* [Undergraduate] Fall 2017 Credit Withdrawal Request
Fall 2017 Credit Withdrawal Request   1. Eligibility a. KU student who has earned 102(106) or more credits and registered 7 or more regular semesters. b. Transfer student with a BA degree, should be classified as 4th year student. c. student in senior year pursuing dual degree is not eligible.    2. Key Points a. Maximum 6 credits can be applied. b. Credit withdrawal is allowed only once during the entire school years. c. Courses have not yet evaluated should be counted out of bound. d. Any requisite courses (general education core courses, major core courses, college of education courses, etc) can not apply for credit withdrawal. e. On the academic tran, “W” will be typed on the courses withdrawn instead of the original grades. f. Students can not apply for credit withdrawal for repeated courses. Upon withdrawal completed, the course cannot be repeated. g. Once course withdrawal is submitted it cannot be retracted.   3. Course range a. Courses taken before spring semester, 2014 b. Courses terminated eternally among course taken from spring semester, 2014   4. Application Period * Student can choose only one of the two periods. 1st application period : September 27(Wed) 10:00 – October 16(Mon) 17:00 2nd application period : December 27(Wed) 10:00 – January 5(Fri), 2018 17:00   5. How to Apply: KUPID -> Registration/Graduation -> Grades -> Credit Withdrawal. For more information, see the attachments.   September 2017 Academic Administration Division
Sep 27, 2017
# 3972
! [Career Hub] Internship: Sebang Travel “KOREAN HOSTING TEAM”
Sebang Travel is currently recruiting interns for the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang in February 2018. Please see below for further information.    1. Internship Period: 1 month (February) 2. Hours of Work: Based on Olympic Games schedule 3. Location: You will be mainly working in Gwanghwamun and may have a business trip to PyeongChang or Gangneung 4. Tasks: You will support foreign guests who come to Korea through PyeongChang Olympic package (1) VIP Protocol: Visiting PyeongChang with VIPs and providing full assistance (2) General Tasks: Reserving a restaurant and day-tour program, scheduling clients and drivers, etc. 5. Pay: If you complete the full internship period, your salary will be at least 2,500,000 KRW. The additional pay will be disbursed based on your work tasks and schedule. 6. Preferred Qualities - Koreans whose English is native-like - Foreigners are eligible to apply; however, you must be fluent in Korean. - Applicants must be proficient in English as they will be communicating with clients and hosts 7. Application Period - Deadline: September 20 (Wed); 15:30 - Submit your resume and cover letter in English in a Word file and submit all to (Manager Hyunjung Kang)   *** For further inquiries, please contact us via KakaoTalk (ID: guswjdwls) *** Interviews, conducted by an inspector from Canada, are scheduled to be held either on September 21 or 22 
Sep 20, 2017
# 3970
NEW [Undergraduate] Winter 2017 Global Internship Information Session and Schedule
Winter 2017 Global Internship Information Session and Schedule   1. Date: September 27, 2017 (Wednesday); 18:00 – 19:00 2. Venue: Room B307 of Hyundai Motor Hall 3. Eligibility: 3rd, and 4th-year students (dual degree included) who are interested in applying for Winter 2017 Global Internship Program - Students who only has a semester left until their graduation (those who will be graduating in Winter 2017) cannot apply. - Students who have received over 9 credits in internship-related courses previously cannot apply. 4. Details 1) Schedule of Winter 2017 Internship Program 2) Qualifications and Process 3) Q&A Session   5. Schedule   Date Details Remarks September 27 (Wed) Global Internship Information Session 6:00 – 7:00PM; Room B307 of Hyundai Motor Hall September 29 (Fri) Announcement of Company List (First Round) Noticeboard on Portal Community September 29 (Fri) – October 13 (Fri) Application for Global Internship and other supporting document submission (apply online) Online and Offline Application Submission Required November 6 (Mon) – November 7 (Tue) Interview (Korea, English, Chinese) Noticeboard on Portal Community November 15 (Wed) Application for desired company Apply via E-mail November 20 (Mon) First Matching Result Announcement Announcement via Portal Community and E-mail November 30 (Fri) Final Matching Result Announcement Announcement via Portal Community and E-mail * Please note that the schedule above is subject to change. New updates and changes will be done through the Noticeboard on Portal Community.   Your participation and interest will be greatly appreciated. Please add "kubs국제실" on your Kakao Yello ID, and sign up for the portal community "2017 경영대 국제인턴십" for further notices. * Contact Us: / 02-3290-5361 (Arie Kim, KUBS International Office)    
Sep 14, 2017
Global Internship
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ATTN [MS/PhD] Fall 2017 Comprehensive Exam
Notice of Comprehensive Exam for the Fall Semester of 2017   1. Types of Exam (Substitutes for or Exemptions from Comprehensive Exam is abolished) A. Written Test : Three and more subjects for those who are in the Master’s degree program, and four and more subjects for the Doctoral degree program as well as the Integrated Master and Ph.D. degree program B. Oral Test : The test will be conducted in accordance with internal regulations of each department considering major and dissertation ※ More details on exams of each department need to be referred to revised plan for comprehensive exam, or be asked to the head of the department.   2. Exam Qualification A. Master’s degree program: Those who acquired 18 or more credits, and received 3.0 or higher GPA B. Doctoral degree program: Those who acquired 27 or more credits, and received 3.0 or higher GPA C. Integrated Master and Ph.D. degree program: Those who acquired 45 or more credits, and received 3.0 or higher GPA ※ Only major subjects are counted as necessary credits. (Research Guidance, prerequisite or advisor designated courses are not counted) ※ Regardless of language exam result, students can take the comprehensive exam. ※ Department can limit students from taking comprehensive exam when those students should finish prerequisite or advisor designated courses. Students studying in the department need to check the requirements before applying for the comprehensive exam.   3. Application Form Issue and Submission A. Period: September 18(Mon.) ~19(Tue.) B. Place: Online application or academic affairs office of each department(Anam)/ academic affairs office of each department of each college(Sejong) D. Online application: KUPID > Registration&Graduation > Application/Verification for exams > Application for Comprehensive Exam C. Students concerned shall fill out the application form for comprehensive exam(written/oral) and submit it. ※ Applicants need to fill in all blanks in the form, and should get signature from advisor and the head of the department before submission.   4. Time and Place of Written Test The test will be conducted between September 25(Mon.) ~29(Fri.). The exact time and place will be designated by each department. * Department of Business/ International Business test date : September 30(Sat.) 9 Am-    5. Announcement of Successful Applicants Applicants who pass the comprehensive exam will be announced at PM 2:00 on October 23 (Mon.). The list will be posted on the bulletin board of the academic affairs office.    September 2017  Dean of the Graduate School, Korea University
Sep 08, 2017
# 3958
ATTN [MS/PhD] Fall 2017 Language Examination Exemption Request
Based on Chapter 4, Article 38 of the Constitution & the Internal Regulations of the Graduate School, KUBS is now accepting applications for exemption from Foreign Language Exam to submit a dissertation.   1. Eligibility - MS, PhD and Integrated MS & PhD Programs (prospective students entering in Fall 2017 can apply for exemption once their admissions are confirmed) 2. Application Period - August 7, 2017 (Mon) – October 11 (Wed); 17:00 3. How to Apply - Online application ▷ KUPID - 학적/졸업 - 각종시험 신청/확인 - 외국어시험 면제신청 (available on the Korean KUPID only)   4. How to Apply A. After logging into KUPID, upload your official language proficiency test score report. B. Your test score must be valid for 2 years since the test date.  (However, the test report submitted for admission will be valid even after 2 years.) C. If you entered Korea University before 2014 and submitted your language proficiency test score report for admission, please apply online first and then visit your department office to certify your test report from an authorized staff. Afterwards, submit your certified document to the Graduate School Administration Office (if you do not turn in the certified document, your exemption application will not be completed). D. If you entered Korea University in 2014 and later, you can simply apply online (please upload your admission documents in the “첨부파일” box.) E. After uploading your test report of IELTS, TestDaf, or ZMP and your diploma, you must submit the official test score report at the Graduate School Administration Office (without the official document, your exemption application will not be completed). F. If you have completed the Korean Language Regular Program, apply for exemption along with your transcript (Institute of Foreign Language Studies Website: G. Please refer to the attached file (면제신청 입력 예시.xlsx) when entering your information online.   5. Additional Notes A. Exemption application is not needed if you earn a grade of B or above in the language course (including Korean) offered by KU Institute of Foreign Language Studies (check your results on the Korean portal: KUPID - 학적/졸업 - 각종시험 신청/확인 - 합격내역조회). B. Exemption application is not need if you pass the school’s Graduation Qualification English Test (check your results on the Korean portal: KUPID - 학적/졸업 - 각종시험 신청/확인 - 합격내역조회). C. Students entering in March 2015 and later must check out the exemption criteria table as the passing scores for French and Russian have been changed. D. Release Date of Exemption Results for Fall 2017: October 23 (Mon) (Check your results on the Korean portal: KUPID - 학적/졸업 - 각종시험 신청/확인 - 합격내역조회)  
Aug 23, 2017
# 3931
[Undergraduate] English Proficiency Examination for New Students in Fall 2017
Korea University Foreign Language Center will administer the English Proficiency Examination for new students entering in September 2017 to determine which level of Academic English course to take. 1. Target A. New students entering in September 2017 on Anam Campus B. Students on Anam Campus who have entered from 2012 to 2016 and have not yet taken the English Proficiency Examiniation 2. Exam Type: Written test (grammar: 40 questions, reading: 50 questions; listening not included) 3. Exam Fee: Free   4. Date and Venue A. Date: August 18, 2017 (Fri) 2:00 p.m. – 3:50 p.m. C. What to Bring: Pencil (a pen cannot be used), eraser, and ID verification ※ Cannot take the exam without ID verification. B. Venue: Woodang Hall in Humanities and Social Sciences Campus ※ Must be in the testing room by 2:00 p.m.   5. Results and Course Registration A. Individual score results are not available. B. You must take the exam in order to register for Academic English in Fall 2017. C. The Foreign Language Center will send your score results (basic/intermediate/advanced) on August 22 (Tue) via text/email. - You must register for the appropriate level of the course during the course registration period (August 23 (Wed)). - Basic and Intermediate Level: Must take Academic English I (2 credits) in Fall 2017 and Academic English II (2 credits) in Spring 2018. - Advanced Level: Must take Advanced Academic English (2 credits) offered in Fall 2017.   6. Contact Us: 02-3290-1454 (inquiries on the exam), 02-3290-1453 (inquiries on course registration)
Aug 09, 2017
# 3894
! [Undergraduate, MS/PhD] McDonnell International Scholars Academy at Washington University in St. Louis
McDonnell International Scholars Academy at Washington University in St. Louis   Washington University in St. Louis provides networks and is in partnership with over 30 universities from around the world through the McDonnell International Scholars Academy. As Korea University is one of the partner universities of Washington University in St. Louis, KU students are eligible to be part of this program and receive a scholarship. Please see below for further information.   1. Eligibility A graduate of Korea University (undergraduate program or master’s program)   2. How to Apply When applying for admission to one of the eligible doctoral or master’s degree programs (including MBA programs) at Washing University in St. Louis, you must indicate that you are also applying for admission to the McDonnell International Scholars Academy. You also have to submit an additional application for the McDonnell Academy (even if you applied for the Academy, there is no disadvantage to the applicant admitted to a doctoral or master’s degree program).   3. Support ① Full tuition for study in a doctoral or master’s degree program (including an MBA program) and living stipend ② A mentor will be assigned to assist in the development of the scholar’s academic and professional life. ③ A once-a-month opportunity to present research and network with scholars of the McDonnell Academy from different programs   4. Vacancy One scholar from Korea University will be admitted to the McDonnell Academy each year     5. Details
Sep 30, 2017
# 3945
[Career Hub] Microsoft Campus Visit for MBA/Masters Students
Imagine the impact you can make. Join Microsoft today and help us shape the business of tomorrow!   The Microsoft Academy for College Hires (MACH) program is a customized learning experience designed for our newest university hires in various job families including Corporate and Sales, Customer Facing Technology and Tech Sales. This 18-24 month program complements your role by ensuring that you receive professional development to enable you to start strong, accelerate your impact, build your network and drive a long-term career at Microsoft. In addition to being on the job and contributing to our business priorities, you’ll learn how to communicate effectively to a wide variety of audiences, build a solid understanding of our business strategy and leverage a global network of peers and colleagues.   <Eligiblity: MBA> • Pursuing or within six months of graduation from full-time or part-time graduate studies. • Have no more than 7 years full time work experience prior to attaining their full time study graduate degree. • Fluent in both Korean and English language.   <Eligiblity: Masters (Non-MBA)> • Pursuing or within 1 year of graduation from full-time or part-time graduate studies. • Have no more than 2 years full time work experience prior to attaining their full time study graduate degree. • Fluent in both Korean and English language.   We’d like to invite you to Microsoft’s Campus event at your university where you’ll learn more about the Microsoft story, our culture, graduate program, meet some graduates currently working in Microsoft. You’ll also find out how you might be able apply your skills in the future, and what it would take to get your foot in the door of this dynamic industry!   Details Date: Friday, 29th September 2017 Time: 16:00-17:30 Venue: Hyundai Motor Hall Room #301   Please register for the session here by 27th September 2017. Link -   We look forward to seeing you!   Regards, Microsoft APAC University Recruitment Team W: E:
Sep 21, 2017
Career Hub
# 3983
* [Undergraduate] Spring 2018 Dual Degree Application
Fall 2017 Dual Degree Application ※ Chapter 4, Section 3, Article 36 of the “School Regulation”; Chapter 3, Section 1, Article 37, Article 37, Chapter 7, Section 2 of the “Academic Operations Regulations”​   1. Eligibility 1) Students who have earned a total of at least 102 credit hours (at least 34 credit hours for transfer students)  2) Students who has a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above including “F” grades 3) Students currently enrolling in Fall 2017 (those who have already been approved to pursue a dual degree cannot re-apply) However, expected officers of ROTC are not eligible to apply based on Article 8 of the “Military Personnel Management Act” 2. Applicable Departments 1) Students may apply for a dual degree program regardless of their first major. However, the program is not applicable for identical or similar departments (divisions). 2) Excluded Departments (Divisions): College of Law, College of Medicine, College of Nursing, Department of Cyber Defense, and College of Pharmacy 3) Restricted Departments (Divisions): College of Education—those who earned credit hours in the College of Education only 4) Other: Only 4 departments, which are Biomedical Engineering, Biosystem and Biomedical science, Health and Environmental Science, and Health and Policy Management, in College of Health Science are eligible for the dual degree program (cannot apply for other existing majors) - For students in the College of Health Science, the entering classes of 2006 to 2013 are ineligible to apply for different majors and new majors within the College of Health Science. 3. Maximum Period of Enrollment 1) Students in the dual degree program will have a two-year extension beyond the maximum period of enrollment (the Department of Architecture have a six-year extension). 2) Leave of absence and dismissed periods are not included in the maximum period of enrollment.  3) Students exceeding the maximum period of enrollment shall be expelled and will be ineligible for re-admission. 4) For those who exceeded the maximum period of enrollment and earned required credit hours, but did not fulfill other graduation requirements indicated in Article 57, such as graduation examination, graduation paper, English test score, Chinese test score, those periods of staying at school will be included in the maximum period of enrollment. 4. Procedure 1) Departments (Divisions) of Humanities and Natural Sciences: Document screening and interview (English interview for Division of International Studies) 2) Departments (Divisions) of Arts and Physical Education: Document screening and interview or performance test 5. Fee 1) Payment Period: September 13, 2017 (Wed); 09:00 – September 15 (Fri); 14:00  2) Fee: 20,000 KRW (the name of payer must be the applicant) KU Bank Account: 391-910000-50504 (Hana Bank/Korea University) ※ Prior to the application, make a fee payment to the KU bank account and apply via KUPID (If students fail to pay their fees by the deadline, application for the dual degree program will be canceled).                       6. Application 1) Period: September 20, 2017 (Wed); 10:00 - September 22 (Fri); 17:00 2) Procedure: Korea University Portal to Information Depository (KUPID) → Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Application for Dual Degree ※ Submissions after the deadline will not be accepted under any circumstances whatsoever (please complete your application as early as possible to avoid system errors).       7. Interview 1) Period: September 25, 2017 (Mon) - September 27 (Wed) 2) Venue: TBA(to be announced) * Interview date and venue will be conducted between September 25 and 27 by each department (division). ※ Interview dates will be announced on the noticeboard of each department (division) after the application period.  8. Announcement of Final Results 1) Date: October 20, 2017 (Fri) 14:00 (tentative) 2) Venue: The information will be posted on “KUPID → 게시판 → 공지사항 → 학사일정” (only available on the Korean KUPID)    2017.  9.  7. Academic Affairs
Sep 08, 2017
# 3959
[Undergraduate, MS/PhD] Application for Access Scholarship by CFA Society Korea
On behalf of the CFA Institute, CFA Society Korea now accepts applications for the Access Scholarship. 1. Eligibility KUBS students who plan to take the CFA exam in June or December 2018 and have not yet registered for the exam. (1) June exam: Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 (2) December exam: Level 1 only   2. Number of Scholarship Recipients: 10   3. Award: The scholarship covers the one-time CFA Program enrollment fee (if applicable) and reduces the exam registration fee (includes access to the curriculum eBook) to US$250.*   4. How to Apply: (1) Submission to School: Submit the following documents below to the program manager (Minyoung Shin, 02-3290-1657, Room 310 in KUBS Main Building) - CFA Access Scholarship application form (attached file below) - Transcript (previous semester) - Certificate of medical insurance payment (those who pay less than 150,000 won per month)                        (2) Submission to CFA Society: Online application  - Apply through the CFA Institute website 5. Deadline: September 15   Remarks: Prior to applying, all applicants must follow the steps below: 1. Create an account on the CFA Institute website ( 2. Apply for the Access Scholarship.   The final result is scheduled to be announced individually via email on December 1.   6. Important Information (1) You must wait until scholarship notifications occur in December 2017 before you register for the 2018 June exam, or you will be ineligible for the scholarship and your application will be voided. (2) Because scholarship notifications occur after the early exam registration deadline has passed, CFA Institute offers a US$150 credit toward the June exam registration fee for those applicants who do not receive an Access Scholarship but who still wish to register for the June 2018 exam. (3) If you wish to begin studying for the June exam before you are able to register (because you must wait until scholarship notifications occur in December), you may purchase the eBook curriculum in advance by contacting us. If you purchase the eBook curriculum in advance, you will receive a credit for your purchase during the exam registration checkout/payment process. (A print version of the curriculum may be purchased separately. The print curriculum is not included in the exam registration fee, therefore we do not issue credits to applicants who purchase the print curriculum in advance of exam registration).  
Aug 30, 2017
# 3942