[Undergraduate] Spring 2017 New Advisor Assignment for Freshmen/Transfer/Dual Degree/Undeclared Majors
Mar 17, 2017
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The Department Office of Business Administration would like to announce the results of Spring 2017 advisor assignment for freshmen/transfer/dual degree/undeclared majors.

Please check your assigned advisor on the portal as follows: 
Registration & Graduation > University Registration Inquiries > Personal Information > Advisor 

For freshmen who are taking "Freshman Seminar," their current class section will be changed to their 
mentor professor class at the beginning of April.

The Faculty-Student Mentoring Day(lunch) will be held on April 10 (Mon), 13 (Thu), and 14 (Fri) at 12:00 p.m. Your participation will be deeply appreciated. 
This will be the first meeting with your mentor professor as well as having the opportunity to meet with other KUBS students of
mentor professor

mentor professor will attend the meeting on a different date. Thus, registration for Faculty-Student Mentoring Day will be available when the final schedule is confirmed.
Students who are taking “Freshmen Seminar” must participate in this meeting (students missing the event may receive an “F” grade in “Freshmen Seminar”). 

Students may request to change their current 
mentor professor once a year during the "advisor changing period (during breaks)" after they become a third-year student (earned at least 68 credits, enrolled 4 semesters or more)

For other inquiries, contact the Department Office of Business Administration
3290-2703 /