2018 - 2 Grade Notification Schedule
Dec 19, 2018
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1. Grade Input and Revision
Due Dates for Grade Dec. 17th 09:00 ~ Dec. 31th 08:30
Grade Open to Students and Revision Dec. 31th 10:00 ~ Jan. 7th 17:00
Grade Confirmation Jan 8th 11:00
Repeated Course Selective Deletion Jan 9th 16:00
2. Notice

1) Students should submit course evaluation in KU portal before grade announcement to have an access to preliminary grade. After checking preliminary grades, students should contact professor in charge during the modification period.
2) Grade Review URL : 
3) How to Log-In
※ KU Students - User ID : Student Number / Password : KUPID password
※ Domestic Exchange Students - User ID : KU temporary Student Number
Password : 7 final digits or your Resident Registration Number
4) Grade that is temporarily graded as 'I', will be changed to 'F' after the modification period. Thus, students should check related professor beforehand.

5) If student has repeated certain course but has problem regarding, one should report it by Dec 14th to affiliated college/school.
6) Former scores of repeated courses will be deleted after grade confirmation. Therefore one should check confirmed/changed grade after Jan 9th 17:00.
2018. 11.
Academic Administration Division