Emeritus professor Yoondae Eu receives ‘The Sangnam Business Researcher Honor Award’
Feb 20, 2019
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 Emeritus professor Yoondae Eu receives ‘The Sangnam Business Researcher Honor Award’ 

KUBS emeritus professor Yoondae Eu received ‘The Sangnam Business Researcher Honor Award’ at the 24th Korean Academic Society of Business Administration (hereinbelow KASBA) Winter Regular General Assembly on February 19th (Tue).

KASBA has been awarding the ‘Sangnam Business Researcher Honor Award’ to inspire desire of research for business researchers and devote to the development of business administration in Korea since 1995. KASBA only awards one person after a strict judgment upon academic, education, social contribution, association activities etc.

Professor Eu said, “I will think of the award as a compensation for my 30years of effort” and added that “I will continually support my fellow business researchers who are studying in the same field”.


Professor Eu was born in Jinhae, Kyungnam province and received a doctor’s degree at Graduate School of University of Michigan after graduating Kyunggi High School and KUBS. After this, He strived to nurture his students as a Business School professor. During his presidential term of Korea University from 2003 to 2006, he allowed 40% of the buildings on campus to be built and raised development fund of ·3.5 billion won. During the last government, professor Eu also held various positions such as Vice Chairman of the President Advisory National Economic Advisory Council, Chairman of FTA Promotion and Policy Adjustment Authority, and Chairman of National Brand Committee.