS' Orientation for Spring 2017 Foreign Exchange Students   University Orientation for Spring 2018 foreign exchange students took place on February 27, 4pm at Ahn Young Il Hall, LG-POSCO Building. The participants were KUBS Associate Dean Jae-Nam Lee and 90 exchange students from overseas universities.     The Orientation started with a social event where inbound exchange students got together with outbound  students (63 undergraduate business students), prior to the start of their exchange program. The event was designed to ensure students from diverse cultural backgrounds share their stories or tips for living overseas. Associate Dean Jae-Nam Lee welcomed incoming students that “Exchange program is a great opportunity to meet and network with students from overseas institutions. I would strongly suggest you to make the most of your exchange experience. Please do participate in social events, I am sure it will improve your personal and professional development.”     The Orientation program introduced participants to life at Korea University in general. The KUBS International Office delivered students that “KUBS is the highest ranked Business School in South Korea. Our next goal is to establish and build a foundation for our students to be active members of society – and global CEOs.” Ekaterina Melnichuk (University of Economics, Prague), President of Exchange Student Association added that “We are from different parts of the world, and yet, perhaps we can all agree with what we want to achieve. As long as we never stop trying to stay out of our comfort zone, and not to be afraid of trying new things – new language and culture, I believe we will be able to reach where we want to be.”   KUBS invited 90 exchange students on Spring 2018, including △ 70 undergraduate △ 13 postgraduate and △ 7 MBA students. The participants are from 42 universities in 18 countries, including 20 students from Singapore, 17 from France and 13 from the USA.  
Mar 05, 2018
Celebrate Your Achievements…The 2017 KUBS Commencement Ceremony
Celebrate Your Achievements, Look Forward to Your Future Endeavors… The 2017 KUBS Commencement Ceremony   2017 KUBS Commencement Ceremony took place on February 24 at Inchon Memorial Hall. KUBS Dean Soo Young Kwon, President of Alumni Association Mong Won Chung (Undergraduate), President Dong Ki Shin (Korea MBA), President Seung Hyun Lee (Executive MBA) and KUBS professors attended the commencement to honor 2017 graduates.     Spring and Fall 2017 Business School graduates of 822 in total attended the commencement ceremony. Graduates in their commencement gown and cap filled the large auditorium.   Dean Soo Young Kwon celebrated our graduates, “Congratulations on your graduation. I understand you went through a lot during your degree, good job. I hope you remember the happiness and sense of achievement that you have today, give yourselves extra credit. Well done everyone.”   Distinguished graduates were awarded for their academic excellence. The recipients of KU President’s Award were △Dong Wook Kim (Undergraduate ’11), △ Ji Won Choi (KMBA ‘16). Also △ Nae Young Kwon, Soo Ji Kim, Jong Seok Kim (KMBA ’16), △ Eui Ji Baek (14th EMBA), △ Dudagonda, Vamsi Krishna Reddy (9th AMBA) received Dean’s Award for academic excellence. Each graduate awarded a certificate of graduation from Dean Soo Young Kwon. The commencement ended with graduation cap throw, singing the University song and the University phrase.   The number of total graduates this year was △ 520 from Bachelor’s degree, △ 45 Master’s degree, △ 18 Doctor’s degree, △ 170 KMBA, △ 46 EMBA, △ 15 AMBA, △ 7 GMBA, and △ 1 from FMBA.  
Mar 02, 2018
Spring 2018 MBA, A Fresh New Start
Spring 2018 MBA, A Fresh New Start On February 10th and 11th, KUBS had a two-day event of an entrance ceremony and orientation for new students commencing Korea MBA (KMBA) and Financial MBA (FMBA). Prior to the orientation event, we had an entrance ceremony for both KMBA and FMBA at SUPEX Hall, LG-POSCO Building. 189 KMBA and 31 FMBA new students participated in the event as well as 70 continuing students.  The ceremony was opened with a welcoming speech from Dean Soo Young Kwon, followed by Associate Dean Kyung Sam Park’s brief introduction to KUBS. Students were then introduced to information on course structure, department policy and had a Q&A session. In the afternoon KMBA commencing students headed to Oak Valley Resort in Gangwon-do to attend a two-day orientation trip. The event started with information on majors and KMBA alumni association. KMBA students also had an ‘Ice-Breaking’ time for getting to know each other and socializing.   After dinner, KMBA students had a cheerleading practice session with Korea University Cheerleaders, with warm greetings from KMBA student council as well. On the second day, students were introduced to KMBA student council, clubs, and societies. FMBA also had an orientation trip at Oak Valley Resort, Gangwon-do. During the trip, FMBA commencing students had sessions of △self-introduction, △Ice-breaking and cheerleading song practice, followed by △a formal dinner. It is particularly a significant year for FMBA because of its extended duration of the study; it will be a two-year program from Spring 2018, as requested by part-time students who pursue both their professional and academic development. KUBS expect the revised FMBA program will meet the needs of a wide range of students.  
Feb 27, 2018
10th AMBA, “Welcome to KUBS!”
10th AMBA, “Welcome to KUBS!” KUBS had an orientation event held for 2018 S³ Asia MBA (AMBA) students on February 23 at Hyundai Motor Hall AMBA lecture room 209, to welcome 10th AMBA students who start their semester at Korea University from this semester.      15 AMBA 10th students, Dean Soo Young Kwon and AMBA Program Director Professor Jaiho Chung participated in the event. Dean Soo Young Kwon shared his overseas student experience with the class, wishing good luck with tips for overseas experience. Professor Jaiho Chung then introduced course structure in general. KUBS Career Hub informed students of student support regarding students’ future pathways. KUBS International Office also attended the orientation to explain the application process for medical insurance and alien registration card.       In the afternoon AMBA students had a campus tour and participated in ‘Hi, Seoul!’ exercise. ‘Hi, Seoul!’ exercise invited students to visit tourist attractions in Seoul, important historic places, and restaurants for participants’ deeper understanding of culture in Korea. One of 10th AMBA student Simeng Han commented, “It was fascinating places to visit, it was a great opportunity to get to know about traditional Korean culture. I am glad I met students from diverse cultural backgrounds as well.”   Then students came back to campus for a dinner event held at Ahn Young Il Hall, LG-POSCO Building, joined by AMBA alumni. 10th AMBA students had a practice session with Korea University Cheerleaders, learning cheerleading and FM routines.     AMBA is the tri-university alliance MBA program between Korea University, Fudan University and the National University of Singapore. All 3 universities were founded in 1905, with a history of 112 years. It is a one and half year program. Students spend their first semester (Septebmer~December) at Fudan University in Shanghai, second at Korea University (February~June), and their third semester at NUS, Singapore (August~December). Candidates who successfully completed their degree graduate with the double acquisition of MBA degrees from KUBS and the other from either Fudan or NUS.  
Feb 26, 2018
2018 KUBS Orientation for Commencing Overseas Students
‘We are all proud KUBS students regardless of nationality’ 2018 KUBS Orientation for Commencing Overseas Students   On February 22, KUBS had an orientation for Spring 2018 commencing international students (10:00 am, Hyundai Motor Hall B306, 307). 60 commencing students attended the event with greetings from Dean Soo Young Kwon and Business School administrative staffs. The event was held at two lecture rooms: one spoken in Korean and the other in English.       On his welcoming note, Dean Soo Young Kwon emphasized, “I would strongly suggest you to improve your Korean listening and speaking skills especially during the first year of your study. I am very aware of the difficulties that cultural differences can sometimes be tough, but it is important to open your mind. I hope you make the most of your stay in Korea.” First year students had a session for information on course structure, department policy, academic calendar, and scholarships. Overseas students must take ‘Business English Ⅰ, Ⅱ’ to meet graduation requirements. Ms. Sun Young Park from the Department Office of Business School explained, “If you take Freshmen English Level Examination, you may be able to get an exemption for the course, depending on your result. You can register for the course by online, please refer to notice on our website.” Students were also informed of TNT (Tutor&Tutee) program, from which students who have difficulties studying can get help from a senior (tutor) regarding their major required and major elective courses.     There has been a revision on courses for commencing overseas students, applicable from Spring 2018. We open classes for international students for ‘Thinking and Writing’ and ‘Academic English’ courses. ‘Thinking and Writing’ remains a required course, whereas ‘Academic English’ is now an elective course. New students can also apply for Corporate Tours program offered by KUBS Career Hub. Students may visit corporations to meet hiring manager with our participating students to grasp a better understanding of the business. We have 81 overseas students and 7 overseas Korean students from 12 countries including China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Australia.  
Feb 23, 2018
Spring 2018 Orientation for Graduate School Commencing Students
Spring 2018 Orientation for Graduate School Commencing Students KUBS Graduate School had an orientation day for Department of Business Administration and Department of International Business commencing students (February 20 2:00 pm, LG-POSCO Building room 432). 50 commencing students attended the event with greetings from Associate Dean Jong-Ho Lee and Area Chairs.     On his welcoming note, Associate Dean Jong-Ho Lee advised students, “We had quite a few candidates who had difficulties working on their thesis because statistical results did not turn out to be significantly valid. However, do keep in mind that it is a good thesis as long as you pay attention and focus on your method part so that you can convince readers of the logic behind your thesis.” He added, “It is a good idea to learn from other students’ mistakes, especially from your seniors. Always keep a note of your research, and ask questions when needed.”       Commencing students had a session for information on course structure, department policy, academic calendar, and scholarships. Students were also introduced to the details of research funds, BK21 Plus groups, and KUBS Sudang Digital Library. The librarian Jiwon Lee informed students, “We allocate up to 400 million won on business studies book purchases. You will be able to access 19 databases of Sudang Digital Library for your research.” Sudang Digital Library is located on the third floor of LG-POSCO Building, where students have access to 20 thousand learning resources including business studies books in English as well as continuous publications of international journals. Jung Woo Lee, temporary president of Graduate School student council, added, “You can contact student council if you would like to apply for library personal locker, or to discuss projects of supporting academic associations and financial support for seminars.” After the orientation, students had brief department orientation sessions, during which their program directors talked about majors and answered questions from students.   We have 68 total number of Graduate School students, including △14 Finance students, △13 Accounting, △12 Business Management, △12 Marketing, △10 International Business, △4 MIS (Management of Information Systems) and △3 LSOM (Logistics, Service and Operations Management) students.  
Feb 21, 2018
Donation of 50 Million won by Mrs. Hwa Young Lee, Daughter of the late Professor Sang Hoon Lee
Donation of 50 Million won by Mrs. Hwa Young Lee, Daughter of the late Professor Sang Hoon Lee Mrs. Hwa Young Lee, daughter of the late Professor Sang Hoon Lee, made a donation of 50 million won to KUBS. Mrs. Hwa Young Lee is a daughter of the late Professor Sang Hoon Lee who was the very first Dean of Korea University Business School. She made the donation to commemorate her childhood memory on our campus with her father.     The donation ceremony was held on February 19 at the Dean’s office, with Mrs. Hwa Young Lee, KUBS Dean Soo Young Kown, Byung Hoon Choi (trustee of vice president Si-yeoung Lee Commemoration Service Society), our emeritus professors △ Dong Ki Kim, △ Soo Sik Sin, △ Yoon Dae Euh, △ Ik Soon Cho, and Vice President of Development and External Affairs Professor Byung-Hyun Yoo.     They also had signboard hanging event, during which the School updated the name of Dean’s office to ‘Si Yeon’ Dean’s office. ‘Si Yeon’ was the late Professor Sang Hoon Lee’s pen name, meaning 'spread of good deeds'. Dean Soo Young Kwon thanked each and every one who attended the ceremony, adding “I am sure we will be able to commemorate today’s event by updating the official title of Dean’s office.”   Mrs. Lee said “I clearly remember the days I spent time on campus with my father. KUBS is a very sentimental place for me, full of my childhood memories.” She added “I have been always wanting to do something meaningful when I look back. Thank you for opening up such a special ceremony, I feel grateful that I made another great memory on campus.”     Emeritus professor Yoon Dae Euh added “I deeply appreciate how the School has received lots of donations, it has become one of the School’s unique traditions. Thanks to all the contributions, we were able to contribute to KUBS students building up learning facilities. I would like to thank Mrs. Hwa Young Lee again.”   The late Professor Sang Hoon Lee was a Professor in Boseong College from 1935, and he was the first Dean of School of Commerce (Business School now). The donation will be allocated to support KUBS outstanding students.  
Feb 19, 2018
“Welcome to KUBS” Executive MBA Off-Campus Orientation
“Welcome to KUBS” Executive MBA Off-Campus Orientation   We had Executive MBA (EMBA) off-campus orientation day on February 2th and 3rd at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Incheon. Dean Soo Young Kwon, Program Director Weon Sang Yoo and Jae Uk Chun, and alumni Seung Hyun Lee attended the ceremony to celebrate our 43 commencing EMBA students. Existing 15th EMBA students and teaching staffs also welcomed the 16th students.       Program Director Weon Sang Yoo welcomed “Korea University EMBA is the first executive MBA in South Korea that has the largest number of professors, and we are very proud of our alumni as well. Warm welcome to new students.” Orientation continued to overall introduction of EMBA course structure. The 16th students each had 3 minutes of short speeches, introducing themselves. Students had a chance to share their stories including their careers and what they want to achieve from the course. Myung Cheol Kang, student president of the 15th, welcomed students suggesting few tips for student life. Students also had Q&A sessions regarding the course in general.       The event was followed by dinner where commencing and existing students had a chance to gather and socialize. Dean Soo Young Kwon added “Our EMBA ranked ‘2017 Global EMBA Ranking #20’ out of 100 world-class EMBA schools. I would like to emphasize ‘Extelligence’, as in ‘ex- + Intelligence’, I believe the ability to extend and synthesizes knowledge is very important in the fast changing world now.”     Student president Seung Hyun Lee said “I understand it must have been a hard decision for you to come back to university to continue your study. I wish you the best for your study, hope you achieve what you want to learn from the course and also build a strong connection with other students here.” After the dinner, the 15th students gave a performance for new students.       EMBA was established on 2003 to teach our students to be creative resilient global CEOs. During the 2 years’ course students will learn knowledge and skills on business administration, and build a network with students who are current CEO and executives.  
Feb 06, 2018
SOVS from Startup Station Placed 1st in the Most Popular Paid App on Iphone Appstore
SOVS from Startup Station Placed 1st in the Most Popular Paid App on Iphone Appstore   One of our proud Startup Station business SOVS’s new mobile application has been a great success in the market. The mobile application is devised for occasions when you request others to take a picture for you. SOVS application reached no.1 on the most popular paid application charts within their first month of release.   (Picture:SOVS)   SOVS app allows you to hold on to your preferred angle and background even when you ask others to take a picture for you. How it works is that SOVS analyzed 44,000 snapshots and adapt 17 angles optimized for personal portrait. SOVS app also offer optimal angle for defined and slimmer look using wide-angle lens. You can also adjust zoom and the size of your picture by simply tapping the screen.     Su Young So (Business ‘16), co-CEO of SOVS, “When you travel you want to have perfect pictures of you, but there are times when you have to ask others to use your camera, and you end up with pictures that you are not happy with.” “My colleagues and I were talking and apparently we all have pictures that we don’t want to share, so we came up with an idea that we need to develop a mobile application for this occasion.”   SOVS co-CEOS: Su Young So, Joo Eun Park   SOVS won Business Research Award from ‘2017 Startup Express Summer Season’ held by KUBS Iljin center and sponsored by KU LINC Plus Research Team. SOVS moved in to Iljin Center for further business educational support.   
Feb 05, 2018
Business School Entering Class of 1986 Donation Ceremony
Business School Entering Class of 1986 Donation Ceremony   Ceremony for donation by KUBS entering class of 1986 was held on January 19 at Dean’s office, 1st floor on KUBS Main building. KUBS Dean Soo Young Kwon, Vice President for Development and External Affairs Professor Byung-Hyun Yoo, Associate Dean Jae-Nam Lee, Executive Manager Young-Jin Choi, Seok Hoon Oh (Business ‘86) and Chul Keun Jung (Business ‘86) attended the ceremony. Entering class of 1986 alumni made a donation of 50million won.     (From the left) Vice President for Development and External Affairs Professor Byung-Hyun Yoo, Seok Hoon Oh (Business ‘86), KUBS Dean Soo Young Kwon, Chul Keun Jung (Business ‘86), Associate Dean Jae-Nam Lee, Executive Manager Young-Jin Choi     It was not the first time our ’86 alumni contributed to the Business School. On December 2011 the alumni provided scholarships at ‘The 31st Korea University Alumni’s Night Event’. The amount of funding raised by ’86 alumni was 364million won. Since then our ’86 alumni have continued their good deed for our students by fund-raising activities. ’86 Alumni have few small groups such as Golf Club, Leader’s Club, Climbing Club, through which they raise most part of the fund. The rest is contributed on a personal level. The collected scholarship fund is then used to support 1 to 2 students via scholarship award.   (From the left) Seok Hoon Oh (Business '86), Chul Keun Jung (Business '86)   Entering class of 1986 alumni including the ’86 alumni president Chul Keun Jung (Business ‘86), former president Kyo Jin Kang (Business ‘86), Ha Kyun Mok (Trading ‘86), Seok Hoon Oh (Business ‘86), In Hwan Oh (Business ‘86) and Jae Yeol Ryu (Trading ‘86) participated in the fund-raising event. Professor Kwanho Suk (Business ‘86), Professor Hojung Shin (Trading ‘86) are also part of our proud '86 alumni.     The donation is incredibly meaningful because it is made up of each and every alumni participant’ contributions. A member of ’86 alumni, Professor Hojung Shin (Trading ‘86) added “We are happy that we are able to support Korea University students to achieve their goals and potential. We are aware of the importance of financial support to students; it is a great way to promote better learning environment for students.”.  
Feb 01, 2018