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    KUBS Main Building
    KUBS Main Building

    World-Class, Student-Centered Education Environments

    KUBS Campus became the benchmarking object to the visiting faculty and CEOs from the world for its convenient movement path between buildings and user-centered architecture. The Education enviromments that provide the more convenient campus life as the education and the living space is another pride of KUBS.

KUBS Main Building was completed in 1972 and has subsequently been reborn as a modern building through remodeling sponsored by Hyundai Heavy Industries. It is not too much to say that economic development in Korea has gone hand in hand with the development of KUBS. KUBS has lived up to the national mission to lay a firm foundation for business studies and to nurture business talent, supporting the Korean economy from its beginning to the remarkable achievement today.

Born as the Plutology Department of Bosung College in 1905, KUBS became the Commercial Science Department in the College of Economics & Commercial Science in 1946, when Bosung was promoted to the status of a university. In 1955, when the College of Economics & Commercial Science was reorganized into the College of Commercial Science, the Department of Business Administration was launched, the first of its kind in Korea. KUBS then introduced the Center for Business Research & Education (currently the Institute for Business Research & Education), the first professional Korean business study agency, leading business-academia cooperation. The Institute is a mammoth research institute, operating a research center for each business discipline.
KUBS Main Building Floor Guides
Level 1 Dean's Office / Associate Dean's Office / MBA Vice President's Office / Academic Affairs Dept./ General Affairs, Accounting Dept.
Level 2 KUBS Startup Institute /  Iljin Center / Seung Myung-Ho entrepreneurship Education Center
Level 3 AICG / CDC / IBRE / International Office / Jeongjincho•Takmajeong / MBA Academic Affairs Dept. / Public Relations Office
Level 4 Honorary Professor's Office / IBRE Center / IBRE Researcher's Office / KUBS Ladies Lounge / MBA Student Council Office / Office of Business Management Association / Professor's Office / Student Council Office
Level 5 Professor's Office / MS, Ph.D Office