* [Undergraduate] Spring 2017 Grade Posting Schedule
(FOR STUDENTS) 17-1 for Grades Posting   1. Grade Input and Revision Schedule Date Due Dates for Grade June 15 09:00 ~ June 28 08:30 Grade Open to Students and Revision June 28 10:00 ~ July 04 17:00 Grade Confirmation July 05 11:00 Repeated Course Selective Deletion July 07 11:00   2. Notice 1) Students who complete online course evaluation for all courses in which they enrolled for the semester have access to their preliminary grades. (Course evaluation will be shortly closed on June 28th 10:00-17:00 to improve the quality)   2) Grade Review URL :   3) Log into Grade Review System         ※ KU students - ID : Student Number, Password : KUPID password         ※ Domestic exchange student - ID : Temporary KU student number / Password : 7 final digits of your Resident Registration Number   4) Grade "I" will be switched to "F" the day after Grade Confirmation. If you have inquiries regarding your grade(s), you should contact a professor or instructor during the ‘Grade Revision Period’.   5) If you repeated a course, please check the course again on the Course registration menu at [KUPID>Go to Class>]. If you find any mistakes in the course registration, you are kindly asked to report it to your affiliated college/school by June 12th.   6) If you repeated a course, the former grade will be erased through a screening procedure after the Grade Confirmation. You can check your new grade for this session after July 7th 12:00, 2017.   2017. 6. Academic Administration Division  
May 24, 2017
# 3796
* [Undergraduate] Fall 2017 Readmission Guidelines
Guidelines for Re-admission, Fall 2017 Under University Constitution and Regulations in Chapter 15, Academic Operations Regulation Chapter 3   1. Application Period: June 7th 10:00am ~ 9th 16:00pm (Interview is mandatory part of the application: Contact appropriate department or division for detailed interview schedule.)   2. Eligibility Those who have been removed from the student register after having admitted to the university and enrolled for more than one semester are eligible for re-admission. Those who are subject to removal from the student register for reasons hereunder or under other University regulations. 1) Those who failed to return within the registration period after the rationale for absence is no longer valid. 2) Those who failed to register for a semester by deadline. 3) Those who reached a certain number of academic warnings 4) Those who face dismissal from the school through a disciplinary process ※ Those who are subject to permanent removal due to disciplinary measures are NOT eligible to apply for re-admission.   3. Declaring a change of major due to abolishment of major(s) (Decision made by the Student Registration Management Committee) 1) Application to department(s) that is already abolished is NOT accepted. 2) Student who cannot apply for re-admission due to abolishment of major(s) can still apply by signing the form for ‘Declaring a Change of Major’.   4. Application Document 1) Application for Re-admission 2) Letter of Pledge for Re-admission 3) Statement of Purpose for ‘Re-admission’ 4) Original copy of Student Records 5) Original Copy of Academic Tran ※ For 1~3 Forms are attached at the back.   5. Application should be submitted at each department office   6. Interview Period : June 12th~13th, 2017   7. Date of Announcement (tentative) : July 20th 2017, 14:00pm   8. Course Registration for Successful applicants : August 1st ~ August 4th, 2017   9. Deadline for Student Registration : August 24th 09:00am ~ August 28th 2017 by 16:00pm   10. Guidelines for Re-admission 1) Re-admission shall be permitted when there is a vacancy within the student quota of the relevant division or department. Re-admission is permitted once. 2) Those permitted to re-enter shall pay tuition fees (including re-admission fees) by the deadline and complete all procedures required for studying, such as course registration. (Successful applicant who failed to complete all procedures results in cancelation of re-admission) 3) Students readmitted to the university must abide by university academic regulations and letter of pledge. 4) Re-admitted student cannot apply for a leave of absence for the 1st semester. 5) Student who cannot apply for re-admission due to abolishment of major(s) can still apply by signing the form for ‘Declaring a Change of Major’.   Adademic Administration Division  
May 22, 2017
# 3788
[Undergraduate] Credit Approval Guidelines for Summer 2017 International Internship Practice (Deadline: Revised to May 26)
Credit Approval Guidelines for Summer 2017 International Internship Practice (Deadline Revised to: May 26(Fri))   Students may receive academic credit (3 credits: BUSS 462 International Internship Practice) for global internship during Summer 2017. Please join the “KUBS Global Internship Community” on KUPID for further details and announcements [ > Community > Type “2017 경영대 국제인턴십” into the search bar]. (Due to Summer Tuition Fee Payment Deadline-June 4, the course registration has to be made earlier than the date announced. We hope for your kind understandings regarding the change of application deadline.)   1. Eligibility  Students majoring in Business Administration in their 3rd or 4th year (Dual Degree, Double Major, Minor, Undeclared Majors in Business Administration included) Students in non-business major or in their final semester are not eligible to apply. Students who are offered an intern position overseas for more than 4 weeks(160hours) in length during Summer, 2017 Students who have taken (or will take) Contemporary Business Etiquette Education provided by KUBS Career Hub in 2017-1 : Last session available on May 29, 2017   2. How to Apply Pre-Approval – Submit required documents (Due before June 2 (Fri) May 26(Fri) ; 4:00 PM) Pre-departure Orientation Session – safety education and other important notice (Attendance required; further details will be announced on the Portal Community) Internship practice and assignment ​Assignment submission (further details will be announced on the Portal Community) Tuition Payment by June 4 (Sun) 23:00 - Check KU Portal for Summer Tuition Payment Details   3. Required Documents for Pre-Approval (submit via email, must be done before the internship) International Internship Approval Form (Attached)  Internship Offer Letter Company Description (Information Brochure, etc.) KUBS Internship Agreement – Company’s signature required (contact KUBS International Office to receive the agreement form: or 02-3290-5361; #304 in KUBS Main Building)    4. Other Required Documents for Pre-departure Orientation Session (submitted in hardcopy) – early submission accepted  국제현장실습 학점인정 사전승인서- Pre-approval Form for Credit Approval (form available on the Portal Community “양식자료실”) 개인정보수집이용 및 제3자제공 동의서- Personal Information Collection and Provision to Third-Party Consent Form (form available on the Portal Community “양식자료실” 서약서 – Letter of Oath (form available on the Portal Community “양식자료실” 보호자동의서- Parental Consent Form (form available on the Portal Community “양식자료실” Copy of Flight E-Ticket and Insurance Card   5. Credit Approval For academic credit approval, students must submit their assignment. The tuition for the summer term and further information will be announced later. After completing the internship program, daily work journal, report, etc. must be submitted. Grade will be recorded in a letter grade (A+ through F), not on a pass/fail basis. If assignments are not submitted after the internship, a grade of “D” will be given. Report (within 10 pages) - 60%, Performance Evaluation by Company - 20%, and Daily Work Journal - 20% will be reflected toward the grade.  List of Assignments 1. Daily work Journal and Internship Schedule (will be handed out by KUBS International Office) - at least 20 days required (weekends excluded) 2. Two copies of the Report 3. Experience Report  4. Thank you letter written by hand 5. 10 photos of the internship program (softcopy)  * All assignments must be submitted before the due date (the deadline will be announced). * Please submit a softcopy of the internship schedule, report, experience report, internship photos by USB. * Other forms and information (tuition for summer term) will be announced on the Portal Community. * Students must join the “2017 경영대 국제인턴십” available on the Portal Community and regularly check notices.  - Internship will be recorded in a letter grade (A+ through F), not on a P/F basis.   6. Application Deadline:  - June 2 (Fri); 4:00 PM; May 26 (Fri); 4:00 PM; Please submit required documents listed in #3 via email below Email:   7. Inquiries: - Arie Kim from KUBS International Office - #304 in KUBS Main Building - Phone: 02-3290-5361 - Email:  
May 15, 2017
Global Internship
# 3729
NEW [Graduate School] Spring 2017 Graduate School Discussion Meeting and Special Lecture on Research Ethics
The Spring 2017 Special Lecture on Research Ethics will be held for graduate students of the Department of Business Administration and the Department of International Business   KUBS has been providing a special lecture on research ethics every semester, and students are required to attend this lecture. Students have the opportunity to gain an awareness of the responsible conduct of research as well as considering relevant ethical issues through this special lecture.   Please see the following information for details. Topic: Understanding Research Ethics: Overlapping Publication and Qualified Author Date: June 9, 2017 (Fri); 15:30 – 17:30 Graduate School Discussion Meeting: 15:30 – 16:00  Special Lecture on Research Ethics: 16:00 – 17:30 Venue: Room B307 in Hyundai Motor Hall Speaker: Dr. In Jae Lee (Professor of Ethics Education at Seoul National University of Education) ※ Attendance will be taken. Please note that students who miss the lecture may at a disadvantage when receiving a grade of their Independent Studies course and scholarship. ※ Undergraduate students, MBA students, and others are welcome to attend the lecture.     Registration [Notice for International Students] * As the lecture will be conducted in Korean, those who are unable to understand Korean can take the Research Ethics Education in English via BlackBoard later. The guidelines on how to register for the Research Ethics Education will be announced via email. Contact Us: Jina Jeon Department Office of Business Administration 02-3290-1365/
May 12, 2017
# 3776
* [Undergraduate] Summer 2017 Internship Practice (Domestic Internship) Application (By May 26)
Please see below for details of application procedure and assignment submission for “Internship Practice (BUSS463),” a course that grants academic credits for interning at a company in Korea. Students who will be participating in an internship program during the summer session are eligible to apply for Internship Practice. Please note that Internship Practice will be offered during the summer session. 1. Process Internship MOU between KUBS and company → Preliminary approval of academic credit & application submission for approval  → Course registration → Internship → Assignment submission → Grade 2. Major Policies of “Operating Regulations of Internship for College Students (대학생 현장실습 운영규정)” by Ministry of Education 1) The Internship must operate with practice experience that is related to students’ major, including on-the-job training. 2) The Internship must not exceed 8 hours of work per day and 40 hours of work per week.  3) The night shift of the Internship, which is from 22:00 to 06:00, is not permitted.  4) The Intern must be guaranteed breaks and annual leaves. For the one-month (or more) Internship, two days of annual leave must be provided. 5) The Internship during summer/winter vacation must operate for at least four weeks.  6) The Internship salary must be provided. 7) The Internship without approval by the University is not be accepted. 8) Short-term internships, such as volunteer work, tour, and field trip, are not be accepted.  9) Students who have completed at least 4 semesters at the University are eligible for the Internship. 10) Academic credits are applied to the semester students completed the Internship. 2. Hosting Company (KUBS may sign a MOU with other companies beside the list below; however, the internship must be related to student's major in order to be approved for credits)  - PwC  - Naver  - BNP Paribas Seoul Branch  - Finda  - Bain & Company, Korea Inc.  - InnGLCKorea  3. Eligibility Requirements  - Currently enrolled students and students on leave of absence  - Year: Third-year students or higher  - Students who are expected to gradate in August are not eligible to apply. 2. Preliminary Approval of Academic Credit & Application for Approval 1) List of Application Documents:  [Click here to apply] - Application for Internship Practice (fill out the form by computer and print it out) Application for Participating Company (Credit approval is not possible without MOU between KUBS and company) - Internship Offer Letter (or email) - Application for Academic Credit Approval 2) Submission Period and Procedure - Deadline: By May 26, 2017 (Wed); 5:00 PM (by summer session course registration period) - Submission Location: The Department Office of Business Administration (Room 103 in KUBS Main Building) (The application status will be completed once students submit their application in hard copy by mail or visiting the office after the online submission) 3. Assignment Submission and Grade: Submit the list of required documents below by July 19 (Wed). - Daily Work Journal: Download the “Daily Work Journal” file and must fill out by hand - Internship Report (see attached form, no longer than 2 pages without photos) - Application for Academic Credit Approval (after the internship program) - Post-Evaluation Form and MOU (the school will receive the form directly from the company) (The period of all internship programs will be the same. Credit approval will proceed after completing the internship) 6. Contact Us: Department Office of Business Administration 3290-2703/  
May 02, 2017
# 3761
* [Undergraduate] 2017 Summer Session Course Registration
2017 Summer Session Course Registration   1. Schedule Content Deadlines Comments Course Registration (Add/Drop Period) May 25th 10:00am ~ 29th 17:00pm   Tuition Payment May 31st 9:00am ~ June 4th 23:00pm Wire transfer to each student’s virtual account Course Cancellation and Tuition Refund Announcement June 12th   Course Registration after Course Cancellation* June 15th 9:00am ~ 16:30pm *Course Registration period for students whose course(s) is cancelled. Tuition Payment after Course Cancellation June 16th 9:00am ~ 23:00pm Tuition payment deadline for students whose course(s) has been cancelled. Summer Session Period June 22th ~ July 19th (4weeks) Classes are held 4 days a week. (Mon., Tue., Wed. and Thurs.) Course Withdrawal June 20th 10:00am ~ July 5th 23:00pm Application for withdrawal should be done at KUPID. See below on further details on withdrawal   2. Course Registration 1) Please log-in to see course list for summer session at -> Course Information. Course Information will be available from on May 15th (Mon). 2) Eligibility : KU undergraduate students, KU students who are on leave of absence and students from domestic credit exchange programs 3) Course Registration: Log-in at - KU students: Use student ID no. and Password to log-in - Domestic Exchange Student: Temporary KU ID and Password (last 7 digits of your Resident Registration no.) to log-in 4) Course Offering is based on KU academic operations regulation chapter 4. Regulation on winter/summer session course cancellation is set forth separately. 5) Guidelines for Course(s) and credit transfer - Student can take maximum of 6 credits during the summer session under the academic operations regulation Chapter49 section1. ​6) Grade(s) show under summer session which counts towards overall GPA in the academic transcript. 7) Students on leave of absence are NOT permitted to graduate even if she/he meets the graduation requirement upon the completion of summer session. 8) As for course(s) that require prerequisites, student must have completed required course prerequisites and have a grade before registering for an advanced course. 9) NOTES *Summer session is offered to students who wish to obtain extra credits outside of regular semester. *Students are NOT allowed to withdraw for personal reasons after the deadline given its short length of the program. Course Registration (ADD/DROP) is strictly limited to the deadline specified in the table. *Failure to meet the payment deadline results in the removal of student’s course information. Please be advised that students must follow specified deadlines for summer session schedule. *Since Spring of 2016, students from Sejong Campus are NOT permitted to repeat a course more than once.   3. Tuition Payment : Wire transfer at HANA bank through individual ‘virtual account’.   4. Announcement of Course Cancellation Cancellation of courses are notified at KU Portal on June 12th   5. Tuition Plan : 1 credit : 107,900KRW 2 credits : 215,800KRW 3credits : 323,700KRW   6. Course Withdrawal Period Refund 10:00 June 19th – 23:00 June 21st (Withdrawal before the session commencement) 100% 10:00 June 22th – 23:00 June 28th 2/3 of Tuition Paid 10:00 June 29th – 23:00 July 5th 1/2 of Tuition Paid Student(s) who wish to withdraw after the tuition payment deadline may receive a refund. Details of refund are as follows; *Students MUST apply for a withdrawal of course/tuition at PORTAL. *Refund process takes minimum of 2 weeks which will be wired to an account registered in student records   7. Class Schedule (50min. lecture and 10min. break) Period Time Period Time 1 9:00 - 9:50 5 13:00 - 13:50 2 10:00 - 10:50 6 14:00 - 14:50 3 11:00 - 11:50 7 15:00 - 15:50 4 12:00 - 12:50 8 16:00 - 16:50  
Apr 24, 2017
# 3745
[Undergraduate] Spring 2017 Credit Withdrawal Request
Spring 2017 Credit Withdrawal Request   1. Eligibility: - Students (leave of absence included) who enrolled in at least 7 semesters - Students (leave of absence included) who have earned at least 102 (106) credit hours (for transfer students with a prior BA degree, they must be a fourth-year student; however, students in a dual degree program are excluded)   2. Credit Withdrawal: Up to 6 credits; one time allowed before graduation (however, you cannot drop a course that you are currently taking)   3. Eligible Course Withdrawal - Courses that were taken before Fall 2013 - Among the courses that were taken after Spring 2014, those that cannot be re-taken due to its cancellation.   4. Credit Withdrawal Period - Frist Round: March 27 (Mon); 10:00 – April 14 (Fri); 17:00 - Second Round: June 27 (Tue); 10:00 – July 3 (Mon); 17:00 * Students can withdraw credits one time only, including both first and second rounds (one time allowed before you graduate)   5. How to Apply: KUPID → Registration/Graduation → Grades → Credit Withdrawal (select course(s) you wish to withdraw and submit it)   6. Notes: a. Required courses in the curriculum, such as mandatory elective courses, major required courses, teaching training courses cannot be withdrawn. b. Withdrawn course will be excluded from students’ GPA calculation; however, course title will appear on a transcript with a grade of “W.” c. A course that is currently being retaken cannot be withdrawn. Also, students cannot repeat course(s) that have been withdrawn previously. d. Students are not allowed to cancel their credit withdrawal after done applying (please confirm the graduation requirements first before applying). ※ For further information, please see the attached file below.   March 2017 Academic Administration Division  
Mar 23, 2017
# 3255
ATTN [Undergraduate] Graduation Requirements: “Human Rights and Gender Equality Education”
According to ‘Detailed regulations on educational curriculum organization and management’ No. 43 (Requirements for Graduation) amended on November 1, 2016, every undergraduate admitted from 2017 must take an off-line lecture called “Human Rights and Gender Equality”, which is “인권과 성평등 교육” in Korean, so please make sure to take it once by the end of 2017 spring semester.   For doing this, every undergraduate admitted from 2017 should register for the lecture in advance through Blackboard Learn online. For your convenience, we will open the course on every Monday and Thursday as well as other days. The last lecture will be on Thursday, June 29.   -Every lecture is provided in Korean.  -The same lecture in English will be provided, as well. The upcoming one is on March 31st for the second period (10:30 a.m. ~ 11:45 a.m.). Prior registration is not needed for this lecture on March 31st. (After then, however, students should also register for English lecture on Blackboard Learn website.) -English lecture will be opened once a month, so please check the upcoming notice on the college website (KUPID) and Blackboard Learn registration corner. -Since attendance will be checked through an electronic device, make sure to BRING YOUR STUDENT ID CARD when you attend the lecture.   Please refer to an attachment below for further information, including fixed schedules and enrollment instructions.  
Mar 16, 2017
# 3240
ATTN [Career Hub] Schedule and Registration for Spring 2017 Contemporary Business Etiquette Education
Spring 2017 KUBS Contemporary Business Etiquette Education Starting the Spring 2016 Semester, Korea University Business School offers Contemporary Business Etiquette Education sessions in efforts to acquire basic business etiquette before students enter the workforce and to nurture talented and genuine individuals befitting the dignity of KUBS. Please carefully read the information below and submit the application form in advance. <Notice> 1. Eligibility: KUBS students   2. How to Apply: Click the link in the table cell below to register (must be registered the day before the session) (If you are registering on the day of the session, you can register at the classroom) 3. Session Confirmation: Attendance will be taken two times at the beginning and the end of the session. You will be approved only if you meet both attendance. (A certificate will not be provided. Also, students arriving more than 15 minutes late will considered “not attended.”) 4. Requirements - When applying for the Student Exchange Program and Global Internship, one of the etiquette sessions below must be taken (check each program’s schedule in advance) * Student Exchange Program: If you complete the session in Spring 2017, you are eligible to study abroad either in Fall 2017 or Spring 2018.  * Global Internship: If you complete the session in Spring 2017, you are eligible to join the Global Internship in Summer 2017. - If you fail to take the session, please contact the corresponding program manager. - Contact Us: KUBS International Office Student Exchange Program: T. 02-3290-1389 Global Internship: T. 02-3290-5361 <Schedule and Registration>   Date Topic Lecturer Venue Registration Remarks February 28 (Tue); 14:00-15:00 Business Etiquette I (English): How to write an email & culture difference Professor Terence Clark from Korea University Institute of Foreign Language Studies Room 432 in LG-POSCO Building Closed The session will be held during the orientation session for Student Exchange Program April 5 (Wed); 19:00-21:00 비즈니스 에티켓Ⅱ(Korean): 복장 및 기본 에티켓, 비즈니스 이메일 작성법, 보안/정보유출에 대한 주의 CEO Sung Hwa Lee at Queens & Company TBA Closed - May 29 (Mon); 19:00-21:00 Business Etiquette III (English): Dressing and basic etiquette, how to write a business email, confidentiality  Professor Terence Clark from Korea University Institute of Foreign Language Studies TBA Available after May 8 (Mon) - * If you wish to cancel your registration, please contact us via phone or email (02-3290-5360 or
Feb 21, 2017
Career Hub
# 3207
! [Undergraduate] Course Change for Double Major in Business Administration and Economics (Entering Class of 2016 and After Only)
The Department of Economics has changed “Principle of Economics I” and “Principle of Economics II” courses from electives to required courses for its first major/double major starting 2016 (students entering the university from 2016 onwards only). Because of this, the required courses for the first major/double major in the Department of Business Administration have been overlapped.      According to the school regulations, there can be no overlap in the coursework between first major and double major. Students majoring in Business Administration or Economics who entered Korea University from 2016 onwards and are double majoring in Economics or Business Administration must take other 6 credits of major electives from the double major department aside from “Principle of Economics I” and “Principle of Economics II.” 1) First Major: Economics, Double Major: Business Administration (for inquiries, please contact the Department Office of Business Administration; 02-3290-2702)   Before After   Major-related Elective Prerequisite Required Course Major Elective Total Major-related Elective Prerequisite Required Course Major Elective Total Double Major 9 3 24 15 51 6 0 24 21 51 ※ The “Major-related Elective” and “Prerequisite” in the “After” table are the number of credits without “Principle of Economics I” and “Principle of Economics II.” 2) First Major: Business Administration, Double Major: Economics (for inquiries, please contact the Department Office of Economics; 02-3290-5140)   Before After   Required Course Major Elective Total Required Course Major Elective Total Double Major 15 24 39 9 30 39 ※ The “Required Course” in the “After” table is the number of credits without “Principle of Economics I” and “Principle of Economics II."
Dec 20, 2016
# 3159
[Undergraduate] 2017 Citi-HKUST International Case Competition (CICC)
2017 Citi International Case Competition (CICC)   KUBS is now recruiting the university representatives for 2017 CICC. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s School of Business and Management (HKUST Business School) will be hosting the 2017 Citi International Case Competition (CICC) sponsored by Citi Group. KUBS, once again, has been invited and we are now recruiting KUBS representative team (4 undergraduate students). Your interest and participation are greatly appreciated.   Competition Period October 21, 2017 (Sat) – October 27, 2017 (Fri) Website: (Schedule of the competition will be updated soon) Competition Venue Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong   Registration Fee KUBS will cover registration fee (accommodation fee included) and airfare   Student Eligibility Students majoring in Business Administration (dual degree included)   Overview and Schedule There will be four undergraduate students in each team. The competing teams will be presented with a business case developed for the event by The Thompson Center for Business Case Studies, HKUST Business School. The case provides background about an organization and outlines a set of pressing business issues that senior management needs to address. Supporting data and other associated information such as annual reports, financial data, and market research studies will also be provided as references.   The competing teams have 22 hours to use their skills and expertise in a wide range of business disciplines from accounting, economics, finance, marketing, operational management, strategy and technology to complete their analyses. Each team of students will present their findings and recommendations to a panel of judges who come from the business world.   The tentative schedule of CICC 2017 is as follows (subject to change and to be announced later): Date Schedule October 21 Teams arrive and check in at the on-campus Conference Lodge at HKUST, then proceed to a Welcome Dinner October 22 City excursion with Team Ambassadors October 23 Briefing Session followed by Short case preparation in the morning and Short case presentation in the afternoon October 24 Company visit followed by Long case distribution and preparation October 25 Long case preparation in the morning and Long case presentation in the afternoon (Division Round) and evening (Challenge Round) October 26 Long case presentation (Final Round) and Award Presentation dinner October 27 Departure   Judges HKUST professors and representatives of Citibank Application Submission 1) Student Eligibility: Students majoring in Business Administration (dual degree included) — (students double majoring or minoring in Business Administration are not eligible to apply) 2) Application Deadline: Submit your application to KUBS International Office (located in room 304 of KUBS Main Building) by June 2, 2017 (Fri)  3) Application Materials:   - Soft Copy: Email submission to   - Hard Copy: June 2, 2017 (Fri); 4:00 pm — submit two copies of each document to KUBS International Office • Email Title: [2017CICC_Application] Your English Name • Documents to Submit:   - Curriculum Vitae in English - Statement of Purpose in English (1 page) - Official KU Transcript in English   Additional Notes Participants must attend all weekly meetings from August to the competition date.   Advisors Professor Tony Garrett and Professor Jongho Lee   Selection Process - A final team will be selected through the Mini Case Competition at KUBS. - The KUBS International Office will distribute an assignment for the Mini Case Competition. Then, submit your assignment in PPT format. The advisors will evaluate and select final candidates. * The pre-screening will be conducted if there is a high number of applicants. Please note that the case assignment will be given to those who pass the pre-screnning stage.   Contents Date Case Distribution June 25, 2017 (Sun); further information will be announced later) Mini Case PPT Submission June 26, 2017 (Mon); email your assignment to by 12:00 pm PPT Presentation June 26, 2017 (Mon) (time will be announced later) Announcement of Final Results On the last week of June Contact Us KUBS International Office Jenny Chang 02-3290-1621 2017 CICC Advisors Professor Tony Garrett Email: Professor Jongho Lee Email:
May 29, 2017
# 3782
NEW [Undergraduate] KUBS Startup Institute: 2017 Spring Demo Day “CHOO CHOO DAY!”
  Date: May 18, 2017 (Thu); 16:00 – 19:00 Venue: KUBS Startup Station in KUBS Main Building (2F)   The KUBS Startup Station at Korea University Business School will be held a demo day called “2017 Spring CHOO CHOO DAY.”   The event will be the great opportunity to see the growth and achievements that the 7 startup teams at KUBS Startup Station have made. You are all invited to the event. Please grace the occasion with your presence. *KUBS Startups 1. REDROCKET ("Campus Fund"): Crowdfunding service for college students 2. CDF bros ("TRANDIST"): Influencer commerce platform 3. Kidop ("Kidop"): Customized 1 to1 home visiting education service for children 4. TALING ("TALING"): P2P talent sharing online platform 5. VLOGR ("VLOGR"): Video social network 6. Artridge ("StiPop"): Exporting Korean emoticons abroad 7. CANVAS ("CANVAS"): 3D printing/production/sales service for jewelry designers *Programs 1) 16:00 ~ 17:00: Opening and Introduction / Keynote speech / Invited Lecturer: Flitto CEO Jung-soo Lee / Break 2) 17:00 ~ 18:30: Presentations by startup teams (7 teams) / Break 3) 18:30 ~ 19:00: Office tour and networking session ※ The event will be conducted in Korean. > Registration: > Contact Us: 02-3290-2551 > Email: > Website: > Facebook:
May 02, 2017
# 3763
ATTN 2017 KUBS Alumni Mentoring Program - Mentee Application
2017 Alumni Mentoring Program with KUBS Graduates   The Career Hub has been running a mentoring program that helps students connect with KUBS graduates. Through this, KUBS graduates who entered into society first can share their experience and wisdom in life, while KUBS students can receive advice on their career and future. In addition, this is the opportunity where students can build a strong network and develop a good rapport with alumni. Please submit your application if you are interested in the program.  1. Program Outline - KUBS graduates will be a mentor and KUBS students will be a mentee. - One mentor will be assigned 2-5 mentees - 2017 Alumni Mentoring Program's mentee and mentor assignments last until February 2018   2. Eligibility - Please thoroughly read the attached guidelines below before applying. - Application Period: April 28, 2017 (Fri) – May 8 (Mon) - Eligible Applicants: KUBS students (however, students on leave of absence or expected to be on leave of absence, and exchange students are not eligible to apply; thus, please check your status before applying). - Eligible Areas to Apply: IT, electron, electronic devices, automobile parts, F&B (food and beverages), FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), apparel, healthcare, heavy industry & construction, chemistry, distribution, advertising, finance, accounting, law, public institution, social enterprise, consulting, start-up Business, and graduate school 3. Mentee Orientation (further information will be updated) - Date: May 18, 2017 (Thu) 17:00 - 18:00 - Venue: Room B307 in Hyundai Motor Hall 4. Mentor-Mentee Gathering 1 (further information will be updated) - Date: Last week of May or first week of June; in the evening (19:30 - 21:00) - Venue: Ahn Young Il Hall in LG-POSCO Building (6F)   5. Notes  - All mentees MUST attend Mentor-Mentee Gathering in order to participate in the Mentoring Program. (If impossible, the mentee should submit an absent statement to Career Hub) - The purpose of this mentoring program is to have the opportunity to build a network, share concerns, plan the future, and gain wisdom from alumni.  Priority for area matching goes to upper-year students. Please note that students may not match with the area they applied due to the limited number of mentors. - For more detailed information, please refer to the attached “Alumni Mentoring Guidelines.” 6. Inquiry : KUBS Career Hub (02-3290-1696) ※ The program will be given in Korean. Click here to apply  
Apr 28, 2017
Career Hub
# 3756
ATTN [Undergraduate] Preliminary Graduation Qualification Review for Prospective Graduates of August 2017
The Department Office of Business Administration provides the preliminary graduation qualification review and graduation information for the prospective graduates of August 2017 in order to reduce their anxiety for graduation and also to prevent mistakes in advance.   For those who are expected graduate soon, please carefully read the guidelines and attachment below to avoid any disadvantages.   I. Preliminary Graduation Qualification Review 1. Eligibility: Prospective graduates of August 2017 (Students whose first major is Business Administration, double majors, and dual degrees included) 1) Due to a high number of visitors, those who have received a text message from KUBS can check their graduation qualification. 2) Pending graduates are not required to review their graduation qualifications. They can graduate at the end of corresponding semester once the graduation requirements are submitted.   2. Period: May 8, 2017 (Mon) – May 12, 2017 (Fri) (the office will be closed on May 9 (Tue) due to Election Day)   3. Time: 10:00 – 16:30 (lunch break: 12:00 – 13:00)   4. Venue: The Department Office of Business Administration (Room 103 in KUBS Main Building)   5. Inquiries: The Department Office of Business Administration (Tel: 02-3290-2702)   II. Important Information 1. Contact Information Update 1) Important notices regarding graduation will be announced via phone and email. 2) KUPID > Registration&Graduation > Edit University Registration   2. Confirming Your Korean/English Name for Diploma 1) KUPID > Registration&Graduation > University Registration > University Registration Inquiries 2) If you do not enter your English name, your English diploma will not be issued. 3) Your diploma will be printed with your Korean/English name as it appears on KUPID (double check your English name such as uppercase and lowercase letters, spelling, and space). 4) If any correction is needed, send an email with your student ID number and corrected name to by the end of June (students majoring in Business Administration or dual degree students only; double majoring students must contact the office of their major department). 5) After correction is made, confirm your name on KUPID. 6) Once your diploma is issued, the name cannot be revised.   3. Deadline for Graduation Requirements 1) February Graduation – First Friday of January / August Graduation – First Friday of July 2) Students must submit all documents to the Department Office of Business Administration by visit or mail. ※ Mailing Address: Room 103, Korea University Business School Main Building, 145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul (make sure to indicate your student ID number and contact information). 3) Your submission status will be available on the portal one week after submitting your documents.    4. Second Major/Minor Cancellation 1) KUPID > 학적/졸업 > 학적사항 > 다중전공포기신청 (only available on the Korean portal) 2) Students must cancel the second major (and minor if applicable) by the end of June in order to graduate in August as intensive major.   5. Graduation Album (students whose first major is Business Administration and dual degrees only) 1) Photoshoot Schedule: May 19 (Fri) – For further information, please refer to the notice on the KUBS website or KUPID. 2) Students will receive a bill after photoshoot. 3) Inquiries: Seven Color (세븐칼라) 02) 776-6666   6. Commencement Ceremony 1) Commencement ceremony will be held once a year in February (including August graduates). 2) Students whose first major is Business Administration and dual degrees are able to participate in the KUBS Commencement Ceremony. Graduation application will be done in February. 3) Notices regarding graduation cap and gown rental will be announced in February.
Apr 28, 2017
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! [Undergraduate] Registration for Spring 2017 KUBS Scholarship Award Ceremony
KUBS has been holding a scholarship award ceremony every semester where scholarship recipients can meet donors. The scholarship recipients must register for the ceremony.  ♦ Date: May 23, 2017 (Tue); 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM (tenative) ♦ Venue: Ahn Young Il Hall in LG-POSCO Building (6F) ♦ Participants: KUBS Freshmen Special Scholarship recipients KUBS Scholarship recipients KUBS New Student Scholarship recipients (will be announced soon) KUBS Dream Scholarship recipients Kowon Shimwoo Foundation Scholarship recipients ♦ Registration Period:  April 25, 2017 (Tue) - April 28, 2017 (Fri); 17:00   Registration   <Notes> * Dinner will be provided.  * A letter of confirmation will be provided to students who had to miss a class. * If you are unable to attend the event, submit your statement of reasons (one page) to the Department Office of Business Administration by May 8 (Mon); 17:00 * All scholarship recipients must write a thank you letter to donors and submit it to the Department Office of Business Administration by May 8 (Mon); if you cannot visit the office, send an email and attach your letter. - Information on scholarship donors can be found on the portal (KUPID) ※ KUPID → Scholarship Application → Scholarship → Scholarship/Student Loan Recipients    The purpose of this Scholarship Award Ceremony is to express gratitude to donors and maintain their support — and thus is a significant event. Students who do not follow the guidelines above may be excluded for the next semester's scholarship opportunities. Contact Us: Department Office of Business School (02-3290-1301,
Apr 25, 2017
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* [Undergraduate] Fall 2017 Double Major Application
Guidelines on Applying for Double Major, Fall 2017   Under the University Constitution and Regulations in Chapter 4, Section3, Article 35 Academic Operations Regulation Chapter 6, Section 2, subsection 1 on Double Major   1. Eligibility 1) Applicants whose 1st major have already been designated are eligible to apply for double major 2) Applicants should have registered for more than 3 semesters. 3) Transfer students can apply after completing a minimum of one semester at Korea University. 4) KU students who are currently registered as of 2017 Spring semester 5) Students who are on leave of absence at the time of (or during) the application period will be disqualified even after being announced as successful applicants. 6) Students who are already in double major, interdisciplinary major, student-designed major and engineering authentication certificate program are NOT eligible to apply unless students withdraw from the program before  May 2th, 17:00pm 2017.  7) Application for withdrawal is available at KU Portal. Students in the engineering authentication program should apply directly at their department office for withdrawal. 8) Students who would like to cancel the acceptance of double major and pursue other programs should complete withdrawal procedure. Re-application to the double major can only be accepted once. 9) Failed applicants for double major should pursue a single intensive major.   2. Selection Criteria 1) Generally selection procedure can be based on applicants’ overall GPA, Interview, statement of purpose,..etc. Applications are reviewed by each department that applicants belong to. (Please refer to the attachment 1) 2) Applicants’ overall GPA including F grade is taken into consideration.   3. Application Procedure Application Period May 10th 10:00 ~ May 12th 17:00pm 2017 Please be advised that applicants should complete online application 1~hours prior to the deadline. Any late application due to technical problem of individual computer is NOT accepted.   4. How to Apply Online Application at (   5. Announcement of Successful Applicants 1) Date of Announcement: June 21th 14:00pm, 2017 (Tentative) 2) Please log in at ( -> Bulletin->Notice->Undergraduate Schedule   6. Notes (1) The mandatory regulation of completing a second major is applied to students entering from 2004 onward. Student subject to this regulation must complete one of the followings; 1) intensive major course of first major 2)double major 3) interdisciplinary major 4)student-designed major. Applicant who is transferred with a bachelor’s degree from other universities can choose not to complete a second major. (2) Intensive major course of 1st major assumes a similar form to the existing single major system. (3) Among successful applicants, those only who retain the eligibility conditions during the application will be accepted to pursue Double Major from the following semester (4) Students are NOT allowed to double major in Law School, Department of Computer Science Education, Division of Computer and Communication Engineering, College of Medicine, College of Nursing, Cyber Defense, College of Pharmacy. Department(s) /School(s) that student can not apply due to abolishment of majors. - College of Health Sciences (5) College of Health Science students who were admitted as freshman in 2006 ~2013 are NOT eligible to apply double major within the college. Students from other colleges/schools are limited to 1)Biomedical Engineering 2)Biosystem and Biomedical Science 3)Health and Environmental Science 4)Health and Policy Management within the College of Health Sciences. (6) Applicants to the business school, college of political science and economics, school of art and design, college of informatics and department of history education must submit ‘Statement of Purpose (study plan)’ of no longer than 1000 words. (7) Applicants must read carefully all regulations and instructions on Double Major. Refer to attachment 2. (8) Any questions related to curriculum and credit requirements of completing a double major should be directed to the relevant department or college.   2017. 4. 24. Academic Administration Division  
Apr 25, 2017
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