2019 KUBS MBA Admissions Open
Apr 26, 2019
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2019 KUBS MBA Admissions Open
Korea University Business School (Dean=Professor Jae Wook Kim) is now accepting applications for 2019 MBA admissions. Admissions are open for 3 MBA programs: △Global MBA/Global MIM △S³ Asia MBA.
Global MBA has three application rounds, and Global MIM has two application rounds. Global MBA and Global MIM are programs which equip students to academic and professional skills through a variety of global experiences. If candidates participate in programs at partner schools across the world, they are eligible for the award of degrees from both institutions.
 S3 Asia MBA is an Asia-specialized MBA program and has only one application round. Candidates can study at 3 universities in 3 different countries in Asia — Korea University, Fudan University, and National University of Singapore (NUS). Candidates are eligible to graduate with 2 degrees, one from KUBS and the other from either Fudan University or NUS.
Both Global MBA and Global MIM will begin the application of the 1st round starting from the entrance information session which is  held on January 3 (Thu) 2019. The deadline for online application of the 1st round is  January 13 (Sun) 2019 17:00 and submission documents should be accepted the day after (January 14 (Mon) 17:00). The result will be notified on January 18 (Fri) 15:00 and shortlisted applicants will need to attend an interview on January 26 (Sat), then the final outcome will be released on February 1 (Fri) 15:00.
The 2nd round of Global MBA and Global MIM's entrance information session is held on February 20 (Wed) 2019 19:00. Online application will be available until March 29 (Fri) 17:00 and documents can be submitted until April 2 (Tue) 17:00. Results of the 2nd round will be released on April 5 (Fri) 15:00 and shortlisted applicants will need to attend an interview on April 13(Sat), then the final outcome will be released on April 23 (Tue) 15:00.
The 3rd round is conducted in Global MBA and S³ Asia MBA programs. The entrance information session will be held twice: March 9 (Sat) 2019 14:00(1st) & April 3(Wed) 2019 19:30(2nd) and will convey detailed information about  Global MBA/S³ Asia MBA program. Online applications of the 3rd round are due until April 26 (Fri) 17:00, submission documents are accepted until April 30 (Tue) 17:00. The result will be announced on May 10 (Fri) 15:00 and interviews for shortlisted applicants will be conducted on May 18 (Sat). The final outcome of Global MBA/S³ Asia MBA 3rd round will be released on May 29 (Wed) 15:00.
Applications for the 2019 MBA programs can be made online via (https://bizapply.korea.ac.kr). Please contact the Department Office (02-3290-5365) for further information.

※The schedule in the attached file may change depending on the situation.