KUBS ratified as full member of CEMS Global Alliance
Nov 30, 2015
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The best business school in Korea selected by CEMS, the alliance of world-class business schools?
 KUBS was ratified as a full academic member of CEMS Global Alliance
A total of 30 academic institutions …
 Only one top business school per nation can join the alliance
The only business school in Korea with full CEMS membership … Introducing CEMS Master’s in Management (MIM) which involves integrated professional practices
On Friday, November 27, Korea University Business School (KUBS) was ratified as a full academic member of CEMS, a global alliance of prestigious business schools worldwide. Only one top business school per nation is granted the membership. In other words, CEMS is the league of world’s best business schools, representing their countries.

As of today, a total of 30 universities are the members of the alliance, including △The London School of Economics and Political Science, △Keio University, △Tsinghua University, △National University of Singapore, and △The University of Sydney.

The CEMS Global Alliance is focused on providing the internship exchange program for students taking master’s courses from its member schools. The scheme of the exchange program is that each member school prepares a global internship program with one of its business-university partner companies and then, shares the program with other CEMS members. Through the alliance, students from the member schools are presented with opportunities to work as interns in world-renown, multinational companies, such as △McKinsey & Company, △Google, and △L’Oréal. To join the alliance, KUBS has recently signed an internship agreement with Hyundai Motors. 
Joining the CEMS also means that KUBS will introduce the CEMS Master’s in International Management (MIM) degree program into its master’s degree courses. So far, KUBS has only offered a Master of Science degree course, which is mainly focused on academic theories and research. By adopting the MIM degree program, however, KUBS is expected to broaden the spectrum of its master’s program to provide more opportunities for professional practice and field experiences. Furthermore, the CEMS MIM program participants can apply for the exchange program to study abroad in the CEMS alliance member schools for up to two semesters. It seems that, with the CEMS MIM degree program opened, current KUBS students will have more options in making their career choice. 

KUBS Dean Dong-One Kim said, “Becoming a full academic member of the alliance recognizes KUBS as the best business school in the nation, proving our global competitiveness as well. Through the alliance, we can closely communicate with prestigious business schools around the world. We can also accommodate a variety of demands from students by expanding the spectrum of our master’s program.”
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