Panel Talk with Alumni Passing Civil Service Exam
Nov 18, 2016
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Panel Talk with Alumni Passing Civil Service Exam
KUBS Career Hub hosted the four sessions of “Alumni Panel Talk” for a month in November (△3rd, △10th, △17th, and △24th). Around 60 students participated in the event designed for those preparing for the National Civil Service Examination.

The event was held in LG-POSCO Building on November 10 (Thu). The following civil servants attended the events as panels: Alumnus Gug-hyun Im (Political Sciences, ’00), alumnus Tae-Hyoung Moon (Business Administration, ’08), alumna Chaeyeon Yu (International Studies, ’11), alumnus Donghyun Jung (Business Administration, ’10), alumnus Nuri Jeon (Business Administration, ’11), and alumnus Yeonjae Yoo (Business Administration, ’09). The event had an FAQ session followed by a Q&A session. The fraquently asked questions were prepared in advance based on the survey provided by Career Hub. The students also asked questions about the panels’ motivation for applying for the position and their study life.
Alumnus Yeonjae Yoo, who is a chief of Takmajeong (KUBS Civil Service Exam Prep Class), decided to work as a civil servant after conducting a project, which helps female homeless people, at Enactus. “Issues we are facing is a social problem, not an individual problem,” Alumnus Yoo said. “Because there were not many things I could do as a student, I wanted to take a civil service position so that I can change our society.”
The alumni shared their own experience including study tips for each division of the exam. “There was a time I could not understand some of my study materials even after taking online courses because I lacked fundamentals,” Alumnus Nuri Jeon said. He recommended the students to understand the basics through textbooks. “Understanding logics with textbooks may sound inefficient but it is actually helpful in the long term,” Alumnus Tae-Hyoung Moon said.
The questions on lifestyle and study location were raised as well. “It is important to discover yourself first and then find the most appropriate routine and place to study,” the alumni said while talking about failures. “In the beginning, I was obsessed with the number of hours I spent studying,” alumna Chaeyeon Yu said. “But later, I strived to improve my study skills by taking sufficient break time.
The students also showed a great interest in Takmajeong. The alumni said the advantages of Takmajeong are that students can concentrate on their school work and the Civil Service Exam simultaneously, can be motivated to study, and reduce their financial burden. “As you have started with ambition, never give up until you achieve your goal,” the alumni encouraged at the end of the event.