AMP 87th generation senior-junior joint event held in great success
Apr 15, 2019
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AMP 87th generation senior-junior joint event held in great success
The senior-junior joint event of the Korea University Graduate School of Business Administration (Dean = Jae Wok Kim) Advanced Management Program (hereinbelow AMP) 87th generation was held at LG-POSCO Building, Ahn Yoing Il Hall on Monday, April 8. The event was organized to promote the friendship between the 87th members and the 86th senior members. AMP senior-junior joint lecture is a program which provides special lectures in various fields such as humanities and arts that help business management as well as management and economic fields. In this event, tenor Kim Byoung Oh gave a lecture on music accompanied by songs under the theme of "small concert: Dreams come true". A total of 60 people attended the ceremony, including 86th and 87th AMP members.
The lecture was followed by songs under the theme of ‘dreams’, ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘challenges’. Kim Byeong Oh tenor sang <Goose’s Dream> of Insooni, <This is the moment> of Frank Wildhorn, and <Time to say good bye> of Francesco sartori, in accordance with the accompaniment of Park Jung Min's pianist. There was a burst of applause at the end of each song. After singing <Goose's Dream>, Kim Byeong Oh talked about his dream. Kim Tenor said, "I also graduated from a technical high school and never thought of other careers”, and added, “Walking along the street one day, I saw the performance of the 1988 World Cup opening concert. From that point I had a new dream of becoming a vocalist”
He then sang <This is the moment> and lectured about his passion. "My endeavor toward music began, but reality was different from ideals," and he recalled, “I woke up at 3 am, did car washing, and delivered milk to financing the money.” He also emphasized the importance of dreams, enthusiasm and challenge, saying, "As a result, I entered Yonsei University College of Music, after four tries at the age of 25, and I was able to challenge myself because of my dream and enthusiasm.” Finally, Kim finished his lecture by singing <Time to say goodbye>. As the lecture ended with his song, AMP members shouted 'encore' and responded with a standing ovation. Kim called Kim Kwang Suk's <I Love You> as an encore song, and the event ended with great success.