[Undergraduate] RSVP for Spring 2018 KUBS Scholarship Awards Ceremony and Submission of Thank-You Letter
Apr 30, 2018
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The Business School holds Scholarship Awards Ceremony every semester for scholarship donors and holders.
If you are under a scholarship, please make sure to RSVP for the Spring 2018 Scholarship Awards Ceremony.  
A. Date and Time: May 17, 2018 (Thu) 7-9pm

B. Venue: Ahn Young Il Hall, Level 6, LG-POSCO Building

C. Eligible Participants
  - KUBS Scholarship holders
  - KUBS Scholarship for Commencing Students holders (to be announced)
  - KUBS Dream Scholarship holders
  - Kowon Shimwoo Foundation Scholarship holders
※ List of KUBS Scholarship for Commencing Students to be announced.

D. RSVP Accepted: April 30 (Mon) – May 3 (Thu) 17:00
E. Submission of a Thank-You Letter: April 30 (Mon) - May 4 (Fri) 17:00

F. Submission to Department Office of Business Administration (Room103, KUBS Main Building)
Submit a thank-you letter (1-page length, handwritten) to scholarship donors – thank you card not accepted
You will be able to find scholarship donor’s information via Portal > Registration/Scholarship > Scholarship/Student Loan Recipients. Students under Future Scholarship or Scholarship for Commencing Students are advised to start their letters by ‘Dear Scholarship Donor’. 

* Dinner will be served at the ceremony
* If you have a lecture on the specified time, a confirmation letter of attendance will be issued to cover for your lecture attendance.
* If you are unable to attend the ceremony, you must submit a hard copy of statement of reasons (A4 l-page length) to Department Office of Business Administration by May 4th (Fri).
  (If you cannot submit the hard copy (e.g., due to exchange program overseas), you may send the document via email at
*The Scholarship Awards Ceremony is an important event to appreciate donors’ contributions, hoping for further donation. Please note that you may be excluded from the scholarship award list if you do not follow the above guidelines.

Enquiries: Department Office of Business Administration (02-3290-1301,