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    In an effort to raise versatile leaders to shepherd and pave a constructive path for the Korean economy in this globalized era, the program intends to produce a superior pool of executive managers by training a select group of competent workers from all levels of the management as well as middle level managers in a more in-depth study of business administration.
The 99th KUBS CEO Academy Admissions for New Entrants (2015)
The 99th KUBS CEO Academy Admissions for New Entrants (2015) 1. Application       A. Application Schedule:   - Application Period : by Feb 13(Friday)    (When the set quota of applicants is filled, the application will be closed at an early stage.)   - Interview Schedule: to be notified individually         B. How to apply     After paying for the application fee, documents must be submitted.  -  Application by email: After downloading the application form below and completing, send an email to kubskca@adm.korea.ac.kr.  -  Application by visiting/mail     Address : 서울특별시 성북구 안암로 145 고려대학교 경영본관 2층 202호 KUBS CEO Academy 담당자 앞     Office Hours : open weekdays from 10:00a.m. - 4:30p.m. (Lunch : 12:00 noon - 1:00p.m.)        C. Application Fee: \70,000             Hana Bank 391-910013-14604             Depositor: 고려대학교 경영대학 전형료            An applicant must deposit the application fee in his/her name. 2. Required Documents to be submitted  a. 1 copy of an application form (in a prescribed form, with a photo attached on the application form)  b. 1 copy of self-introduction (in a prescribed form, with a photo attached on the self-introductin form)  c. 1 copy of certificate of employment or certificate of business registration 3. Schedule   a. Lecture: Every Wednesday 6:30p.m.~9:45p.m. (Dinner offered at 7:45p.m. ~ 8:30p.m.)   b. Period: 2015.03 ~ 2016.02 (One-year course) 4. Tuition Tuition Fee: \8,000,000 (The development fund and alumni association fee should be separately paid.) 5. Contact Sun Mi Choi K-CEO Academy Program Tel. 02-3290-1695  
Feb 03, 2015
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