Information Session for the 2019 Summer KUBS Global Internship
Apr 15, 2019
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Information Session for the 2019 Summer KUBS Global Internship

Information session for the 2019 Summer KUBS Global Internship was held on 4th April (Thur), at room 107, LG-POSCO Building. Hosted by KUBS International Department, more than 40 students interested in the global internship attended the session. The presentation went through the contents with application period, eligibilities and qualifications, selection criteria, how to apply, followed by Q&A.

KUBS’s Global Internship was initially settled in 1994 as a frontier in South Korea Universities and is still standing as the largest international internship program. Every year, it provides more than 30 students with experience working abroad for 4~9 weeks in 15 foreign regions.

For the qualification details, KUBS student who is not enrolled in the last semester before the graduation is able to apply for the program. However, the nomination priority goes to the students who major in business administration and minor, dual major students get subordinated chances. During the internship period, a student will be involved in `International Internship Practice’ course that grants 3 credits per 4-weeks of internship period (who takes more than 8-weeks get maximum of 6 credits). The administration fees are fully refunded after the internship period. Also, business major and dual degree students are subjected to the 100% air fare support from KUBS. Additional aid will be given depending on the student’s financial condition.

The selection is based on GPA of the last two semesters English proficiency test score (optional) English (or Chinese) Interview Interview in Korean weighted score for extracurricular activities. Applicants should be reminded that the extra points for the students who have completed regional studies, which existed as a part of the last semester’s selection criteria are eliminated this year. Deadline for the application is 3:00pm of April 29, with the complete submission of both online applicant and the printed version.

The selected students for the program must attend in education session and the dispatch ceremony scheduled in June (mandatory). In addition, students have to carefully consider that the cancellation after the selection gets F grade and will be subject to particular penalties afterwards. To get the final credits after the internship, mandatory reports, daily work journal and experience log should be submitted to KUBS international department. At the session, KUBS International department officer Yejin Yang mentioned that “final corporate lists are planned to be uploaded in the final weeks of May, so please frequently check out the community website if you are interested in the program”.
At the ending of the session, Associate Dean Chris Changhwa Chung left a closing remark, saying “I’m very happy to see many students showing their interest in the global internship program. This opportunity, which is a huge gift provided by KUBS, will certainly be your meaningful, priceless experience. So, I highly recommend this program for all”.

For further information of the program, please find the details in KUBS Global Internship Community in KU portal or contact KUBS International department (02-3290-5362).