[2019 Global MBA/Global MIM 2nd Admission Information Session] "Strengthen your ability in the best MBA in Korea"
Apr 05, 2019
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[2019 Global MBA/Global MIM 2nd Admission Information Session] "Strengthen your ability in the best MBA in Korea
The second information session for the admission of 2019 Global MBA/Global MIM (hereinafter G-MBA/G-MIM) was held in Hyundai Motors Hall Room 403 at 7:30 pm last Wednesday. About 30 prospective applicants, including G-MBA/G-MIM Program Director Kwanghyun Kim, attended the session.
"The MBA program at Korea University is recognized by the world as the best in Korea," Professor Kwanghyun Kim said. "You can get a lot from our finest faculty members and a strong network of Korea University." "Our goal is to achieve 30th place globally and 1st place in Asia by 2030. We will build our competitiveness so that you don’t have to go abroad to study," he said.
In G-MBA/G-MIM, students not only can acquire a master's degree in KUBS — as well as a dual degree from top global universities — according to their specific area of study but also can follow a practical curriculum that perfectly suits today’s business world. Students can apply at once for both G-MBA and G-MIM program.
The G-MBA program will be recruited three times and the G-MIM will be recruited twice. The first round of applications has already been completed, and the second round will run until 17:00 on March 29th. Students can submit their documents until 17:00 on April 2nd. Document screening result will be available on April 5th and the interview will take place on April 13th. The final announcement date is April 23rd. Meanwhile, the third round of applications will run until 17:00 on April 26th. In the 1st and 2nd rounds, applications are open for both G-MBA/G-MIM programs, but in the 3rd round only the application for the G-MBA program will be open.
The information session ended with some questions for our German G-MBA student, Annika. The application for the 2019 MBA program will be available through our website (https://bizapply.korea.ac.kr) and related inquiries can be made at the Administration Office of MBA Programs (02-3290-5365).