“CHOO CHOO DAY” by KUBS Startup Institute to Be Held
Oct 25, 2017
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“CHOO CHOO DAY” by KUBS Startup Institute to Be Held
A demo day helps startups grow globally…Sharing performances of 7 KUBS startups which have been incubated for 6 months.
Korea University Business School (KUBS; Dean=Professor Soo Young Kwon) will hold the Fall 2017 CHOO CHOO DAY on Friday, November 3 at LG-POSCO Building.

The CHOO CHOO DAY is hosted by Korea University Business School and supervised by KUBS Startup Institute (Director=Professor Hicheon Kim). The event is a demo day that allows KUBS startup teams to demonstrate their performances in front of investors and industry insiders. KUBS startup teams went through a training program and have been incubated at KUBS Startup Station, which is a startup incubation platform, for the past six months.

A total of seven KUBS startup teams will participate in the CHOO CHOO DAY: ①“Stipop,” providing an open platform for emoticons, ②“Linder,” running calendar subscription services, ③“Toad,” providing smart expense curation services, ④”SOVS,” a camera app specialized in composition by silhouette, ⑤”Miro,” providing one-stop dermatologic clinic matching services, ⑥”Soulgit,” a global mobile casual game publisher based on advertisement, ⑦”Poppet,” a pet IoT company.
The teams incubated at KUBS Startup Station were selected through the 2017 Startup Express. Prior to the competition, only ten percent of total applicants passed the application screening stage and interview. Each team was granted a budget for operation expenses of up to 5,000,000 won. They also received an office space, available on the second floor of Iljin Center for Startup Incubation, and networking, advertising, and marketing services for free. The companies that signed an MOU with KUBS, such as △Kim & Chang (law firm), △PwC (accounting firm), △Amazon Web Service, and △Y Crowdfunding, provided practical business support for the startup teams.

“KUBS strives to bring a win-win situation for the KUBS startup teams,” said Professor Kim, who is the Director of KUBS Startup Institute. “I hope the startup teams can successfully debut in Korea and the world through the CHOO CHOO DAY. At the same time, our institute will continue to make a contribution to a startup ecosystem.”

The 2017 CHOO CHOO DAY is open to anyone who is interested in startups. To register for the event, visit onoffmix.com/event/115984.


KUBS Startup Station

Established under Korea University Business School Startup Institute, KUBS Startup Station is a “Platform for Inspiring Innovation & Entrepreneurship.” It is a space where future entrepreneurs who have gathered from diverse backgrounds with interest in the startup business achieve innovation by sharing and cooperation. The KUBS Startup Station comprises “Iljin Center for Startup Incubation” and “Seung Myung-Ho Center for Entrepreneurship Education.” KUBS startup teams are selected through annually held “Startup Express.” A group of mentors made up of members from KUBS faculty, entrepreneurs, and industry experts provides support and advisory services to startup teams. Startup education, such as Startup Lecture Series inviting guest speakers from various fields, is offered as well (website: https://www.startupstation.kr/?lang=en).