• Creating Future Global Business Leaders
    Creating Future Global Business Leaders
    Creating Future Global Business Leaders
    The KUBS undergraduate program aims to nuture future business leaders by cultivating student creavity, entrepreneurship, leadership and integrity, all with a global perspective.

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There are a wide range of scholarships available to KUBS undergraduate students. In addition to the funding sources listed in this link section, we advise you to explore all types of potential funding opportunities open to you.


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ATTN [Undergraduate]2019-1KUBS Dream Scholarship Application
“KUBS Dream Scholarship” provides students with financial support other than tuition fee. It is designed to encourage students’ academic performance by consuming less time on their part-time jobs for financing their living expenses.   Students who seek for financial support are welcome to contact the Department Office of Business Administration for more information. 1. Eligibility - Students who have applied for National Scholarship - Any KUBS students who have financial difficulties  2. Scholarship Amount and Maximum Number of Recipients - Scholarship Amount: monthly payment of fixed amount (the amount is subject to change depending on exceptional circumstance) - The number of Recipients: The number of recipients may be changed according to the availability of scholarship funds 3. Application Period - By February 8 (Fri), 16:30  - Application can be made anytime during the semester, but students are strongly encouraged to make the application by the above deadline. 4. How to Apply - Submit application via email to psy0514@korea.ac.kr * Attach the required documents; Merge the documents into one file. The filename must be ‘KUBS Dream Scholarship_NAME_Student Number’ - Or you may submit the document in person at the Department Office of Business Administration (Room 103, KUBS Main Building) 5. Required Documents ※ Students who are already on KUBS Dream Scholarship must submit all documents again. ※ Students who (will) apply for KUBS Scholarship (고경 면학 장학금) may submit the ① application form and② Personal Statement for KUBS Scholarship only.  - International Students: ① Application form (attached) ② Personal Statement for Scholarship (attached) ③ Proof of Family Relations (e.g. Birth Certificate) ④ Proof of Parental Income ⑤ Proof of Current Bank Balance ⑥ Proof of Family’s Financial State (optional) - Domestic Students: ① 신청서(소정양식)1부 ② 신청사유서(소정양식) 1부 ③ 부 또는 모 명의의 가족관계증명서 1부 ④ 2017년 소득금액증명원(신고사실없음증명원) 또는 근로소득원천징수영수증 부모 각 1부 * 소득이 없는 경우 신고된 금액이 없음을 증명하는 ‘사실증명원’을 발급받아 첨부 ⑤ 2017년 지방세 세목별(비)과세 증명서 부모 각 1부 ⑥ 건강보험료 납부확인서(최근3개월분) 부모 각1부 * 부모 중 한 분만 건강보험료를 낼 경우 건강보험증 첫 장(가족 등재사항이 기재된 부분)또는 건강보험 자격(통보)확인서를 첨부 ⑦ 기초생활수급자 증명원 등 기타 가계형편을 증명할 수 있는 서류(해당자에 한함)    6. Requirements for Scholarship Renewal (revised) ① Students who would like to renew scholarship benefits must apply for National Scholarship in the corresponding semester.  ② Students must submit all required documents to the Department Office of Business Administration by the deadline. The applicant’s eligibility will be assessed by KUBS financial aid manager for the renewal of scholarship.  ③ Students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours in the previous semester. ④ Students must maintain at least 3.0 GPA in the previous semester. ⑤ However, if a student is granted the scholarship after the first week of the semester, their GPA of the corresponding semester will not be counted towards the eligibility assessment of scholarship for the next semester.  ⑥ The GPA requirement is applicable for academic records in/after Spring2017. 7. Outcome Release - During March - The outcome will be individually notified to the shortlisted applicants only 8. Note: Scholarship benefit can be duplicated; Application is open to students who are already on scholarships. However, the total amount of scholarships must be equal to or less than three million won per semester. 9. Inquiries - psy0514@korea.ac.kr or  02-3290-1301  
Jan 03, 2019
# 4693
ATTN [Undergraduate] “Writing” General Education Program
This is an announcement for students who commence their degree in 2018 regarding a first-year compulsory course, “Writing”.   Course Outline Course Classification  Course No.   Course Title Credit (Class per week)   Maximum no. of students per classes General Education   GEWR001   Writing   2(3)   Approx.60   First-time registrations can be made for regular semesters only. Not applicable for Summer/Winter school sessions.   Course Opening Semester by Faculties Semester 1 Semester 2   College of Liberal Arts, College of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, College of Science, College of Engineering, College of Nursing, College of Medicine, College of Health Science, Student-Athletes   Business School, College of Political Science and Economics, College of Education (exclusive of student-athletes), School of Art and Design, Division of International Studies, School of Media, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Information Security, Overseas Korean   The course opening varies by faculties. Students are required to register accordingly. Students are advised to check the timetable before registering for “Writing” course. Classes for student-athletes, School of Information Security, Overseas Korean, Registering/Re-registering (repeating) students will be held separately. If you are not a first-year student, you must register for “Registering class” if this is first time registration; you must register for “Re-registering class” if you need to repeat the course.   Commencing Students - Foreign Applicant Admission Process First-year students who were accepted via Foreign Applicant admission process are required to register for “GETE015 Thinking and WritingⅠ” and “GETE016 Thinking and Writing Ⅱ” consecutively. Register for Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced class following guideline from International Education Center. Students must register for classes in accordance with their levels.   For further information: 02-3290-1340, 1593 / smj1593@korea.ac.kr (Institute for General Education)  
Jan 18, 2018
# 4149
ATTN [Undergraduate] “Thinking and Expression” Course Registration- Amended (Regular Class)  
This is an announcement that “Thinking and Expression”, general electives course has been discontinued; instead “Writing” commences from 2018.   Course Outline Prior to 2018   Revised   Course Classification Course No. Course Title   Credit (Class per week)   Discontinued on Course Classification  Course No. Course Title Credit (Class per week)  Commence on   General Education   GETE011   Thinking and ExpressionⅠ   2(2)   2.28.2018 General Education   GEWR001 Writing   2(3)   3.1.2018   General Education   GETE012~014   Thinking and ExpressionⅡ   2(2)   2.28.2018 Elective General Education   SPFL131 Advanced Writing   2(3)   3.1.2018   Please note that “Thinking and ExpressionⅠ&Ⅱ” are required elements for graduation. Please refer to below, if you have not completed the course (or if you have to repeat the course). Students who commenced their degree prior to 2018 – when registering/re-registering for “Thinking and ExpressionⅠ&Ⅱ” Students may register/re-register for GEWR001 instead of GETE011. Students may register for SPFL131 instead of GETE012-014. The courses will be count towards general education courses. Repeating class of GEWR001 and SPF131 will open each semester. “Thinking and Expression” Class for International Student Students who were admitted via foreign applicants’ admission process may register to “GETE015, GEGE016 Thinking and Expression”, as before.   For further information: smj1593@korea.ac.kr [Institute for General Education]    
Jan 18, 2018
# 4148
* [Undergraduate] 2019 Tuition Payment Schedule (~June)
2019 Tuition payment Schedule 2018 December 17 (Mon) ~19 (Wed) 16:00 = Registration Period for Freshman from early admission 20 (Thu) ~ 27 (Thu) 16:00 = Registration Period for Freshman from early admission (for additional selectees) 2019 January 30 (Wed) ~ 01 (Fri) 16:00 = Registration Period for Freshman from regular admission 30 (Wed) ~ 01 (Fri) 16:00 = Registration Period for Transfer Students (Expected) 2019 February 02 (Sat) ~ 14 (Thu) 21:00 = Registration Period for Freshman from regular admission (for additional selectees) 20 (Wed) ~ 27 (Wed) 16:00 = Application for 'Divided tuition payments' for Spring 2019 21 (Thu) ~ 27 (Wed) 16:00 = Registration Period for enrolled students 2019 March 05 (Tue) ~ 07 (Thu) 16:00 = Payment for 1st divided tuition amount 06 (Wed) ~ 11 (Mon) 12:00 = Application for reduction of tuition due to excess school year 13 (Wed) ~ 15 (Fri) 16:00 = Registration for 'reduced-tuition' applicants (those enrolling for excess semester) 13 (Wed) ~ 15 (Fri) 16:00 = Final registration for enrolled students 2019 April 01 (Mon) ~ 03 (Wed) 16:00 = Payment for 2nd divided tuition amount 01 (Mon) ~ 19 (Fri) 16:00 = Calculate all the adjustments for tuition paid for Spring 2019 2019 May 01 (Wed) ~ 03 (Fri) 16:00 = Payment for 3rd divided tuition amount 2019 June 03 (Mon) ~ 05 (Wed) 16:00 = Payment for 4th divided tuition amount **Aware that this schedule is tentative **Enrolled students include all students except freshmen **Should check official announcement in KU Portal for details  
Jan 10, 2019
# 4688