The 60th Year Celebration Ceremony for Korea University IBRE
Jun 05, 2018
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The 60th Year Celebration Ceremony for Korea University IBRE
The Business School had the 60th year celebration ceremony for Institute for Business Research and Education (IBRE) on the 1st of June at Ahn Young Il Hall, LG-POSCO Building. Over 60 participants attended the ceremony, including KUBS Dean Soo Young Kwon, Director of IBRE Professor Chan Su Park, Emeritus Professor Ik Soon Cho, Emeritus Professor Soo Sik Sin. Professor Jungbien Moon hosted the ceremony, and the ceremony was held in the order of Opening remark Congratulatory speech Banquet and Congratulatory performance.
On his opening remark, Director of IBRE, Professor Chan Su Park said “Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the foundation of IBRE since 1st of June, 1958, I would like to thank all the effort and contributions you gave us, and we will make sure to keep our constant work.
Then the ceremony was followed by congratulatory speeches from Korea University President Jaeho Yeom and the Business School Dean Soo Young Kwon. On his video message, President Yeom said “The Business School was a pioneer who started the very first institute for business research and education when the term ‘business administration’ was not even widely used in South Korea. I hope IBRE will keep up the spirit of being the pioneer, aiming at the world best business research institute.”
Dean Kwon also congratulated the ceremony by adding “IBRE has contributed to society in that their advanced researches by academic staffs improved business studies in Korea, and they facilitate education programs for executives of firms. Korea University’s IBRE played a key role in the overall improvement of Korea University Business School and Graduate School of Business.”
Emeritus Professor Ik Soon Cho, who were the 7th, 8th and 14th director of IBRE, added his commemorate speech as well. Emeritus Professor Cho pointed out the key achievements of IBRE as the appointment of IBRE researchers at universities in South Korea, and cost accounting. Professor Cho said, “The contribution that IBRE had on economic development in Korea for the last 60 years is quite remarkable. I hope IBRE continues to be the longest and the best research institute.

After a cake cutting ceremony by Dean Kwon, Director Professor Park, and Emeritus Professor Joon Bum Lee, the participated professors and administrative staffs had a banquet. The ceremony ended with a performance of Professor Dong Seop Kim (Baritone, Department of Voice at Daegu Catholic University).