[Undergraduate] Credit Approval for Spring 2019 Domestic Internship Program
Feb 07, 2019
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[Undergraduate] Credit Approval for Spring 2019 Domestic Internship Program

. Eligibility
3rd or 4th year students from the Department of Business Administration as of Spring 2019 (including students double majoring in Business Administration, or students from the School of Interdisciplinary Studies who are majoring in Business Administration)
Students who will participate in an internship for a minimum of 4 weeks during Spring 2019
  ◦ Credit approval is not applicable to internships held before or after the semester (March 4 – June 21)
 Students from other faculties are not allowed to apply for the credit approval. ​
• Prospective graduate: eligible to apply during the regular semesters / NOT eligible to apply in winter and summer sessions
• International students can apply for this course only if they are unpaid interns. Paid interns should visit the immigration office to check visa issues.

. Course Title and Determination of Credit Approval
• Course Title (Up to 12 credit hours of below courses can be approved depending on the duration of internship) ※ A maximum of 6 credit hours for Summer/Winter sessions
   ◦BUSS467 Internship Practice I (3 credits)
   ◦BUSS468 Internship Practice II (3 credits)
   ◦BUSS469 Internship Practice III (6 credits)
Credit Approval Full-time Internships Part-time Internships
3 credit hours Min. of 4 weeks – Max. of 8 weeks Min. of 160 hrs – Max. of 320 hrs
6 credit hours Min. of 8 weeks – Max. of 12 weeks Min. of 320 hrs – Max. of 480 hrs
9 credit hours Min. of 12 weeks – Max. of 16 weeks Min. of 480 hrs – Max. of 640 hrs
12 credit hours Min. of 16 weeks – Max. of 20 weeks Min. of 640 hrs – Max. of 800 hrs

•Grade will be recorded either in Pass or Fail (P/F). ▶If assignments and tuition are not submitted after the internship, the result will be an “F”.▶Required document style of the assignment will be distributed to applicants.

∙ For ones whose one and only major is Business: Maximum 12 credits of Major Elective
From Fall 2018, students who have NOT specified a specialized major (i.e., double major, undeclared major students) may only take up to 6 credit hours of internship practice. see details of revised maximum credit hours 
∙ For Transferred Students whose first major is Business & who is pursuing Business as one and only single major, have different criteria and maximum credit ceiling that is available.
Major Elective approved in KUBS from Prior University Maximum Credit available from Internship Pracitce Course
Below 9 Credits (<=9) 12 Credits
Below 12 Credits (<=12) 9 Credits
Below 15 Credits (<=15) 6 Credits
Below 18 Credits (<=18) 3 Credits
More than 18 Credits (>18) -----N/A-----

Application Info Uploaded 2019.2.1.(Fri) KUBS website & attachments
Online Application & 1st round of Document Submission 2019.2.22.(Fri) 15:00
※Online Application open on 2.2 (Sat) 09:00
Need to determine whether one will enroll or not
2nd round of Document Submission 2019.2.26.(Tue) 15:00 Course Registration must be done
Approval from Dean 2019.2.27.(Wed) If not approved, credit cannot be acknowledged
Course Registration - Faculty in charge will handle
Prior Education - Will be notified
Internship  2019.3.4.~2019.6.21. Period should be strictly be during the semester
Advisor Professor's role 2019.3.4.~2019.6.21. He/She should discuss with Company manager
Assignment Submission 2019.6.28.(Fri) 15:00 FAIL, when not submitted 
Grade Release 2019.9  
∙ One should be enrolled & should have internship decided until 2019. 2. 22 (Fri).
∙ One should check whether the company can sign for the documents required by KUBS until 2019.2.22 (Fri)= Documents should be submitted during the 2nd round of submission.
∙ KUBS office will enroll the 'internship practice' course in lieu of individual course registration process. Thus, individual registration is not required.

1. 1st Round of Document Submission (Due 2019.2.22.(Fri) 15:00, Business School Main Building 304 Career Center, Hard Copy Submission Required(Mail submission allowed))
∙ Credit approval applicaton form 1
Online application:​  
∙ Approval signed before the internship (현장실습 학점인정 사전승인서) (Attachment)
∙ Self introduction 1 (Attachment)
Company Introduction (Free Format) 1
∙ Official form of employment from the company (Contract is also accepted) 1
∙ Official Transcript 1
2. Document Submission 2nd Round Due 2019.2.26.(Tue) 15:00, KUBS Business Main Building 304 Career Center, Hard Copy Required, Mail Submission allowed)
<For all Students>
Application for internship participation (for students) (Attachment)
3 copies of KUBS Internship MOU (Attachment) ※ Due to the tripartite nature of the MOU, signatures of the student and employer required. 
∙ List of Participants of Korea University Students 1(Attachment)
3. Assignment due (2019.6.28 Fri 3pm) Hard Copy Submission Required(Mail submission allowed))
<For all Students- check attachments>
∙ Credit approval applicaiton form 1
∙ Weekly work Journal 1
∙ Conclusive Report 1
∙ Daily Attendance Record 1
∙ Evaluation Survey by Student 1 
∙ Supervisor's Report : will be filled out and submitted by assigned advisor professor
Performance Evaluation by employer: will be requested by and submitted to KUBS Career Hub 
Performance Survey by employer: will be requested by and submitted to KUBS Career Hub 
. Points to check
∙ As one is willing to get credits approved as 'Internship Practice', one should leave some space for extra credit during the course registration process. 
∙ One should erase courses that one is not willing to enroll during the appropriate add and drop period.
∙ One should sign EVERY DOCUMENTS to be submitted by themselves.
∙ Every Notifications such as assignment form will be notified through e-mail that is submitted by applicants.
. Inquiries
∙ KUBS Career Hub: 02-3290-1698