[The 60th Year Celebration for IBRE] Special Academic Events Held for Korea University IBRE’s 60th Year Celebration
Jun 29, 2018
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Special Academic Events Held for Korea University IBRE’s 60th Year Celebration
As a part of its 60th-year anniversary celebration, Korea University Business School’s Institute for Business Research and Education (IBRE) held a total of seven academic conferences throughout May and June. The conferences were hosted by each research center at IBRE, Asia Business Research Center Finance Research Center Marketing Research Center LSOM Research Center Visionary Companies Research Center (High-performance Companies Research Center) Digital Innovation Center Accounting & Taxation Research Center.
The first conference was the ‘International Business Homecoming Conference’ by Asia Business Research Center held on May 11th. Asia Business Research Center is a research group for international business researches, mainly by international business professors at KUBS. The main areas of research are microeconomic researches including the level of each year’s business performance as well as macro level researches including market structure, industry, trade and investment environment.
The second conference held on the 18th was the ‘Finance Homecoming Conference’ by Finance Research Center. The main focus of the Finance Research Center is to investigate most appropriate research environment in accordance with the deepen and diversified capital and finance market in Korea. The center hosts regular research presentations inviting researchers in Korea and overseas, and it also provides assistance on postgraduate candidates’ thesis. Overall the center facilitates active academic exchanges and supports future researchers.
Later on May 25th IBRE held ‘International Symposium of Marketing: Quantitative Marketing-Past, Present and Future’. Marketing Research Center aims at boosting businesses’ marketing strategies by industrial-educational cooperation as well as encouraging marketing experts. The center opens annual seminars, inviting key experts in marketing, for most recent academic updates.
On May 31st, ‘LSOM Invited Seminar: New Frontiers in LSOM’ was conducted by LSOM Research Center. The key concentration of the center is on developing strategic plans to increase the business’s international and national competitiveness. In particular, the main areas of researches include logistics, sales management, and distribution of resource to achieve efficiency of service production.
The same day, Visionary Companies Research Center (High-performance Companies Research Center) also held ‘A Business’s Future: Technology, Work and People’. High-performance Companies Research Center pays attention to theoretical and practical approaches applied at high-performance companies. The center is also in charge of academic seminars inviting researchers in Korea and overseas, offering thesis supports to postgraduate students at KUBS.
The second last academic event was ‘IS Research Symposium’ on June 22nd. Digital Innovation Center is specialized for theoretical and practical knowledge of information system which is the critical determinant for business’s competitiveness. It is the research center for the technological developments in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: IoT, big data analysis, platform business, blockchain.
From the 24th to 27th of June, IBRE had its four days long conference, ‘2018 JAAF (Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance) Conference’. Accounting & Taxation Research Center is a center established to facilitate academic researches on the areas of study. The center also conducts collaborative works with accounting firms, and educates future experts in accounting.
Details of Accounting & Taxation Research Center’s tasks are as follows: academic exchanges in accounting and taxation publication including research papers supervision of accounting, taxation and auditing hold diverse education programs: lecture, small session.
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