Senior CEOs who meet the demands of the times
With the world-class intelligence and great relationship network, you will jump up to be a true CEO.
2015 99th KUBS CEO Academy Admissions for New Entrants

With the best faculty and curriculum,
we propose the new vision that the professional executive officers should have.
Jump up to be a CEO with Korea University Business School!


1. Number of Students
    About 00 students

2. Eligibility
  - Executive or Senior Manager of Company
  - Private Business Owner
  - Professionals
  - Those who are equally qualified as mentioned above (There is no limit to the academic background.

3. Admissions Schedule & Process

Application fee paymentAdmitted students who pass
the interview
Registration for admitted students


4. Required Documents to be submitted
 - Two passport-sized photos
   (One must be attached on the application form, and the other must be attached on the copy of self-introduction.)

 - A completed application form (in a prescribed form of KUBS) 

 - A copy of self-introduction (in a prescribed form of KUBS) DOWN.PPTX

 - A copy of certificate of employment or certificate of business registration

5. How to apply
 - After paying for the application fee, documents must be submitted.
*Application fee: \70,000
  (Hana Bank 391-910013-14604)
  (Bank's depositor: 고려대학교 경영대학)
  (An applicant must deposit the application fee in his/her name.)

* Application by visiting / mail
  • Address : 서울시 성북구 안암로 145 고려대학교 경영본관 2층 202호 K-CEO Academy 담당자 앞
  • Office Hours : open weekdays from 10:00a.m. - 4:30p.m. (Lunch : 12:00 noon - 1:00p.m.)
  • Application by email :

6. K-CEO Academy Program
 - Course Period : March 2015 ~ December 2015 
 - Graduation Ceremony : mid-February 2016
 - Regular Class : Every Wednesday 06:30p.m.~09:45p.m. (Dinner offered at 7:45p.m.~8:30p.m.)

7. Contact

Mugunghwa Kim
Academic Affairs Dept. of Graduate School of Business Administration
Tel. (02) 3290-5366 / Fax. (02) 921-0682