KU Achieved Highest Pass Rate on 52nd CPA Exam for 2 Consecutive Years
Sep 15, 2017
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KU Achieved the Highest Pass Rate on the 52nd CPA Exam for 2 Consecutive Years
On the 52nd Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Examination of 2017, Korea University has recorded the highest pass rate in the country, far outstripping other universities in Korea. This achievement reaffirms KU’s position as the best institute for nurturing certified public accountants, with the highest cumulative numbers for the past six years (2012 – 2017).
According to reports by several accounting firms, KU has produced a total of 97 successful CPA candidates this year, which is the largest among universities in Korea. Yonsei University and Sungkyunkwan University tied for runner-up with 78 successful candidates each. Kyung Hee University (73 successes) came in third followed by Chung-Ang University (70 successes) and Hanyang University (65 successes).

Based on the CPA exam results over the last five years, this is the second consecutive year for having a huge gap between first and second place. Although the number of successful CPA candidates has dropped slightly from 118 to 97, KU still produced 20 more than Yonsei University and proved itself as the top performer in the business field. There was a prospect KU would have the most number of successful CPA candidates this year, as it already achieved the highest pass rate with 180 successes in the first CPA exam.
These laudable achievements were made possible by the support of the university. Korea University Business School (KUBS) runs a CPA prep program called “Jeongjincho (精進礎, Advisor=Professor Han Sang Yi) and throws full support behind students studying CPA. Moreover, Jeongjincho offers gathering events with alumni from accounting firms and various lectures. All KU students and graduates are eligible to participate in the events.

Meanwhile, a total of 915 candidates passed the 52nd CPA Exam according to the Financial Supervisory Service. Out of 2,898 CPA examinees who took the second CPA exam from June 24 to 25, those who scored 60 or higher in all subjects have been selected as final successful CPA candidates.