About Institute for Business Research & Education

The Institute for Business Research & Education (IBRE), Korea’s first university affiliated research center, was founded on June 16, 1958, under the purpose of contributing to Korea’s economic development through academic theories and practice research in business economics. The institute led the initial study of Administration Business in Korea as well as transition in business environment by providing foremost advice and guidance.

As a part of academic-industrial cooperation, the IBRE has contributed to the progress of Korean businesses by sharing the research results and theories of business environment through various tasks, such as economy and business research, business lectures, training, consulting, research on production cost, etc.

The world’s center of economic gravity is expected to shift to Asia over the next few decades. Considering the global flows, the role of the IBRE is to develop Asian business research, case studies, and educational programs at a world-class university level. The IBRE has been successfully operating the following centers: Center for Business Research Analytics, Center for Research in Marketing, Center for LSOM Research, Center for Asian Business Research, Center for Financial Research, Center for Digital Innovation, Center for High Performance Organization Research, Center for Accounting & Tax Research

With these centers, Korea University Business School will focus on transforming into Korea’s best research-oriented university and securing its dominant position of being world’s best “Asian Business Research.”

In order to achieve the goals stated above, the IBRE will conduct multi-faceted research and consistently present its results via seminars and journals. In addition, the institute will make efforts to improve its leading industrialized society and quality through interaction with industries and promoting Executive Education programs.

The major projects of the IBRE’s are as follows.