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    KUBS는 사회를 위한 경영 리더 양성을 목표로 합니다. ‘세계 경영학 연구 성과 평가’에서 세계 91위, 국내 압도적 1위를 차지한 연구 역량을 갖춘 세계적인 수준의 교수진은 글로벌 스탠다드에 걸맞은 커리큘럼을 제공합니다.


Management studies offer a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the employment relationship. Management applies philosophical approaches yet grounded in the real world, with regard to the people and industrial relations within an organization. Main research areas in management studies involve organizational behavior, human resource management, industrial relations, and management strategies.
-Major Required Courses: Organizational Behavior, Management Strategies
-Major Elective Courses: New Venture Creation and Management, Labor Relations, Management Strategy, Personnel Management, Business Ethics, Organization Design and Competitive Advantage, Business Negotiation, Leadership: Theory and Practice, Social Network and Competitive Advantage, Understanding Philosophy of Management

MIS (Management Information System)
The study on management information systems, MIS, provides knowledge on a business’s overall management of information data. MIS offers a cohesive understanding of capturing, managing and processing the large sized data set.
-Major Required Courses: Introduction to Management Information Systems
-Major Elective Courses: IT Business Model, Social Computing and Business, Process Innovation and Project Management, Introduction to Information Security Management, Management and IT Service, Internet Business and E-Commerce, IT Service Evaluation, IT Innovation Management: Issues and Trends, Data Management and Business Intelligence

International Business
For a business to enter into the global market, it is vital to have a thorough understanding of competitive advantage, international trade, culture, finance and investment climate. International business is a broad field of study on the organization’s expansion to the international market, as well as the operation of multinational corporations.

-Major Required Courses: International Business
-Major Elective Courses: World Economy and Business, Business Economics, Korean Business and Management in the Asian Context, Regional Studies (Japan, China), Korean Business and Management in the Global Context, MNEs and Nonmarket Strategy, Business in China, International Trade Theory, Production, Purchasing and R&D Management in the Global Market, Cross-Cultural Management, International Marketing Management, International Finance, Social Entrepreneurship, Comparative Studies on Asian Management Systems, M&A and Strategic Alliance in the Global Market

Marketing pays attention to the process of consumer’s decision making. Marketing is a division of study that creates value for customers, organizations and society by analyzing market needs. Theories in marketing also focus on the product distribution on the market, and the formation of a strong customer relationship.

-Major Required Courses: Marketing Management
-Major Elective Courses: Advertising Management, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Distribution Channel Management, Marketing Strategy, Business-to-Business Marketing, Marketing Engineering, Services Marketing, Hyundai/Kia Motors Global Marketing Strategy, Marketing and Innovation, New Product Development and Marketing, Current Issues in Marketing, Product and Brand Management, Internet Marketing

Finance is an essential field of study to grasp the structure and operation of how corporations and markets work. Some of the key topics in finance include: economic theory under uncertainties and risks, corporate finance and capital flow, security market and the role of financial institution, investment portfolio, derivative securities, insurance and risk management, real estate finance and corporate governance. 
-Major Required Courses: Financial Management
-Major Elective Courses: Financial Markets and Institutions, Investments, International Finance Management, Insurance and Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Future and Options Markets, Corporate Governance, Fixed-Income Securities, Risk Management, Advanced Investments Analysis, Securities Markets, Financial Institutions Management, Current Issues in Finance

As a result of the increasing emphasis on accounting transparency, current researches pay more attention to implement an efficient accounting information system that emphasizes responsibility of decision makers. Main research areas in accounting are: financial accounting, managerial accounting, tax, and auditing.

-Major Required Courses: Intermediate Accounting I
-Major Elective Courses: Intermediate Accounting II, Management Accounting, Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting, Tax Accounting, Theory of Accounting, Strategic Management Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Business Valuation, Auditing, Financial Statement Analysis

LSOM (Logistics, Service and Operations Management)  
Main areas of research in LSOM include operations management, supply chain management and service operations management. The LSOM course offered at Korea University Business School places more emphasis on supply chain management and service operations management.  
-Major Required Courses: Introduction to Operations Management
-Major Elective Courses: Management Mathematics, Management Science, Service Operations Management, Strategic Demand and Revenue Management, Product and Process Development, Quality Management, Logistics Management, Operations Strategy, Purchase & Supply Management