Global MBA/Global MIM/S³ Asia MBA Admission Information Session
Apr 12, 2019
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Global MBA/Global MIM/S³ Asia MBA Admission Information Session
The MBA admission information session for the second half of the 2019 school year, hosted by Korea University Graduate School of Business, was held on March 9th at Hyundai Motor Hall, Room 403.

The session began with a brief introduction about six courses offered at Korea University by professor Song Oh Yoon, an area chair of S³ Asia MBA program. Then, professor Kwanghyun Kim introduced the Global MBA/MIM program in detail. In addition, students who are currently enrolled in MBA programs gave a speech about their experience at Korea University. In particular, Sang-wook Cho, student president of Global MBA program, said, "Students have a very strong bond and actively exchange opinions with professors and alumni. I don't regret my choice of choosing Korea MBA." Later, professor Song Oh Yoon introduced the S³ Asia MBA program in detail.

After the introduction of each program, a comfortable Q&A session was held. One applicant asked about the difference between the Global MBA and MIM program. "They both are programs that help you acquire knowledge about international management," professor Kwanghyun Kim said. "If MIM is a process of deepening knowledge related to management in a short period of time, Global MBA often deals with students who experienced a job change to other areas."
For the S³ Asia MBA program, there were questions about living abroad as more than half of the program will be conducted at foreign universities. In response, two Korean and two Chinese students, including the student president Sang-hoon Park, responded in person and provided some practical assistance. There were also questions about whether a student who did not study business administration in his undergraduate had something to study beforehand. "I think diversity is important in graduate schools," professor Yoon said. "It is always better to have knowledge in various fields than to study business particularly in advance."