2019 K-MBA&F-MBA Entrance Ceremony & Orientation, a thrilling start for freshmen
Feb 12, 2019
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2019 K-MBA&F-MBA Entrance Ceremony & Orientation, a thrilling start for freshmen

The entrance ceremony and off Campus Orientation of 2019 Korea MBA (hereinbelow K-MBA) & Finance MBA (hereinbelow F-MBA) were held from February 9th to 10th. 202 freshmen of 2019 K-MBA and 27 F-MBA freshmen participated the event, officially becoming Korea University students and harmonizing with senior students & alumni.

As the first lineup, a joint-entrance ceremony of K-MBA and F-MBA was held at LG-POSCO Building Supex Hall. Dean Professor Jae Wook Kim showed his great affection towards the two courses by saying, “I was the first head of department after making the name ‘Korea MBA’ by putting in ‘Korea’ to the MBA course that has the longest history, and participated in planning the F-MBA course when it was firstly introduced”. He welcomed the new-coming freshmen by saying “You will have a lot to learn and earn good experience for two years by learning from two great head of department professors”. Professor Kim added, “I expect everyone to actively participate since we will try to offer a brand-new education that suits the 4th Industrial Revolution period”.

Associate Dean Professor Dongwon Lee introduced KUBS by briefing about the long history of Business School since 1905, world-level infrastructure, and international certification. He concluded his words by saying, “Korea University MBA can guarantee that it will provide satisfaction beyond your expectations”.

A memorial group photo was taken in front of the Supex Hall after the entrance ceremony. An introduction of the curriculum of each course and a Q&A session continued after the photo time.

Head of K-MBA Professor Jaiho Chung introduced K-MBA by saying “The synergy effect that comes from alumni of various industries is K-MBA’s biggest strength” and delivered his words of greeting: “I hope everyone gets together and open their heart through this orientation”.

Professor Hyun Seung Na showed his aspirations as the new Head of F-MBA by saying “I will try my best so that everyone can develop their capability as a leader of the financial market”. He added, “Please do not hesitate to give your thoughts in order to make the course head to a better direction”.

After lunchtime at school, freshmen students headed to Oak Valley in Kangwon province where the off-campus Orientation was held. F-MBA Alumni President 연석흠 and K-MBA Alumni President 이경준 passed on their greetings to welcome freshmen students.

The next order was an ‘ice-breaking time’ presided by K-MBA 16th class alumni 김지동. Senior students and freshmen had a time to feel a sense of belonging in an atmosphere of freedom.

After dinner, K-MBA 79th generation alumni 김연수 taught the cheerleading as the previous vice-captain of Korea University Cheerleaders and students experienced ‘Sabalsik’. Freshmen were able to share the culture of Korea University students and raise their college spirit through the events.

On the second day, an introduction of the K-MBA student council, clubs, and job-gatherings was provided after the gender equality education. It was very appealing to freshmen who were interested in soccer, tennis, wine, scuba-diving etc.

A last group photo was taken with a crimson-colored uniform, the color of Korea University. A thrilling start of 2 years for freshmen students began after the end of two-day orientation.